Lave Radio Episode 106

Ice Mining

Station Commander Stroud takes us through a busy weeks worth of updates and even more exciting reveals, we also have answers from Zac Antonaci from last weeks show to go through.. a real bumper episode.

Aired 26th April 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members

Station Commander : Allen Stroud :
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss Woodwood : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire

Show Notes:

  • Development News

  • Newsletter 121

    • Missions
      • We can now see what they look like
      • Characters are persistent and interact with you differently depending on your status with them (I.E. Pilots Fed Ranking, Ranking within the local authority etc)
      • Failing a mission can decrease ranking (so be warned Fozza!)
      • As well as credits we can get hidden data caches, commodities, and materials.
      • Improved showing you the impact of your mission
    • Community Goals
      • Can now have lists of items to get
      • Marker visible in the galaxy map
    • Missiles get an overall improvement
      • Now do area effect damage to external modules
    • Ice Mining
      • New commodities like methanol monohydrate crystals and low temperature diamonds can be found and mined within the ice rings.
      • New Materials can also be found
    • Traffic Control
      • They assign a call sign automatically to all ships – this is formed from the ship manufacturer and the first three characters of your commander name.
    • Incendiary Rounds
      • Thermal kinetic rounds 😀
    • Feedback Cascade
      • Shoot whilst a Shield Cell is activated and instantly break the shield
    • Lots of Base Porn 🙂
  • On the Horizon – Countdown to The Engineers Beta Livestream: Part 2 with Ed and Michael Brookes

    •  Michael is looking suitably bearded 🙂

    • Bookmarks

      • Good Quality of life feature
      • MB Teasing about news from Shinrarta Dezhra
    • Map States

      • Available States
        • None
        • Anarchy (isn’t a state??? Could be a bug!)
        • War
        • Lockdown
        • Civil Unrest
        • Civil War
        • Boom
        • Expansion
        • Bust
        • Outbreak
        • Famine
        • Election
        • Also sneaky CG icon
      • Basically trying to make ‘finding things’ more obvious
    • Regeneration Sequence

      • Green beam
      • Transferring Energy from Weapons to wingman’s shields
      • Need to be winged up
      • Need to still have a working shield!
      • MB mentions other modules can be modified too
      • MB We’ll be doing a biiiiig dump on Engineers in about 2 weeks time
      • MB likes that this can add other strategies for people to employ
      • Visual FX of weapons scale depending on power etc
    • Huge Multicannon

      • Looks to me more like a rapid cannon from CQC
      • Doesn’t have the ‘ratt a tatt tatt’ the Multicannons do
    • Huge Beam Laser

      • Can be gimballed too
      • Why does it have recoil?!?!
      • Lovely detail as it heats up!
    • Thermal Shock

      • Delivers heat into your target
      • Compounds heat damage
      • Can fire disabling shots
      • Can be applied to any energy weapon
    • Force Shell

      • Ed’s favourite (and Ben’s!)
      • Dependant on the ship’s mass and makes the ships loose control
    • Outfitting

      • Always wanted to improve the screen!
      • Filters on top left
      • ALL the stats (squeeeee) (under read more)
      • Nice graphs showing the comparison
      • Better navigation, layout just quality of life goodness
    • Questions

