Lave Radio Episode 483 “Surely 65,536 buttons will be enough.” – 09/04/2024

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
SRV Banksy Alec Turner Alec Turner 
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner
Tech Primate in TrainingChris Mk VLittleBigYin

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Update 18.02 | Wednesday 10th April
    1. New Rating C Frame Shift Drive modules will be available. They can be found at a number of Outfitting services, especially in more technologically advanced markets, and these will introduce a new functionality: Super Cruise Overcharge.
    2. Back up your keybinds!
      %LocalAppdata%\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings
    3. Also … because it’s super low priority as your average player doesn’t need/use 32+ buttons

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. Happy Birthday Commander Jameson, charts the journey of Elite from the original to Elite Dangerous Happy Birthday Commander Jameson: From 8-Bit Origins to Infinite Frontiers – 40 Years of Elite
  2. 100 Elite Dangerous Screenshots : the trend continues – new entries from coeneman02, CMDR Starshine, CMDR Grylor, Dan Kay, RPGEmmaB, Old Man Paxus YT, HarlockDent.
  3. There Be Titans – An Elite Dangerous Cinematic Video – TJpek
  4. How ELITE DANGEROUS Help Me Cope With Depression – Loot and Grind
  5. My FIRST day as an EXOBIOLOGIST! | Elite Dangerous 2024 – Dituri’s Elite
  6. adventure creator – “How to write an adventure”
  7. EDCoPilot reminder – have a go at any of the time trials before the end of April to be entered into a prize draw to earn a billion credits (only 8 commanders are currently eligible so your chances are pretty good).
  8. “We Are Elite” – video contest – full playlist and winners announced.

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  2. Thu 4th – Titan Oya deploys a surprise fleet of Orthrus vessels

Store Alert

  1. 90% off Frontier games You can get Elite Dangerous for 4.49 and Ody for 7.49

Main discussion

  1. What’s prompted the change in Thargoid activity and what are your thoughts?

Any other business

  1. Starship Simulator (Kickstarter)
    1. 10 Days left
    2. Achieved Stretch Goals
  2. Pine Hearts Accessibility Feature Day 🌲 What psykit was up to the other week in Dundee 


  1. QOTW – What’s prompted the change in Thargoid activity and what are your thoughts?
    1. Epaphus
      I suspect the change was in response to loss of 2 Titans, another form of defence in a similar way an interceptor puts up a shield or fires off a shutdown pulse while being attacked.  I don’t mind the change, it’s just part of an ever evolving war with the Thargoids.
    2. CMDR Homburger
      Makes me wonder what the other five may have up their…er…yellow maw wossnames. Hopefully we’ll be both surprised and frustrated by each one.
    3. Cylus Resi
      I suspect it’s a basic adaptation of standard tactics, there’s only so many tricks the Thargs have. We need to get the likes of Canonn on the case to find any correlations
    4. Niceygy (nice-ee-gee)
      Maybe it’s the start of a whole new way of fighting them? That or FDEV underestimated the AXI!
      Probably the second one though.
    5. Myxlplyx73
      Tharg the mighty (kudos to Ben)  has thrown a natural 20 constitution, whereas Taranis and Leigong both fluffed their rolls for luck and paid the price….besides Fdev might be a little  behind with the next update so need to push out the game loop a little.
    6. Martgamer01
      Johnny Thargoid finally realised that it wasnt just the internet going down at Taranis and Leigong and that they are in fact toast. As such Johnny is bricking it. Or possibly fdev are doing some handwavium to stall us a bit while coding the next bit of content…
    7. Mad King Hastur
      What do you mean changed tactics? It did what it was already doing but turned it up a bit.
    8. Omnituens
      It feels very godhandy to me. If Leigong had thrown… Say… 5 extra alerts after Taranis threw 0, then Oya threw 10-15 it would feel like an escalation of mechanics. Suddenly throwing 30 alerts feels like ‘we have to slow the players down’
    9. CMDR Chirpyvader
      I’d love to think it was an attempt at realism, having the Thargoids change tactics in response, however it’s probably to buy development time for an upcoming next step
    10. Steve
      British Bank holiday. That is the reason.
    11. CMDR Schnails
      This seems to have caused some ….. upset? Personally, for me this feels more real. Surely having lost 2 Titans the Goids would try something different.
      Although, deep in conspiracy land, my gut says that FDev needed to delay the destruction for some narrative they have cooking.
      Shame though, I had a clear weekend 😂
    12. CMDR Tobias Von Brandt
      I think this feels more real (and therefore interesting) than just repeating the same thing 6 more times.
      As I’ve said elsewhere though, it’s a tricky middle ground for FDev to find.  On one side there’s boredom if it becomes too repetitive.  On the other there’s frustration if they change the rules too much.  Hoping they can keep it in the sweet spot.
      That said, props to FD for what they’ve done with this endgame period of the war so far.  It’s been enjoyable and what they’ve managed to pull off as live community-wide events is truly impressive.
    13. Cmdr dacamper
      I wonder if this is related to Arf saying ‘if the community gets all 8 Titans down’. Perhaps there was always a plan to change tactics, and as we get closed to downing all 8, it will get harder. Changing tactics certainly makes things feel fresher.


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