Lave Radio Episode 480 “A Dish Served Cold” – 12/03/2024

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Adder Banksy Alec “Why we can’t get nice things” Turner Alec Turner 
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief AddervistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Update 18.01 – Bug Fixes.
    1. A fix for Titan vents becoming stuck and the core not being exposed. A nice amount of WD40 can solve many issues.
    2. A fix to stop Titan cores becoming exposed multiple times when vents are blocked. The cores will now be a little more reserved.
    3. Fixed instances of incorrectly triggering Titan behaviour post destruction. They won’t show off quite as much when they are supposed to be having a bad time.
  1. Titan War Adjustment
    As you continue the fight against the looming threat of the Thargoid Titans, we’re making a few adjustments behind the scenes to ensure your progression isn’t thwarted by any unnecessary barriers.

    As it currently stands, Thargoid Titans create alert systems whilst they continue to threaten the galaxy. These alert systems are challenging to reclaim if they are close to the Titan and currently even if the Titan is destroyed these still need to be taken back.

    We’re making a change that will take effect this Thursday: Alert states will be considered defeated if the Titan met a fiery end before they could initiate the subsequent Invasion. That means you won’t have to worry about trying to complete an impossibly hard Alert state or any subsequent invasions beginning as long as you can take out the source.
  2. Noticed a few posts that maybe missed the bigger message in this thread. Taranis was a special case, the other Titans have cottoned on to your war effort so unless you want to really slog it out you should focus on taking down as many controlled systems as you can. The more systems the Titan loses the more vulnerable it becomes. – Paul Crowther
  3. Paul also congratulated the community about the destruction of Taranis. However, he has warned that the others might not be so easy due to their high damage resistance. Removing Control systems will reduce the resistance (as people are discovering how much more of a challenge with Leigong (HIP 8887)

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. Why I Still Love Elite Dangerous (And You Should Too) – Mile 13 Gaming
  2. Elite Dangerous 2024, Is It Worth It? – Indigo
  3. Elite Dangerous – Ship Reviews – Gaming Snips and Bits
  4. Thargoid Titan Guides:
    1. How to Take Down a Titan (The Buur Pit)
    2. A Beginners Guide to Attacking Titans | Elite Dangerous (Psykit)
    3. Thargoid Titan Attack Guide : The Movie (Alec Turner)
    4. Thargoid Titans – ACCESS and ATTACK!! | Elite Dangerous 2024 (Dituri’s Elite)
    5. And last but not least – Daedalus Spyke’s Guide to Attacking Titans
  5. Three days to destroy Leigong? XSF data on “Titan Hitpoints” and DR (Mechan)
    Estimate 22 billion credits of bonds per Titan heart.
    Leigong expected to go from very high to at least moderate on next server tick.
    At moderate it’s maybe 1600 cores down to 0% per heart.
    Estimate 10 instances taking a core every 5 minutes (24hrs a day) then that’s about 3 days (after Thursday).
    “But more likely in the 5-7 days range”.
  6. Canonn is doing Project Guardian Lighthouse this weekend – trying to light all 30 known Guardian beacons at the same time. 
  7. Elite Racers “Winter Olympics 3310”  – next event (“SRV and On-Foot Agility Sports”) is this Saturday (16th March – 18:00 UTC) at Skiff Survey on Lotileku 1 d – four events as follows:

    SRV tower climb

    Week 3 – SRV tower climbing demo

    SRV parkour
    Race will be 3 laps w/ multiple heats as we’ve been doing

Solid lines are driving segments, dashed are jumps

Floor is lava!

On-foot tower climb (“free form”)
mass start, no specified route, just be the first to the top of the main tower
finish area is the same platform at the top of the main tower where the SRV route ends

On-foot parkour
an out-and-back sprint along the cargo containers and pipes in the area between the two large landing pads

Elite Racers Discord:

If you have a community event taking place soon and would like for us to shout about it across the airwaves tweet the crew @laveradio or email

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  2. Tue 12th – Titan Taranis destruction yields extensive data for research projects

