Lave Radio Episode 53 – Return of the Elite

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2nd Technician Fozza Forrester mops off the baby sick and dirty nappies to lead the crew of the orange sidewinder into new lands… namely Version 1.2 and Mac. Along with a lot of discussion of what the Xbox One release might mean.

Also a new Kickstarter project that needs our support is discussed. Visit here for more info: UncleArt.

Download the episode directly from here.


  1. They thing that worries me about the console users…. Is i think the average age of the player.

  2. Hi guys. Firstly love the show. Have now listened to every episode upto 41 and can’t get enough of the ‘banter’ to use a word that’s ‘trending’. A question though: having just listened to the live broadcast from the launch night: What happened to the 1/6 scale Cobra from the launch party?
    Keep up the good work. See you in space Cmdrs.

  3. Concerning the talk about joysticks. You should note that Madcatz actually acquired Saitek back in 2007 so there is plenty of ground to speculate on quality joysticks working cross platform.

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