Lave Radio Episode 256 – No Elite’s Sky – 20/09/2019

Click a direct link of here :- Development News – what have the devs said this week? Stephen Benedetti posted a response from Ian Dingwall about the latest from Galnet. It appears that we are losing a little content but that is because interstellar Initiatives requires a lot of…

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Lave Radio Episode 254: Jeff Goldblum’s filling Colin in at the Petting Planet Zoo – by proxy

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PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Lavian Space Program DirectorAndy BarnesKurgol
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvSouvarine
Tech MonkeyCmdr Ventura

Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Sunglasses (and other things) were removed from this store due to the September Update…
  2. Meet the Team – Commander Sputnik and Commander Electron
  3. New Engineer comes to the Witch Head Nebula
  4. FD Looking for Combat Focussed CG

Main discussion

  1. Review of the Latest Interstellar Initiative (it finishes officially on Thursday) 

Community Corner

  1. Play Elite on a PS Vita
    1. Cmdr Arkaboop on Reddit shows us how to play Elite using Remote Play on a PS Vita using a Mobile Hotspot (because the local WiFi is rubbish) as well as adding a case that adds the L2/R2 and L3/R3 triggers so as not to lose any functionality.
      1. Maybe we can segway into “mobile ways to play elite”
    2. FANGS is back, with “MERCS” — a single-chapter palate cleanser that shows the seedier side of the galaxy
      2. Note from Cmdr Garrus

        This took a little longer than I was anticipating (I should just go ahead and trademark that phrase, lol), but David (/u/RahnKavall) and I are pleased to present the next chapter of FANGS: a short single-chapter interlude called MERCS.

        (What’s Fangs, you ask? Fangs is a noir-themed web comic set in the Elite: Dangerous universe!)

        MERCS is an original story written and illustrated by David, using the characters from his own E:D web comic MERCENARY COMMANDER (now sadly offline, or I’d link to it Ah, we’ve still got the images!). After getting all super-duper emotional with FANGS book 2, I wanted to do something a little less serious to change things up a bit and get the tone a little lighter—and Rahn & Moose here certainly fit the bill 😀

        David & I are now heads-down working on FANGS book 3, which will be titled “To Sail Forbidden Seas” and which will be about a commander who gets marooned in Witchspace during a mis-jump and comes face to face with the things that lurk in the between:

        Test panel, temp VFX, subject to change

        We’ve been refining our art process and now have a Maya-driven workflow (which lets us do interior shots like this!), and we’re excited about the art possibilities!

        You guys are an amazing community and David & I are grateful for your continued support. Thanks for reading FANGS—it makes me really happy to see folks enjoying something we worked so hard on 🙂
    3. Drew has released Michael’s Story as an ebook
      1. Dear Elite Dangerous Community.

        You will likely recall the story of CMDR Michael Holyland, who sadly passed way in May this year at the age of 15.

        A personalised audiobook was created for him by the combined efforts of Frontier, Voice Actors and the Community.

        It was Michael’s wish that the audiobook be made available to the community so they could also enjoy it. We have taken the additional step of publishing it in ebook formats too. The book can be freely downloaded from the link below.

        We are suggesting donations to Cancer Research UK in memory of Michael.

Lave Radio Episode 253: Stop Hurting Yourself!

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PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardCMDR Eid LeWeise
Chief Bar StewardGrant WoolcottCMDR Psykokow
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanCMDR Shan
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvCmdr Souvarine

Special Guests

  • Cmdr RastaFrog:(EGP – Grom)
  • IAmNickman (Flat Galaxy Society) or Vectron (AOS – Mahon)
  • QBit  (Kumo)
  • Valyn Arvis (Arissa Lavigny-Duval)
  • Foursyth: (FLC / Winters)

Development News

Main Discussion

  • State of Power Play

Community Corner

Lave Radio Episode 252: All your bugs belong to us!

