Lavecon 2016



Lavecon 2016 Sponsored by EDTracker
16/17th July, Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, Northants, UK


Lavecon is a convention which celebrates the creative energy in science fiction, fantasy and gaming. It was inspired by the Elite computer game, but includes a lot more.

Board Gaming, LRP, Cosplay, Lan, tabletop roleplay, wargaming, workshops, Tournaments, computer games, talks, panels, Special Guests and of course Elite Dangerous.

Lavecon 2016 was held at the Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, which is a lovely venue just outside Northampton, UK. It has lots of functions rooms for all the activities, as well as being set in fabulous grounds and having leisure facilities (gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna…).

The main room is where all the big talks, panels, readings and Q&As took place.  Activities included:

Lave Radio Live (of course)
Frontier Developments Panel with Q&A
Retro Lave – a look at the games you loved and grew up with
Author Readings
Abraka Drabble (competition) – write 100 words and (maybe) win a kindle. Details and Entry form can be found here.
BFS & BFSA – What can they do for you?
An Introduction to Roleplay Games and Elite Encounters
Dockers Live – an entertaining take on life in a space dock
An Introduction to LRP or Why you should be playing Jugger…
Charity Raffle – raise some money for good causes and (maybe) win some shiny things!
Panel: Phoenix Point

There is a lovely room we called the Games Room… despite the fact there are lots of games in the other rooms… here you would find a Trader or two, room for X-wing miniature games, the Retro Lave corner, Docking Darts Challenge and find out how to play Jugger ( live combat game with swords).

We also had the Artemis rooms, where we had two Starship Bridge Simulators so we could have missions head to head against another player group… if you were feeling brave enough.

We had a demo room where you could try out a few different pieces of kit including Oculus Rift.

Also the LAN, where you would find Games and tournaments to take part in even.

We also had a number of wonderful guests, especially the team from Frontier Developments.

Mike Brookes (Executive Producer)
Zac Antonaci (Head of Community)
Edward Lewis (Community Content Manager)
Sarah Jane Avory (AI Queen)
Sandro Sammarco (Lead designer)
Dav Stott (Lead Server Developer)
Mark Allen (Senior Programmer)
Tjaart Kruger (Artist)
Mark Thompson (Server Developer)
Adam Woods (Producer)
Anthony Ross (Programmer, Planet Tech)
Steve Kirby (Lead Designer)
Andrew Barlow (Head of Online)

Our wonderful Charity raffle to raised money for two amazing charities; Special Effect and EDS UK. Thank you to everyone who donated prizes.

The Lovely Commander Alien also shaved all her hair off and raised money for Special Effect.  Massive thank you to her and everyone who donated.

Over £2000 was raised for charity, partly by the raffle, donations, the sale of Lave Radio merchandise and the sponsored Head shave.  Well done and thank you to everyone who took part or contributed.


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