      • Q: CMDR Heisenberg B. Damned
        The newsletter said:
        “human-created POIs will also not be encountered as far out from human space as they are at the moment”
        I think that’s pretty welcome but are there going to be no POI’s when far away from the bubble or are we going to be getting different POI’s if out exploring?
        If different do you have any hints on what non human-created POI’s will contain?
      • A: Finding ‘tea’ is maybe excessive whilst out in the black and shouldn’t find human rubbish so far out.
        • Lost diamondback is part of “the missing”
        • Natural POIs
        • ‘Other stuff’ that MB isn’t allowed to talk about!
      • Q: Imeraxes
        Any news about POI in space like Antares wreckship, whith may be, CQC asset ?
        Cheers, CMDR Iméraxes
      • A: Still looking at using CQC structures in the main game but NOT part of 2.1
      • Q: Alec Turner
        “Scanning a nav beacon will give Commanders the exploration data for the system (if you don’t already have it).” – does that mean we no longer need to carry a discovery scanner in order to get data for systems with nav beacons?
      • A: Yes
        • FD Always wanted to do more with Nav Beacons
        • Doesn’t supplant Exploration Data
        • Only within populated space
        • MB Always has a scanner because you never know…
        • Ed too
        • If you’re on a mission the nav beacon can point you in the right direction. You can find the body the mission can be fulfilled at then need to search that planet / moon.
      • Q: Barking_Mad
        As well as the graphical improvements to the ring systems, has any further work been done on planetary surfaces?
      • A: Rings improved distance as well as up close
        • Updated surface terrain system (higher res AND better performance)
        • Lessons learned from the past
      • Q: sensai25
        Are enemy ships limited around bases to attack ?
      • A: No but you’re more likely to encounter them around existing ‘stuff’
        • Got ways to deal with ‘rocket spam’
        • Can encounter ships flying from one base to another
        • Looking to increase security response where appropriate
      • Q: M4rt1n
        In the beta before the release of ED there were cool weapon variants, like overcharged, low-heat, focused, high-impact etc. which somehow disappeared upon release. Will the engineers’ crafting options somehow re-introduce these variants, or will there be totally different?
      • A: These variants are no longer compatible with Engineers and will no longer be in game at all
        BUT you can do much better cool cool stuff with Engineers
      • Q: Bliss
        Will the new Ship AI be able to handle canyon flight on a planet’s surface?
      • A: Yes, I’ve seen them do just that, but sometimes they’re better than we are!
      • Q: Arubeto
        Newsletter 120: “For Commanders who prefer to roam the galaxy looking for wars, the Pilots Federation has upgraded the GalNet system, so Commanders using 2.1 AND 1.6 will have a ‘state’ filter in the galaxy map which will highlight if a system is at war, or suffering a famine, or some other situation Commanders want information about.”

        I think this has lead to some misunderstandings. Can you confirm that the exploration data acquired this way can’t be sold, but only gives you the information about the system (therefore imitating the process of buying exploration data about a system from Universal Cartographics instead of imitating exploring as system manually?
      • A: Yes it does, it can not be sold.
      • Q: ape808
        About the new Galaxy map filters:
        Since we will be able to filter for system states (boom/famine/war etc), will these be having more effect on gameplay? I think it may have been mentioned during the Trading livestream that the devs were considering giving states more of an impact on markets and the missions available. Is this the case for 2.1 and can you give a bit more detail if so?
      • A: Yes, we’re pushing the effects that states will have. Will drive missions, affect traffic, affect commodity prices (this is exaggerated)
      • Q: DarkMatterGenerator
        “Scanning a nav beacon will give Commanders the exploration data for the system (if you don’t already have it).”

        How did this decision arise- what is the gameplay and design thought behind it since it really changes a basic function in game from 1.5 years of play?
      • A: Always been a need to do something with nav beacons, it’s just ‘filling in those blanks’
      • Q: CMDR Dana Jessica Booth
        Which ships exactly will be getting the ‘drives’ upgrade. Does this mean FSD or Thrusters?

        Just the sidewinder? All ships that equip class 1-3 thrusters?
        If its thrusters will any of these changes come over into the cqc flight model?

        Also regarding 2.1 will someone take another pass at the Cobra mk4 and give it the massive speed buff it needs? (it’s currently slower than a T-7…)
      • A: Sizes 2 and 3 (MB thinks!) very much enhanced performance – still needs some tweaking
        • Makes smaller ships a lot of fun to play in
        • Racing with more speed is more fun!
        • Prices will be not tremendously expensive but gotta rem this is the ultimate upgrade for that slot, so…
      • Q: ape808 (again)
        Will the AI ships near the surface apply to the full range of low to high-G bodies?

