Lave Radio Episode 481 “Going Going Leigone” – 19/03/2024

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
SRV Banksy Alec Turner Alec Turner 
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner
Tech Primate in TrainingChris Mk VLittleBigYin

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Titans still stuck
    We are aware that some Commanders are still experiencing issues in some instances when engaging the Titans. We are aware of this issue and whilst we have already introduced a number of improvements, we are investigating a long term solution.
  2. Titan War – Leigong Rewards
    For Titan Leigong we will be gifting the cosmetic rewards to everyone who jumped into HIP 8887 within the week before meltdown began, regardless of damage done to the Titan or credits earned.
  3. Frontier Unlocked last Wed of the month – no Hollie anymore so will be interesting to see what they say.

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. Daedalus Spyke is back, this time with a guide to Surviving Thargoid Interdictions.
  2. 100 screenshots craze that’s sweeping the galaxy
    Elite Dangerous Odyssey – 100 desktop backgrounds (Alec Turner)
    Elite Dangerous: “100 SCREENSHOTS” (The Buur Pit)
    100 Elite Dangerous Screenshots (AlexxA)
    Elite Dangerous: 100 Screenshots (Jon Tomasson) (ToCoSo)
    100 Screenshots in Elite Dangerous (Anden Belliam)
    ELITE DANGEROUS – One Hundred Screenshots (Commander Exorcist)
    Elite Dangerous: 100 Screenshots / Six Minutes (Marina Oatmeal)
    100 Screenshots (CMDR Bow Lof Petunias)
    100 Elite Dangerous Screenshots (Cmdr Sighman)
  3. Elite Dangerous: Patch Day (The High Wake)
  4. XENOCIDE GT: The ultimate Anaconda (Cmdr Odinoji)
    (Highlighted on facebook by Cmdr Homborger – I have a gaming channel with my little nephew, we made an elite dangerous video, any feedback much appreciated.)
  5. “We Are Elite” video contest – 2 weeks left to get your entries in!
    Head to the #video-contest channel in the Elite Events Discord for details.
  6. Elite Racers “Winter Olympics 3310 – SRV and on-foot parkour” postponed until 23rd March (this Saturday)
  7. Project Guardian Lighthouse
    Larzok has had this idea for a few years and finally managed to organise 30 individual Cmdrs to locate at each of the beacons, with the aim of activating them all and then scanning the data cores at the same time. Aided by Sovereign Winter in the run up to it they made it happen at 8:29pm on Saturday evening. They are currently compiling the findings of all 30 participants
    Larzok says: “All 30 (known) Guardian Beacons have now been successfully activated at the same time.  There was no crash, there was no boom,  the AI swarms did not manifest from a hole in reality, but we do not yet know if this action will have further, more slow to activate, effects. Canonn wishes to thank everyone who participated in the event, and provided coverage on their various live feeds. We will now begin taking reports, and compiling whatever data we can find in them. And at the very least we’ll have some wonderful images to share.”
    The Canonn Science website is
  8. A quick glance at the status of the Titans –

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. 15th March – The Assault on Leigong
  2. 18th March – Thargoid War Bulletin: Second Titan Defeated
  3. Leigong is gone
    1. For Titan Leigong we will be gifting the cosmetic rewards to everyone who jumped into HIP 8887 within the week before meltdown began, regardless of damage done to the Titan or credits earned. We are working hard to ensure that issues with Titan instances will be resolved for future battles.
    2. However if Leigong was your first titan you receive the rewards from Taranis

Main discussion

  1. Broad thoughts on the Titan stuff, the debris fields, are the remaining Titans just gonna sit there and take it, and how long will it all take.


  1. With two titans down, how long do you think it’s going to take the Elite Dangerous community to destroy the other six?
    1. Commander Exorcist
      Never. We’ll get down to the last one and the others will respawn.
      1 a week by the looks of it…unless the puppet masters pull a few strings
    3. CMDR Evoflash
      I suspect the narrative will change, with Thargoids adapting perhaps falling back, regrouping. Surely we won’t smash through all eight in the same way? I’d imagine by the fifth one it’ll be rather samey and somewhat of a fizzle-out experience.
      Thargs surely too clever for that.
    4. CMDR Homborger
      I second what Cmdr Evoflash said. Maybe after the third or fourth Titan goes down the others my call for more aid, or retreat back to the permit locked systems where they may have to be hunted down to get the full decal set.
      Who knows? It could go on for years!
    5. JCB Digger
      Really hope that the last few start bobbing around like a game of whack-a-mole and one ends up in Sol 😈
    6. M V Coehoorn
      I guess it becomes more and more manageable with every fallen Titan, so it should be possible. But I also think it’d be more interesting for some of them to surprise us with a retreat, or some form of adaptation to our tactics.
    7. Cylus Resi
      It’ll be done before 2-hot-2-messy is completed, but probably after LCU No Fool and his buds have somehow incinerated half the galaxy (for science).  I’m sure the last titan falling won’t be the end of Tharg and his merry insectoid pals bothering us.
    8. Happy Moon Monkey
      Professor Palin is going to discover the secret of the titan drives (after we’ve collected and delivered a bunch of mats for a CG). I’m turn we’ll create a new drive for our ships.
      BUT the new drive just allows us to use the custard pots as gates to other areas of the galaxy. The more titans we destroy before getting access to this technology, the less places we’ll be able to access.
    9. Chebswill
      0If they keep dropping at this rate the Thargs will pull back to their space with some of them. Or drop in something new. I guess if they let the leash off the hunter class glaives that would protect them a bit.
    10. Cmdr Schnails
      It’ll all depend on fatigue I’m guessing. But with the current level of interest, hopefully we can plough on through them. I’m still wondering if the Thargs might have another trick or two…
    11. Cmdr Yenna Oris
      We’ll get some shiny new modules\ships based on Thargoid tech which will help beat them BUT the guardian AI will detect the Thargoid Tech on our ships and then ….
    12. Martgamer01
      I did very little work against Leigong, the first and probably only titan I will bother with. So I guess I dont care as much as most when or where the rest go.  The end was a fun experience as i got jumped by a squad of scouts just before it popped. Was quite exciting.
    13. Alec Turner
      Theoretically I’d say 25 weeks. However, I think a drop-off in player numbers engaging with this once we’ve done about 4 of them could potentially double that. On the other hand, remaining engagement focused on less Titans. Right … my money is on the last one going in December.
    14. Ben – never (some will run away)
    15. Chris – September, because REASONS. 
    16. Clare – December


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  5. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders
  6. Special Thanks to Cmdr ToCoSo, Jn Tracks and Allen Stroud who created the music used on the Show.

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