Lave Radio Episode 53 – Return of the Elite

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2nd Technician Fozza Forrester mops off the baby sick and dirty nappies to lead the crew of the orange sidewinder into new lands… namely Version 1.2 and Mac. Along with a lot of discussion of what the Xbox One release might mean.

Also a new Kickstarter project that needs our support is discussed. Visit here for more info: UncleArt.

Download the episode directly from here.

Episode 45 – Christmas Turkey?


The team welcome back Mr Stroud and throw him into his first Live Podcast . We discuss the imminent arrival of updates 1.1 and 1.2 . We ask the question was Elite Dangerous really feature complete when it launched in December or did we all just get a Christmas Turkey?

Download the episode directly from here.

Merry Kerrashmas with Lave Radio

Forget Christmas, this year it’s Kerrashmas! Join Lave Radio’s intrepid test pilot as he roams the galaxy wishing everyone a happy Kerrashmas. He’ll be talking to the community, having some guests drop-by and getting everyone into the holiday spirit, or is that getting everyone drinking holiday spirits? He might even…

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