Lavecon 2020

You may already know, but we are getting ready for Virtual Lavecon next weekend.

Obviously we are very sad that we are not going to see you all in person, so we have opted for the next best option of seeing you all online.

The draft programme can be found on our website:

This will be updated with all the links so you can join us easily.

We are planning to be on Zoom, Discord, Twitter and Facebook for most of the weekend for chat and hanging out generally.

There will be times when the Zoom channel when your picture or voice will be recorded/streamed but we will try and be clear about when we are streaming content on Twitch. Apart from the twitch stream we have no nefarious plans for any content.

The Friday night is planned to be informal hanging out (not recorded or streamed) on zoom, essentially we are just all meeting in the bar! You can sign up for activities or just catch up with everyone.

During Saturday and Sunday we have a number of planned activities. Content will overlap time wise, just like it does at the live event you can dip in and out of different “rooms” to find the content you are interested in. Some content may be viewable after the live session.

There will, of course, be the charity raffle with funds split between Special Effect and Ehlers Danlos Support UK. You can buy your tickets here:

Other highlights include:

ED:RPG Sessions to sign up to play
Some more from Spidermind Games
A screenshot competition, which you can find over at (note entries need to be in before the event)
Buckyball Challenge
Retro games stream
and so much more…

We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you.

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