        If so, were there any special considerations the AI devs had to take to get the ships to behave well in high-G conditions?
      • A: they are very wary and won’t even attempt some of the high g worlds. Some ships can handle High G worlds better than others
      • Q: Dave G
        Within the new mission system, will there also be changes to support “Navy” missions for the players who are focussed on naval progression? Also, will mission successes result in the introduction to other missions or mission givers?
      • A: Will go into more detail in the news letter. MB REALLY wants to see a career in the military but will live with this for now.
        You develop a relationship with mission givers who give you better and better missions. Also your Pilots Fed Ranking counts on how they talk to you.
      • Twitch Questions
        • AI Improvements – Yes they can fly in atmosphere – be careful!
        • SRV types not for 2.1
        • Hopefully better performance on lower end machines
        • NPC WILL use these modified weapons
        • Ctrl options screen gets a good revamp too
        • X-Box players hugely extended options (as covered last week)
      1. Cmdr Spike wants to know if he can have pink lasers come 2.1.
        1. No nothing in pink but mining laser is close. No rainbows!
      2. Will there be improved In game Player Group support? (basically guilds!!!)
        1. No specific functionality in 2.1. Longer term things they’d like to do.
      3. Will there be ‘wing missions’?
        1. Not in 2.1 but nothing to talk about just now
      4. Will player actions lead to procedurally generated missions? I.E. player A discovers something ‘interesting’ and reports that to Station B. Station B and radiating out starts generating missions related to said found thing.
        1. Not in the way that this covers but see the comments from Thursday 21st + see this Thursday’s stream
      5. PLEASE can we have a reason to go to Ice Rings?
        1. Yes
      6. Conflict zones at interesting locations!
        1. Not in 2.1. On going process maybe in the future
      7. Can we fly through asteroids? Also REALLY big Asteroids 🙂
        1. See the wish list!
      8. More life in the universe! I.E. Ships preparing at stations etc?
        1. Would love to have more life in certain ways. Some stuff Zac can’t talk about. Also stuff in 2.1 i.e. traffic lanes etc. On going process
      9. More tools to interact with the environment? I.E. with the Barnacles all we can really do is shoot them!!!
        1. Watch this space for more things to do with Barnacles
      10. Communicate with NPCs (I.E. demand them to stand down)
        1. Definitely somewhere on the list and being considered
      11. Will we ever get a ‘call for help’ implement feature?
        1. The chat view and the auto responses from systems (and this will be updated in 2.1)  A lot of thought a lot of balance
      12. What does retreat mean for the BGS?
        1. MB will be talking about this ‘quite shortly’
      13. More specific examples of changes to crime and punishment. I.E. stations refusing to let you dock.
        1. Something the dev team have looked at and engaged quite deeply with the community for. However this all takes time.
      14. Will the AI ‘cheat’ less? I.E. No more firing 6 beam lasers at you from an Eagle whilst next to a sun!
        1. The AI doesn’t cheat very much even now.Only a very few instances of ‘cheating’ all done for gameplay but for the most part the AI’s equipment functions the same as a player characters.  AI Can overheat and does regulate itself.
      15. Will there be improvements to the the High Level AI? I.E. make Reidquat SCARY
        1. We’ll see some love in 2.1. The mistress has done a lot of work
      16. Will we see more A or B CGs? I.E. Faction A wants to build a ship. Faction B wants to stop that.
        1. Look at the Dangerous Games for good examples tug of war CGs 🙂
    • CMDR  Daddy baddy – I have a discussion point for 106. How long do we think the horizons season will be? If say 2.1 and 1.6 are released after beta in June. And we assume that season 3 starts Xmas 2016 … That means 2.2, 2.3 and perhaps the unconfirmed 2.4 being squashed into 6 months!
    • Glenn Frank –  when season three rolls out… will people get all that is in horizons too with purchase of season three? does not matter to me cause I bought the lifetime but… wondering”
      1. Ben’s Ideas –
        Elite Dangerous: Walkies for 24.99
        Elite Dangerous: Horizons for 9.99
        Elite Dangerous: For 9.99

        or maybe just
        Elite Dangerous: Walkies for 24.99
        Elite Dangerous: Other Stuff for 19.99

        Naturally we will also get
        Elite Dangerous Mongo Pack for 39.99 which has everything in it
  • Shoutouts
    • On the Horizon – Countdown to The Engineers Beta Livestream: Part 2
    • UNCLE ART – THE FILM  Passed its goal of £8000 and ends on Thursday!
      • Stretch Goal!

