Lave Radio Episode 467 “Colin Disnae Have A Chance” – 21/11/2023

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
SRV Banksy Alec Turner Alec Turner 
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Tech MonkeyNorman MacArthurVentura_
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner
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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. November FSL cancelled – next FSL is Festive Special Thursday 14th December 

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. Elite Dangerous – The Other Side [Cmdr Reggit’s beautiful take on the doom narrative]
  2. Cmdr Homburger has a new blog post!
  3. Elite Dangerous Spoof Adverts | The Collection so far… Psykit has put together all of the visuals that she’s already done for the ads that she and Chris Mk IV have done into one video.
  4. Élite Dangereuse: We’re proud to release our 4th adventure in English. On the trail of the Stargazer! A station issued a call for help in finding the missing explorer Luca Rekivek. Find out why…  Available here
  5. Activation of All Guardian Beacons Expedition

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  3. Thargoid War Update
    1. A lot of spire sites have gone inactive due to player success.
    2. Tanaris has no occupied systems left. They will all be in recovery next week. What happens now?

Store Alert

  1. Black Friday Sale!! (Even off the recently released strike combatant suits)  
  2. Plus Midnight black skins are available! Click here Midnight Black Adder 🙂
  3. Get up to 75% off on Elite Dangerous and up to 65% off Elite Dangerous: Odyssey with the Frontier Autumn sale on Steam!

Main discussion

  1. Last week we made some suggestions for paths new pilots could take once they’ve got their pilot’s licence and are left in their Sidewinder feeling somewhat bewildered about what to do next. This week we look at the other end of the scale and suggest some things for people to do who perhaps feel like they’ve done it all and run out of inspiration.
    1. Form a regular wing with friends. Elite does seem to get better if you’re sociable. Other elite social activities include;
      1. Joining a community (Loose Screws, Buur Pit, Canonn, other suggestions?)
      2. Becoming a Fuel Rat / Rock Rat / Hull Seal / Kingfisher
      3. Joining a BGS squadron on player group. 
      4. I would recommend trying cqc, via the often mentioned cqc discord. 
    2. adventures
    3. Buckyball Racing, EDCoPilot time trials, events 
    4. Photography/cinematography/movie making
    5. Learning to fly without Flight Assist
    6. Learn to Flyve all the way up a vertical building.
    7. Enjoy being a ‘bad guy’. Find a faction you don’t like and pirate, shutdown their horizon bases, raid their mega-ships, space installations and Odyssey bases. Being bad never felt so good!
    8. Powerplay – However, to get the best out of it I would recommend;-
      1. Join a discord for the faction. For each of the top five I know the discord servers are still up.
      2. Play in open as much as possible.
      3. If you get ‘unalived’ by an enemy player, please don’t block them. Blocking Powerplay players is considered a cheat as it will cause problems if those players are escorting a ship on a supply run.

Any other business

  1. The Dex Legacy season 2, returns with an explosive and thrilling adventure, Episode 1 Premiered tonight on Lave Radio. You can find further information at, including links to the paperback book “The Dex Legacy Season 1 – Collected Scripts and Commentary” by Emily Inkpen and also The Complete Season 2 in HD audio.  
  2. Hey Roll for Adventure is back!   


