Lavecon 2022

Sponsored by Spidermind Games

Lavecon 2022 is 15th – 17th July 2021
Milton Keynes, UK

Lavecon is the premiere Elite Dangerous Convention!

​Tickets will be on the HWS Website when they are available. (from 7pm on 4th May 2022)

HWS Shop  

Those with roll over tickets from previous years have been emailed with your options. 

Please check terms and conditions on each item, but also on the general information page. 

​Lavecon is not just computer gaming; during the convention,  you can join us to play board games or LAN games like our Artemis Simulator or try out some VR. You can participate in some tabletop roleplay with the Elite Dangerous Roleplaying game, or attend workshops on all sorts of topics like Writing Science Fiction, Making Podcasts and Writing Computer Games. You can take part in tournaments, play computer games, listen to talks and panels, and play more Elite Dangerous!

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