        OK, so I have to be careful how I word this as I can’t give too much away without spoiling it… We want to do an extra segment in the film that will involve a part of a certain person’s history. (No prizes for guessing who.) The segment is about a part of his career that has been captured on film. And it’s a corker! But we need to buy the rights to the footage. This is going to cost us an extra £2,500 for commercial use, so if we reach £10,500 by Thursday night we can buy this and it will be truly awesome. Also, if we can raise the extra cash, we have secured a location to film in which is almost just as exciting (it involves somewhere Charlie Chaplin used to live). I know this seems a bit cloak and dagger but when you see the segment in the finished film you’ll immediately understand the reason for the secrecy – and know that you made it possible! If we can do this, it’s going to add extra footage to the film, which had previously been thought lost! It will also raise the film’s exposure even more, and push it out to an even wider audience – and that could be a really, really good thing.

        Once again I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone for your support! Still 2 days to go so let’s see where that can take us 🙂
      1. TINYURL.COM/uncleartfilm pleasure
    • Shout out to Cmdr Yan and his mam (Allen for actual wording!)
    • Can we have a shout out to Cmd Sansemin for helping Fozza do a stealing mission for LRN 😀
    • (Wanderers Short Film)



Lave Radio Episode 105

Starting Line 2


Chris is back with Zac Antonaci to go through the amazing amount of information regarding the upcoming updates and reveals from the last week.

Aired 20th April 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members

2nd Technician : Chris Forrester : Cmdr Fozza
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss Woodwood : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Head of operations Lave Station : John Stabler : Cmd Glyndwrr
Chief Barsteward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Station Guest : Zac Antonaci

Show Notes:

