Meet The Crew

Current Crew

Colin “Phoenix Dfire” Ford

Producer and Presenter of the regular ‘Topshift’ Elite: Dangerous videocast with its late night radio talk show style. Colin is also a RetroLave regular, making him the perfect choice for Lave Stations Chief Archivist, but he remains in mourning from the episode where he realised Wing Commander Privateer is not as good now as he remembered it was.

Ben “Eid LeWeise” Moss-Woodward

The Elite Pilots Academy expert, Ben helps with the Lave Radio website and works on the special Lave Radio podcast – Retro Lave. He is famous for never finishing a sentence. He wanted to be a test pilot but the powers that be though that was a bad idea, so they made him Head of Health and Safety instead.

Clare “Psykit” Good

Joining the crew as staff liaison officer, the crew hoped that Psykit would be able to temper the crew and bring a sense of maturity and professionalism to the show. Well, that didn’t work out did it! Psykit is a twitch partnered content creator and verified smooth brained harbinger of chaos.

Alec “Alec Turner” Turner

Alec “SRV Banksy” Turner joined the crew sometime around mid 3308, originally as “Apprentice Stunt Driver” but later promoted to “SRV Banksy” after being exposed as the creator of a series of artworks stencilled onto the ground using SRV tyre tracks. A keen Elite racer, with a finger on the pulse of community created content who’s unafraid to plunge elbow deep in the forums, he also now typically curates the weekly community cor(o)ner section of the show.

Reserve Crew

Allen Stroud

Lave Station Commander and official author of Elite: Lave Revolution, Allen is a senior lecturer at Coventry University, with a Creative Writing Ph. D. in Science Fiction and Fantasy World Development. He helped write the faction background guides for the Elite: Dangerous fiction and composed all the music for the audio versions of the tie in novels. His website is here.

Chris “Fozza” Forrester

The infamous 2nd Technician. Winner of the official launch party guest ticket raffle way back when the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter finished in 2012, Fozza never imagined he’d end up as Lave Radio’s wrench-wielding episode host. Lifelong fan of the Elite games, he leads from the front and likes the colour blue.

John Stabler

Chief of Operations on Lave Station. John is the podcast’s resident cynic and programmer. His acerbic wit and knowledgeable comment on all things science in science fiction, makes him the go to guy for anything accurate. He also edits the majority of Lave Radio episodes and runs the Elite Dangerous News Feed site – Swift Dispatch.

Chris Jarvis

The Entertainment Officer and Audio Drama producer extraordinaire, Chris build a recording studio in his house with his bare hands to bring you the Fantastic Books Audio versions of the Elite Novels. He also writes short stories and stars in the audio drama Escape Velocity as Commander Thane. He runs The Radio Theatre Workshop.

Grant “Psykokow” Woolcott

John Craven with a Scottish accent and a pirate hat, Grant is involved in all aspects of the Elite: Dangerous community, producing content for a variety of mediums. From Susan Boils, to BS News, to Dockers and beyond, he always brings the fun; which is probably a good thing since he’s the stations’ Chief Bar Steward.

Ashley “DrToxic” Devine

Caution: Toxicity detected!
DrToxic is the Director of Pest Control, tasked with keeping the offices and the Orange Sidewinder free from creepy crawlies, flying pests and other nasty unwanted life-forms that are detrimental to crew health. When the time comes, DrToxic is the editor of the Lave Radio Podcast.

Andy “Kurgol” Barnes

Kurgol is the Lavian Space Program Director, and thus responsible for much of the infrastructure. Basically, he hits the pipes when things go bad.

When he’s not broadcasting Lave Radio Kurgol can be found on the Discord or Twitch.

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