Download the episode directly from here. Position Crew Member CMDR Name Head of Health and Safety Ben Moss-Woodward CMDR Eid LeWeise (in)Human Resources Director Shan CMDR Shan Lavian Space Program Director Andy Barnes CMDR Kurgol Deputy Trade Attaché Souv Cmdr Souvarine AXI 100.Rub AXI Gluttony Fang In Game Events Palin’s…

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Lave Radio Episode 251: Seven Sisters reveal all to the Thargoids

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PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardCMDR Eid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordCMDR Phoenix_Dfire
Chief Bar StewardGrant WoolcottCMDR Psykokow
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanCMDR Shan
Lavian Space Program DirectorAndy BarnesCMDR Kurgol
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvCmdr Souvarine

Tonight’s Lave Radio Network activity in game

Development News

In Game Events

  • Thargoids Leave the bubble…
    • Rumors are that the Thargoids are going to attack the stations which are at the center of the present community goals. Stay Alert Commanders!

Main Discussion

  • ARXs’s in game currency discussion..
  • Anything new for seasoned commanders..

Community Corner

  • Bucky Bally Racing Club presents the Seven Sisters Speedway
    • Ohm Horizons (HIP 29312) 13-JUL-3305 to 21-JUL-3305

      Welcome to the Seven Sisters Speedway: In a reimagining of one of the earliest BRC events, take off from Ohm Horizons in HIP 29312 near the edge of the bubble, and take a whirlwind tour around some of the stations and installations of the Seven Sisters in the Pleiades Nebula, then race back to Ohm Horizons.
    • Begin the race docked at Ohm Horizons in HIP 29312.
    • Visit the following nine locations in the Pleiades Nebula in any order:
    • The Seven Sisters are:
      • Asterope – Dock at Copernicus Observatory (83ls)
      • Atlas – Hip Hop only!
      • Celaeno – Dock at Artemis Lodge (46ls)
      • Maia – Dock at Obsidian Orbital (635ls)
      • Merope – Make a fly-past of the Listening Post orbiting Merope-1b (2100ls) – Note: listening posts, like other space structures, only appear on your Nav Panel when you approach to within 1000ls.
      • Pleione – Dock at Stargazer (1072ls)
      • Pleione – Make two tunnel fly-throughs at the Squirrel’s Nest space bar (265ls)
      • Sterope II – Hip Hop only!

Lave Radio Episode 250: Lavecon 2019

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Spidermind weekend update

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Director of Pest ControlAshley DevineCMDR DrToxic
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardCMDR Eid LeWeise
2nd TechnicianChris ForresterCMDR Fozza
Hiding in the ClosetGrant WoolcottCMDR Psykokow
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanCMDR Shan
Spidery ShillCmdr Shocken-Orr
Looking for loo PaperSimon Woolcott

Main Discussion

  • Weekend Highlights
    • Break Fozza
  • Frontier Panel
  • Dav awesome BGS stuff
  • September Update
    • New Player Experience
      • Voice Acted Content guiding new players
      • Fly through rings around an installation
        • Available as a separate training mission, so we all can try it
    • Store to ARX (FAQ)
      • Arx currency – platform specific – can’t be gifted
    • Change Livery in flight
  • Dec Update 
    • Fleet Carrier
  • LR Skins
    • Krait Mk2
    • Krait Phantom
    • Mamba

Lave Radio Not an Episode 249b

Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardCMDR Eid LeWeise
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanCMDR Shan
Semi Trained MonkeyCmdr Ventura
XI Rustler CMDR Yanick

Download the episode directly from here.

‘Main Topic’

Galnet News Digest

Lave Radio Episode 249: Coalescing the Coalition

Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardCMDR Eid LeWeise
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanCMDR Shan
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvCmdr Souvarine
Tech MonkeyCmdr Ventura
KSP Bureaucrat Third ClassCmdr Walt Kerman

Download the episode directly from here.

Development News

  • Will did a new commander stream but that’s about it

In Game Events

  • None but new paint jobs for the keelback.

