Lave Radio Episode 482 “Plumaging Powerplay 2” – 02/04/2024

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SRV Banksy Alec Turner Alec Turner 
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Frontier Unlock had a slight paddle into the PP 2.0 changes
  2. Improved Map
  3. New Status for systems, replacing the old statuses
    1. Contested (which they didn’t go into) – Probably similar to when two powers are trying to Expand into the same system or if the system is in turmoil in the old system.
    2. Exploited – very similar to expansion. 
    3. Fortified – Similar to control.
    4. Stronghold – Similar to the Home System
  4. Stronghold Carriers, appear when a system is in stronghold status. Can either help or hinder the carriers.
  5. Stations interior appearance changes as a system moves through the powerplay states. 

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. There was a positive news article about Elite from Games Radar. It’s a comparison of how Frontier mostly leave it up to the players to figure out the “puzzles” in the game vs other MMOs where it would be spoon-fed to you. However, they will spoon-feed when they want to get everyone involved.
  2. April Fools:
    1. EDCoPilot – Star Trekkin transmission detected!
    2. Elite Dangerous RTS announcement on AXI Discord
    3. –
    4. Alien (on forum) found Raxxla

      (X4: Foundations image)
  3. Loose Screws – ScrewCon 2024 Recap Special
  4. The Great Oya Sampling Event – Cmdr Mechan
  5. Elite Dangerous – Thargyster special – Hutton mugs or bust (skit) (AuraxisAnimus)
  6. The ULTIMATE Guide to HARDPOINTS! | Elite Dangerous 2024 (Dituri’s Elite)
  7. #100screenshots playlist
  8. Elite Racers – Winter Olympics – Week 4 (6 April): Multisport Racing
    Competitors will guide a Guardian Orb on-foot around a lapped course, stopping at a set of rifle shooting positions with pre-placed targets
    The course begins with an on-foot parkour sprint, after which racers will board their parked SRVs and drive a circuit within the base. At the end of the SRV leg, racers will exit the base and drive to the plain below, proceeding to a distance of 6 km from the base to recall their ships. Upon boarding their ships, racers will return to the base for the ship segment.
  9. EDCoPilot Time Trial Prize Draw!!

Any Cmdr who completes ANY of the EDCoPilot Time Trials between now and the end of April will be entered into a prize draw – 1st name drawn earns 1 billion credits, 2nd & 3rd earn half a billion credits each!EDCoPilot Discord at (go to the #community-price-event-april-2024 section for more information).
EDCoPilot at

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  2. Thargoid war update.
    1. Oya is under pressure. If things keep up there will only be seven controlled systems after thargoid day.
    2. There are 35 alerts.
    3. 25 invasions.
    4. 602 controlled. 
    5. 26 in Recovery.

Main discussion

Speculation about Powerplay 2.0 and the QOTW – What did you think of the PP2.0 “deep dive”?