  • Development News
    • I am delighted to announce The Engineers (Elite Dangerous 2.1) will be available to players with beta access in the week ending 8th May.”
    • Is this a hint at an engineer’s location? – In the Galnet Press Release on the well renown Unknown Artifact researcher Ishmael Palin??
      (Play clip)
    • “I fully intend to continue researching the Unknown Artefacts and meta-alloys, albeit in a more inconspicuous fashion, at my personal research centre on Maia A 3 a. Those who wish to visit me there are very welcome to do so. There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with those who share my interests!”
    • Elite Dangerous Xbox One News
      • Localisation (French, German and Russian)
      • Private Groups using your Gamer Tag.
        • I have to ‘follow’ Ed and once I am following him I can ask to join his group.
        • Both open and closed PGs
      • Extras i.e. skins etc.
        • You purchase Frontier Points and then spend them.
      • XB1 Stream with Gary Richards Summary by ‘The Sisko’
        • XB1 planet textures have been improved for 1.6
          • GR: “A great summary, but to be clear I said that XB1 planet textures have been improved for 1.6, and we have improved the PC quality as well. “
        • XB1 Dev. build shown had new ED logo on game start-up AND Horizons background on menu screen!
        • CQC Arena (standalone) is coming to Xbox
        • Major announcement on the Horizon(s) incoming for XB1 version.
        • Players who purchased ED on XB1 as part of the Game Preview Program will have free access to a free GPP Decal.
        • Paint jobs, Private Groups and Custom Controls coming in XB1 in 1.6
        • Paint jobs are purchased using Frontier points and purchased from the Frontier store (via Microsoft Edge browser in dev. build).
        • For private groups to work on XB1, you have to follow/be-friend someone (like Twitter).
        • FD monitor the custom controls thread on the ED XB1 forum and have already made enhancements based on suggestions in that thread.
        • From 1.6 onwards, the plan is that PC and XB1 code builds will be in-sync -easier for FD to build and deploy, and results in potentially quicker feature deployment for XB1 players.
        • Balancing huge weapons was straightforward.
          • All weapon balances were worked out months ago. ‘All’ that needed to be done was have the larger weapons implemented.
        • One of the reasons for the delay for 1.6 was that the game was restructured, in part due to bringing Horizons on XB1.
        • Changes to the bulletin board in 1.6 will make finding wide variety of missions easier.
        • Cross play – FD want everyone to play together in same galaxy, some of that is in the same now (CG goals, First Discovered).
        • XB1 Elite Controller – paddles will be partially re-mappable. Ditto chatpad buttons – but there are default MS binding restrictions to consider.
        • New achievements on the way for XB1.
        • Bulletin board avatars on the way for XB1/1.6, as per PC.
        • Debug Camera in super-cruise is one of the features on the to-do list.
        • Community factions might be able to become a power (look for Rise to Power threads on the ED Forums). This is open to XB1 players as well as PC.
        • FD wants players to think of ED as one game, not “PC version” and “XB1 version”.
        • Gary says that you guys are a nice bunch of people.
      • The Dangerous Games: The Rise to Power!
        • Player Factions Becoming POWERS
        • The top five factions based on a mix of factors such as their expansion and influence will be competing against each other for the incredible honour of becoming the first ever player-created power in game! We’ve taken the top five player factions as they currently stand and these groups have already qualified for the event.
        • The five factions who have qualified for this event are as follows (In no perticular order)
          • Border Coalition [BC] (qualified faction – Dukes of Mikunn)
          • Social Eleu Progressive Party [SEPP]
          • Interstellar Communist Union [ICU]
          • Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corp [AEDC]
          • GalCop (qualified faction – Diamond Frogs)
        • Also included a Wildcard entry – People’s Choice
          • this faction will have earned their place in The Dangerous Games through their ability to rally Commanders to their cause.
          • Wildcard games to take place before the main Dangerous Games
          • There will be a CG for each competing group and their task is to ensure that the CG is completed or at a high tier than their competitors. Groups will be ranked each week and given points based on where they were placed for each CG. At the end of the four weeks one group will emerge victorious.
          • Everyone can get involved by either supporting or competing against any individual group or CG they wish. This means that every faction should be looking to gain support and favour with other Elite Dangerous Commanders and forge alliances to support their Rise to Power.
          • The Rise to Power four-week-long event is due to start on the 30th June 2016
      • Screenshot Competition
        • To submit your screenshots simply send them to with the subject title ‘Galaxy In Frame Screenshot Competition’.
        • The competition closes on May 26th, with the initial 10 images being put to a community vote the following w/c May 30th.
    • Newsletter 120
      • Enhanced Starport Outfitting
        • New Weapons and Drives
          • Huge Beam Laser
          • Huge Pulse Laser
          • Huge Multi-Cannon
          • Large Multi-Cannon
          • Faulcon de Lacey have introduced performance enhanced size 2 and 3 drives
        • Enhanced System States Feed on Galaxy Map
        • More Surface Encounters
        • Enhanced NPCs
        • Engineer Archive – Experimental Modifications 2
          • Overheating ships? Good anti stealth measure?
          • Could this by a nudge a ship out of a supercruise set up? Is it just a little nudge or does the pilot loose complete control?
          • This one could be the start of implementing the Holy trinity of Tank, DPS and Healer to Elite
    • Community Corner
      • Update on the Barnacles giving noises
      • Retraction – Cmdr Salome actually made it to Beagle Point under her own steam with no ‘rifts’ or ‘wormholes’ assisting her. (though Drew’s kids might have done some of the flying :D)
      • Final RPG/Miniatures playtest being Broadcast on Wednesday 20th April. This will be the last one until the RPG is published in July.
      • Sneak Peak Surface Navigation
        • Surface Racing overlay with checkpoints and navigation
    • Questions
      • Peter Wotherspoon asks I’d be interested to hear whether Sarah Jane Avory’s tweets about unleashing upgraded minions mean we’re going to need to treat solid squares on the radar with a bit more respect.
        • @SarahJaneAvory
          @LaveRadio My advice: if you see an Elite AI… I’d run… and run fast…
        • @SarahJaneAvory
          @ericlundgren5 @LaveRadio The new combat AI is better at everything… at the high ranks. Low ranks are much easier.
    • Shoutouts
      • On the Horizon – Countdown to The Engineers Beta Livestream: Part 1
      • UNCLE ART – THE FILM  currently needing £1,742  with 9 days to go
      • Shout out to Colin and Selezen Lake (aka Dave Hughes) who are play testing the ship to ship Combat Rules. for his live stream and they will be available on after the show.



