Lave Radio – The Conclave – Episode 9

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Join Fozza as he discusses the hits and misses of Elite: Horizons and the season 2 of updates.
Cmdr Snuffler, Cmdr Vingtetun, Goose4192, Nexus Reject & Colin Ford

Aired 2nd February 2016
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The Conclave Episode 7 – Clash of Clans Part 2

Conclave CoverThe second in our three part series on the current state of groups and meta gaming in the Elite: Dangerous Universe.

In this episode Fozza is joined by: Liam Rafferty founder of the Mobius PvE group, Smitty Jagerman representing the Elite Dangerous Community (EDC) on Facebook, Alison Goodman joins us for The First Great Expedition and finally flying the flag for the numerous Twitch TV groups out there we have Chris Meyers from Ctrl Alt Elite.

Thanks to everybody that took the time to join us on the show.

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The Conclave Episode 6 – Clash of Clans Part 1

Conclave CoverThe first in a series of Conclaves where we discuss the current state of group play in Elite: Dangerous and the ramifications of the larger Meta gaming aspect of the ED Universe.

Fozza and Lisa sit down with James Griffin of Big Harry’s Boys, ShadowGar of Emperors Grace, JP of the Pirate group The Code and Ian Honcharenko from the Arma3 group VolcSpac.


Does it currently work? What would we like to change? What would we love to see in the future?

Thanks for the guys for giving up their time to take part, enjoy the show.

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Conclave 2 – PvP and Microtransactions

In this Episode of the Conclave the panel discuss the hot topics of Player Versus Player in Elite Dangerous, and of the potential use of Microtransactions within the game to provide a source of revenue for Frontier Development to help support the ongoing development of the game. Joining Fozza and John are Graham Reeds, Darren Grey, Alien, and Grant Woolcott. Special guest Commanders also provide their insight.

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Conclave 1 – The Pilot Show

The Conclave is a new show from Lave Radio which invites the Elite community to actively take part in the Elite Dangerous discussion. Each episode Fozza and John sit down to host a discussion around some of the hot topics regarding the Elite Universe and the current development cycle. This week we talk about player demographics and what Elite Dangerous’s “Killer Feature” will be. Guest hosts are Drew Wagar, Ian Phillips, Dave Hughes, Grant Woolcott and Shaun Gibson.

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