  1. CMDR Homborger
    To be frank, I’m VERY excited about this. Info on any new mission types, or Odyssey powerplay was absent but the whole new aesthetic surrounding your impact on the BGS looks really impressive.
    Can’t wait to see how I can use the RushFleet in various ways to engage in PP 2.0!
  2. CMDR Greybeard Seawolf
    Due to illness it wasn’t the Deep Dive we were expecting, however I was far from disappointed. I loved the visual changes being introduced for the various system states. I think this will breathe more life into the galaxy. The Gal Map filter and Stronghold Carriers looked amazing
  3. Cylus Resi
    I reckon they’ll provide blockades and check points, preventing trade, etc. And the Python MK.II will be either a supporting patrol ship or counter them as a blockade runner.
  4. CMDR Mad Dogg
    Hi. I’m not bothered with PP in any form, however I can’t wait to attack a Stronghold carrier fleet a la Star Wars just for the lols
  5. CMDR MrIndigo
    I’m excited about the game concept of moving carriers together. If it can be done for PP, it can be done for exploration, settlement, humanitarian efforts. Have local CGs to expand to new systems, start building new bubbles, making more livable ‘places’ in human-explored space
  6. Kym Angel
    What I’ve seen so far won’t encourage me to be a galactic postman. I’m hoping for a dramatic change to the PP gameplay systems. Looking forward to learning more.
  7. Myxlplyx73
    Presume the gameplay used to wear down thargoid motherships could very well be similar style used to force change in power play.
    Never really playing power play in the past I’ve not noticed any change in the various bubbles so could not tell if anything ever happened.
  8. Omnituens
    Honestly? Disappointed. As someone who has not interacted with the power play system I wanted info on the mechanics that could draw me in.
    Giving stations a spot of paint was not the mechanic to get me hyped for 2.0.
  9. Niceygy
    Really hoping we will get powerplay battles (like conflict zones???) appearing in contested systems. Maybe the locals fighting back against a power, and you can help/hinder the resistance?
    That and sabotaging power’s megaships 🤞. Either way it looks awesome!
  10. CMDR Streya
    I think the Thargoid War was a testing grounds and soon we will see more dramatic and dynamic Powerplay battles.
    The carriers will likely need to be attacked, infiltrated, or undermined in some way.
    But I don’t think they told us all the mechanics or if new factions will appear
  11. Saphaia
    I expect we get some variation of the dynamic attack/defend events we already have at installations and megaships. And maybe cargo stealing and hacking for undermining?
    Seems not too difficult to implement (how hard can it be, right? 😝)
  12. M V Coehoorn
    Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t hear systemic changes being mentioned even once. If PP2.0 boils down to visual changes, it’s a nice touch but nothing more than that, certainly not revolutionary in any way.
  13. HappyMoonMonkey
    The stronghold carriers will act like the titans away from the PP HQ. Once nearby controls are eliminated then easier to attack. If fully defeated then they will retreat to HQ or another system. Attack the 6 peripheral carriers to lower the defences in the centre command carrier then do damage against the central command carrier to make progress against the controlling power in that system. We weren’t told anything about the contested state. I want to know how that works.
    We also werent told anything about the benefits, rewards or downsides of being pledged to a power or having a system under a power’s influence.
  14. RockyStar
  15. Frontier need to choose their words better – even if it wasn’t a last minute replacement, I still don’t think we would have got a “deep dive”. Having said that, the map changes are most welcome, station interiors look good and nice to see it showing a dynamic system in play. I think there is much more to be revealed and hoping the stronghold carriers offer some on-foot missions to participate in the powerplay simulation. Broad thoughts on the Titan stuff, the debris fields, are the remaining Titans just gonna sit there and take it, and how long will it all take.

Mostly Clueless

  1. (via Aleks Zuno on the forum) – Since January 3309 and announced on Frameshift Live #24, every single salvage item – Research “salvage” included – remembers the system from which it came. For the purpose of war progress:
    1. The item must originate from the system to be progressed.
    2. The item must be delivered to any of the eleven Rescue megaships.

Example (fleet carrier inventory via

Any other business

  1. The Dex Legacy – Episode 8 “Drawing Lines”, was the last in the current Series of The Dex Legacy session 2, You can find further information at, including links to the paperback book “The Dex Legacy Season 1 – Collected Scripts and Commentary” by Emily Inkpen and also The Complete Season 2 in HD audio.
  2. Let us also pass on our congratulations to EmilyInkpen for winning the BSFA Award for Audio Drama.
  3. Free on the Epic Store from April 4th – April 11th  The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition and Thief
  4. Starship Simulator Kickstarter goes from strength to strength. It’s now up to £244 734 with 16 days left.
  5. Lovely Meet Up 24 is July 20th –
    (and for those that missed the announcement and are planning their 2024 socials – no PitCon this year)
  6. Happy Birthday to Chris Mk V for tomorrow (it’s a big one)


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