Main discussion

  1. The Python Mk II has been confirmed to have a new feature that Frontier are yet to reveal.What do you think that new feature is, and how does it tie into what’s going on in the galaxy?
      The ability to teleport 4 centimeters in any direction.
      Not super useful but no other ship does it!
    2. Frank EightySeven
      From the jump point to Hutton Orbital in less than 12 parsecs
    3. CMDR Homborger
      Hyperdiction Module? (Ooooo, imagine the SALT!)
      Supercruise cloaking device?
      Shutdown field generator?
      Ability to navigate and emerge from Witch Space absolutely anywhere like the Goids do?
    4. ElvisKremmen
      Maybe 4 seats with access to dropping people from height
    5. Stephen Usher
      Fluffy zero-G dice.
    6. Dave Hammer
      Heated seats
    7. CMDR Streya
      I wonder if it will be able to fit a module allowing players to drop off on-foot CMDRs like the Frontline Dropships?
    8. Coehoorn
      Probably a insta-burger machine standing somewhere in the back of the cockpit.
    9. CMDR Finn
      Hoping for the ability to repair sections manually after battle. If the enemy knocks out your FSD, then you have to solder wires together or something. Might sound tedious but if the puzzle is done right like Starfield’s lockpicking, I’d welcome getting closer to my ship.
    10. Sighman
      EVA to gather some kind of special materials from the Titan debris fields
    11. Serraphin
      I’m going with Thargoid Witchspace drives, and they’re going to get us into a load of permit locked systems and/or avoid hyperdictions
    12. Martgamer01
      Breaking News! The boffins at Faulon deLacy at cracked it again! Launching exclusively to the Python MkII our revolutionary fully functional GoFasterStripes. Powered by AstroGlide, this revolutionary paint provides a 10% multiplier to the thuster boost speed and manuverability!
    13. Thedourscot
      Window wipers for the cockpit canopy, got to wipe the titan remains off somehow.
    14. Eralm_237
      New feature: an all-inclusive flight module, which includes Supercruise assist, autodock, planetary approach, and detailed surface scanner. Just an idea.
    15. CMDR KronenBrg
      Ship interior, fully walkable with features such as a coffee maker (that doesn’t make coffee) and cups that are superglued to the tables.
    16. Cylus Resi
      Please let it be a “Thargon Launcher”, either that or furry dice for the cockpit.
    17. Gaz Ubermick
      Interiors. That are only accessible to console players. If they have Odyssey. And a lifetime pass.
    18. Nopil3os
      can land on gas planets
    19. Melon Husk
      It has an interior.
    20. Steve
      It looks pretty aerodynamic. Maybe we’ll get to visit planets with more atmosphere?
    21. CMDR dacamper
      Some sort of caustic immune hull, made from bits found in wrecked titans. The pilot’s federation then give Python Mk IIs the permit to go investigating Thargoid space. With stealth.
    22. FourSe7en
      I think the new variants will have the ability to equip new human-thargoid hybrid modules, similar to military slots. These modules will allow the commander to use certain thargoid abilities such as shut down fields, unbeatable interdictions, or maybe even witch space hyperdictions. The mats required to purchase each module will be gathered from a titan debris field.
      And the Python Mk2 will only be available for purchase at Hutton Orbital.
    23. Chebswill
      go faster stripes, pepperpot alloys, a large exaust port (right below the other one), a cup holder, an automatic radio aireal, and of course the loudest stereo going…
    24. CMDR Schnails
      Strap in, this is going to be a long one. I have a theory.
      What if we won’t be allowed to just purchase the Python Mk II, maybe we will have to unlock it, and its fellow variants. I’m also buying into the theory around flying in atmospheric worlds. But not all atmospheres. We will discover technology mats in the wreckage of the titans, this will allow us to unlock these variants. The technology will allow the design of ships that can fly in very corrosive atmospheres, such as ammonia based worlds.
      The ships will also come with a permit to one of the currently permit locked areas of space, such as the Col 70 Sector, which turns out to be locked as the entire area is too corrosive to travel in. This will also turn out to house the Thargoid home world. The ‘Culmination’ of the Thargoid War, is not the ‘End’, it’s the ability to drive the Thargoids out of our space, and take the fight to them.
      The real bonus is that once all 8 titans are destroyed, the game play isn’t lost. It will survive forever, but only in their home systems.

Mostly Clueless

  1. Psykit: You can copy your system target in the galaxy map to your clipboard. 

Any other business

  1. The Dex Legacy season 2 is back! You can find further information at, including links to the paperback book “The Dex Legacy Season 1 – Collected Scripts and Commentary” by Emily Inkpen and also The Complete Season 2 in HD audio.
  2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided  Will be Free on the Epic Store from the 14th of March to the 21st of March 2024
  3. Catch the Chris Mk IV every Sunday from 12:00 to 14:00 on
  4. Even better than hammering Titan cores, hammer this flickering shadow issue!

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