Lave Radio Episode 104

Starting Line 2


Ben takes Grant and Jarvis through the past few weeks for news letters as well as the recent community events

Aired 12th April 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members

Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss Woodwood : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Head of entertainment/strong> : Chris Jarvis : Cmdr Thane
Chief Barsteward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow

Show Notes:

  • Development News
    • Frontier keeping mum’s the word…. Still in their 6 week ‘nothing to see here’ mode… (2.1 ETA ‘May’)
    • Oculus
  • Newsletter 117 + 118 + 119
    • 117
      • Engineers Concept Art – looks like outposts for planets – be nice too see more concrete info though
      • Lost Winds Bobbleheads £5 each, Toku, Deo and Notea
      • Orion HCS voice pack (featuring william shatner)
      • Winners in the Gladiator Challenge
        • The 2 x Premium Elite Dangerous goodie bags, including a cap, a beanie, three faction mugs, and signed artwork went to CMDR Mad Anthony Wayne and Gabriel Case.
        • The 2 x Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season passes were snapped up by Wayne Youngblood and Bozakir
        • And the 1 x Every paint job in the Elite Dangerous store went to the extremely lucky CMDR Nollywood.
    • 118
    • 119
      • Next week, the newsletter will be hosted on the Elite Dangerous Community Site rather than sent directly into your email inboxes
      • Join the Elite on the Background Sim Thursday 14th April 19:00 BST
  • In game news
  • Main Discussion – Elite Meet Discussion ?
  • Community Corner
    • New Streams involving Dave Hughes Elite Encounters RPG, demonstrating the Vehicle Combat System (ie. the ship to ship combat).
    • The Rock Rats helping CMDR Frawd-Digger getting to Beagle Point in a non shielded Sidewinder!
    • Hutton Orbital Endurance Challenge
      • From Readdy’s Progress to Gooch’s Progress on the planet Cardinal in the Aparctias system a distance of 596km
      • 18 teams some individuals some teams of up to 6
      • ~ 50 ppl (54?)
      • Winner of both the Team and Solo challenges: in 5 hours!
        1 Team name: Team Mummy
        subhouse07 Team member 1: CMDR Brabston, Timmy
      • Amazing video of the “quick way”
      • 2 Team Name: Redliners
        Player Group: Elite: Racers (ERF)
        Team member 1: [CMDR Deftin]
        Team member 2: [CMDR BlackMaze]
        Team member 3: [CMDR FierceFalcon]
        Team member 4: [CMDR Terrorsidic]
        Team member 5: [CMDR AlexRusich]
        Team member 6: [CMDR Rafi Long]
      • 3 Team Name: Cross Court
        Team member 1: Arsen Cross
        Team member 2: Jay See
      • 4 Team name: The Buckyball Racing Club
        Team member 1: Alec Turner
        Team member 2: Seneh
        Team member 3: Kliggish
        Team member 4: Ozric
        Team member 5: Furrycat
    • LAVECON 2016: please come to it.
    • Paladin Consortium Operation SRV A B C

Elite Meet 2016 Lave Report

New LR iTunes Cover


Episode 104 which we tried to record last night experienced technical melt down, however Chris Jarvis and Allen Stroud manage talk about their experiences with Elite Meet

Aired 5th April 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.