Main Discussion

  • Questions for the Coalition:
    • Why didn’t Communism Interstellar join?
    • What’s the status of the Border Coalition?
    • What’s the purpose of the Coalition?
    • Is the Coalition a ‘threat’ to the Alliance? I.E. the Alliance is supposedly the Alliance of Independent Systems, so is the Coalition ‘stealing’ those systems from them?
  • Game improvements from Cmdr Nash
    • I’ve got a few suggestions on things frontier could do to improve the game with  minimal work before the next big content drop in 2093 or whatever it is.

      I’m assuming their software design is something reasonable (despite evidence to the contrary) and we want to get most bang for the buck.

      Generally Frontier’s big problems are their lack of (useful) communication and a tendency to do something half-arsed then let it sit without an update for too long (the engineering/mining/exploration updates were all great, but they took way too long).    
    • Idea 1: CQC Materials
      • Add material drops.  Give each player who finishes a game a random material drop.  Give anyone who scored a kill another. Give the winners (top half  players or top team) a drop. Totally random material. Suddenly even seasoned players have a reason to play.

        Also increase the credit payouts by 10 times (or more).  With a single courier mission paying a few thousand, and mining paying up to a billion, a few thousand for CQC ain’t going to break anything. (still only useful for new players, but they probably don’t care about engineering yet) Code wise this should be trivial.
      • Other improvements:
        • Add Guardian fighters to the mix (should also be easy)
        • Add NPCs (maybe easy, maybe hard)
        • Make the arena’s smaller (more contact = faster games) (not sure)
        • Buff all CQC weapons to make TTK (time to kill) smaller (should be easy)
        • In game queueing (probably the hardest)
    • Idea 2: SLF Engineer(s)
      • Add a new engineer or 2 who only does fighters.  Fighter’s are a single module so can only be engineered with a single modification.
      • 4 mods:
        • Increase damage by 20% per level
        • Increase shields by 20% per level
        • Increase speed/maneuverability by 20% per level
        • Increase all three by 10% per level.
        • (multiply those numbers as appropriate).
      • Shouldn’t be too hard to add.  Makes fighters more useful in a post-engineering world.
      • If they are too powerful, it just moves the game meta to have more fighters, and fighters are fun to fly, so it’s all good.  Fighters vs Fer-der-lances FTW.
      • Potential to add experimental effects later if they wish.
    • Idea 3: A Small SLF Carrier Ship
      • So a little more work, but a small ship (size of a sidewinder) that is essentially just a strapped on FSD for a fighter.
      • Need some special module slots and the like, but the only new real asset would be the ship itself.  May have limited re-builds of the fighter. Super cool if combined with Idea 2 as well.
    • Others – Some other things they could do to look after their community:
      • Cross-platform save support (see Fortnite and other games)
      • PSVR support (who am I kidding, they can’t even update the FAQ )(Yeah, you asked Wil about it for me in Feb 2018 😉  
      • Publish something about what they are working on!  I know, insane right

Community Corner


  • Paige raising money for Special Effect
    • I’m 25 now, and nearly 16 stone. With my disabilities, this is dangerous, and I’m finally ready to see myself for who I truly am. This time, I lose the weight, and see it, because I’m ready to love myself.

      I need to lose a minimum of 6 stone. For every pound I lose, I will be donating £1 to SpecialEffect to help keep disabled gamers in the game. If you would like to 1) support disabled gamers, 2) help motivate me to get healthy, please do feel free to make a donation of your own.
  • Fozza has managed to dig up some new iTunes reviews!!! <3 you guys
    • Jaybird
    • Cmdr Macwa de Linn
    • Cmdr Valaryc
    • Cmdr Harass B Dragon
    • Ki
    • Jrohrer1010
    • Cmdr Tomacco
  • Lavecon 2019 is 5th – 7th July at the Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, and is sponsored by Spidermind Games!
    • On Friday Karen is planning to take all the silver/gold camping and Ambassadors reception tickets off the website to allow the hotel to plan food numbers. So, if you want one of these, do get it soon!
    • Bronze tickets will be on sale up to and on the day itself.
    • Cmdr Beetlejude is going to be doing a Blind Auction of her Signed by Frontier Artwork at Lavecon