  1. QOTW – What’s been your favourite “journey” in Elite
    1. Ben Moss-Woodward
      I think that my most rewarding “journey” in Elite was WAY back when. I was working my way from a basic Cobra… money was tight, and you really had to think about which components you needed / could afford. I wanted an A rated distributer and I suddenly felt so much more powerful
    2. Psykit
      Whenever there is new Lore added to Elite the process of discovery is so exciting. Finding the wreck of the Alexandria comes to mind as one that was super pivotal to me; it was such a pivotal part of the Azimuth saga, especially in hindsight.
    3. Stargoid
      The journey from our home worlds.  Watching all the futile hoomins desperately trying to figure out what we were.
    4. Cmdr Andrew Johnson
      Going from playing in solo to playing with other players and meeting them in real life at Lavecon and PitCon
    5. CMDR ChirpyVader
      Learning to love exploration while on the Lost Souls 2 expedition. There’s planets I have first footfall that might never see another CMDR again because they’re so far out
    6. CMDR Bow Lof Petunias
      Outfitting my type-6 (because exploration didn’t really pay well back in the day) and loading it up with Galactic Travel Guides to head off to what was, at the time, called EOL PROU RS-T D3-94 #ForTheMug
    7. Cylus Resi
      I always enjoy shaking down my ship fittings before finding the combo that has the best balance… I feel a little disappointed when it is set-up right and want to make a little tweek just to run another shakedown.
    8. Miserichorde
      I’ve enjoyed every moment of my first 2 years roleplaying as Azimuths annoying interfering handmaid.
      It’s been an excuse to be every where and meet most of the games community on various levels.
      It’s been an awesome ride
      Thanks to every Cmdr along the way
    9. Rocky Star
      After jumping to Colonia for a free FSD CG, it was suggested that I  “carry on to Beagle”, so I did. But I took my time and actually explored. Putting my name on several black holes, visiting some incredible know tourist systems and watching the stars thin as you approach the edge
    10. Ian Kenough
      It has to be the beautiful Enigma Expedition. A perfect example of why I love this game, a spontaneous Cmdr driven event based on compassion, empathy and love that saw 1000s of players fly in support of another Cmdr
    11. Spaceperson
      Distant Worlds 2, the MOST unifying experience i have seen in Elite Dangerous. People reminisce fondly. I’d like to see Frontier establish that level of nostalgia for ED in general.
    12. Tala
      I think it has to be my first big voyage outside of the Bubble; I wanted to get Exploration Elite, so I prepared my ship and left on a journey to Sag A*. I will never forget the feeling of noticing the change in the stars around me, that wonder and awe still sticks with me today.
    13. Polutropos
      Reaching Elite rank in combat. It is a journey I am still on after a couple of thousand hours and I don’t really want it to end! I think it may be an anti climax if and when I get there….
    14. Stephen Usher
      Thinking about it, the journey I remember the most was the first trip to the Orion nebula. This was just after the game’s release and plotting the route was done one jump at a time, trying to line up the map in the right direction and choosing a star within my jump range.
      I was flying my first exploration cobra, there was no engineering, so it was basically 26Ly and that’s it.
      It took me about a week to get there, bumping into another explorer around Betelgeuse.
      The second one was the trip out to Colonia, as it is now, in a Type 7 stuffed full of limpets to join the mining CG. This was before limpets were available at Jaques Station.
      This meant that the jump range was around 14Ly so it took me more than a week to get about half way. At this point FDev added limpets to Jaques, so I dumped them overboard and my jump range increased to ~19Ly. Finally arrived early August 2016.
    15. Homburger
      I suppose my most meaningful journey was when I took a trip to V1357 Cygni on the anniversary of Neil Peart’s death. The Rush drummer was a huge influence on my teenage self (being a drummer) and the Rush song  “Cygnus X-1” is about an explorer who travels to the black hole only to get destroyed by it. It took a while to get there, I entered the exclusion zone. Hung there a while, shed a tear, and then headed home.
    16. FourSe7en
      One of my journeys in Elite Dangerous has been one of hardware. I started years ago on a potato PC with mouse and keyboard. Since then I have bought two different HOTAS sets and one set of dual sticks. I’ve built a new PC to be able to play Elite in VR and bought a VR headset. I’ve bought mounts for my dual sticks, and then built a new desk to support the mounts better. I’ve added additional monitors to display third party apps and website for Elite.  I’m afraid this journey will never be fully finished, as I’m always modifying or tweaking the bits I’ve bought to play this incredible game.
    17. Happy Moon Monkey
      I went exploring just before Odyssey was released properly. With a shiny new Phantom I wanted to get my 5000ly for Palin so I set out for a nebula East of the bubble. That done I thought “that was easy” and decided to make it a round trip via Sag A. This soon became a race against time though as I realised I wanted to be back in the bubble for the Odyssey release. A week and a half, 55,000ly later, Elite explorer rank up and a Hutton decal for travelling the greatest distance that week and I was safely tucked up in Hutton Orbital having made the run. On the day of Odyssey launch someone else managed to log into Hutton Orbital before me but it was still brilliant to wander the fabled outpost and post pictures
    18. CMDR dacamper
      My trip to the Formidine Rift in a Krait Phantom is my favourite journey. Having to plot jumps around the massive holes in the region added a sense of danger. Floating in the black with the Zurara in front of me, listening to the logs, knowing I was thousands of light years from civilisation, gave me a chilling feeling of loneliness.
    19. Chebs Will
      My best jouneys have been teaching others about the game, first it was with my daughter helping her play through the tutorials, joining ground battles, letting her have the fighter from the my bigger ships and the awsome first run at ground thargoid stuff and the ‘ten legged flying spiders’. Now I’m helping my friend get back into the game, he had the game far enough back that he can buy a cobra mk4 but when he first started he couldn’t get into it. So these last few month I’ve shown him mining, space combat, ground combat and missions, some thargoid space battles and we’ve gone to the spires together. He’s got the explorer bug at the moment and has done a few long trips to the black. It’s good sharing the little bit’s I’ve learned over the years (wave by to your ship on the ground and it’s gone, if you need light clap at your ship etc.) and playing with friends. Even if he has overtaken me in cash already! 
    20. Colin – Colin to Colonia (I haven’t got there yet)
    21. big39gt
      One of the highlights of Elite for me was getting the free Anaconda for travelling to Hutton Orbital.


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  3. We’re also giving a shout outs to the following Elite Dangerous podcasts which have appeared over the last year or are standard regular contributors;-
    1. The Guard Frequency (who do other space games )
    2. Loose Screws
  4. Following this we have the latest Galnet News Digest as provided by Cmdr Wotherspoon and Cmdr BeetleJude.
  5. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders
  6. Special Thanks to Cmdr ToCoSo, Jn Tracks and Allen Stroud who created the music used on the Show.

One Comment:

  1. Hi E.D. connoisseurs Team,
    In regards to taking a break from E.D. I’m glad Colin broached the topic. This right away indicates why E.D. is a game set apart. Once we finish Cyberpunk 2077 (fantastic as it is) or Medieval Dynasty or GTA6 we will look ahead for the next game to play.
    E.D. isn’t like that – in a way it belongs to the “objective” set of games. A game we constantly come back to. There’s not many in that class.
    P.S. I’m the kind that will generally play it for 2-3 months each semester.

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