Lave Radio Episode 266 – Delousing the safety office – 29/10/2019

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PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvSouvarine
Tech Monkey Norman MacArthur Ventura

Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. PSA from CMDR_Remyzero: You can see when and how many Arx you have earned each session from the frontier user portal
    Open portal from and click the “Log in” link (it’s different every time so hot linking is broken)
    Log in with your frontier credentials and click the “Your Arx” link (does not work unless you have logged in first)
  2. Looks like we finally have a new store web front at Nothing official has been announced by Frontier yet, so I’m guessing it’s in a Beta stage. But your ARXs are available there. If you what to know how much things cost, remember £1 gets you between 1672 and 2222 ARX and $1 gets you between 1250 and 1667 dependant on the package you buy. (Thanks to Ben)
  3. The Scourge Stage 4
    1. And an issue with the decal (oops!)
    2. Opinion?
    3. Positives :-
      1. New BGS State – Blight.
      2. New Decal
      3. A coherent Buildup and Plot, including a story from 3 years ago.
    4. Negatives :-
      1. Four CGs over three and a half weeks.
      2. No Unique Event Gameplay.
      3. Linear Storyline,
    5. Overall I would have given this a C+ / B-. The initial slow build up using Galnet News and the BGS was good. However, there were people who would have supported the Onion Headers, due the Federation’s tactics in the previous storyline, so a competitive community goal might have spiced things up a bit and there was a lack of a dynamic event (like the evacuation of Palin’s Base and defence of his mega ship) which would probably deflected a lot of the criticism.

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. Truckers Rescued from the Devilish Don, despite the loss of Will Flanigan. 😉

Community Corner

  1. Alec Turner’s Bug Countdown
  2. Down to Earth Astronomy test 5 million different shield configurations…


  1. CMDR Ventura_: Hi everyone , had a thought while catching up with the CQC episode of lave Radio…  If Fdev put the high ranked players on a scoreboard, would that not entice more ppl to play CQC to beat the top player? Your thoughts?
  2. CMDR Cortex-Vertex answered the community question on CQC. He suggests that CQC should be like a holographic video game (According to Premonition, it already is), which is available from the Station Dock Menu (or it might be a cabinet in the bar when space legs come in). Thanks Andy Spen
  3. Kirk Marshal wants to know why we don’t have Gankers on as Guests. CMDR Spawnsworth. He wasn’t to know why they do it, How they do it, Do they target certain people, if so , why? 
  4. CMDR Bolloxim on Discord says: Interesting podcast this week.   The announcement that frontier is spending time on bug fixes is likely a smoke filled cloud of misdirection.   Usually when running a policy of bug fixes the cadence should be push them live as soon as possible or, if the beta servers are up, continually pushing weekly bug fixes.   That they announced a 3-4 month release of bug fixes feels really wrong on this score, especially with an active beta community, if it’s in full swing. Something else that @Shan touched on.  There is a new massive release coming in a year. Usual development practices would mean that branch of code should sit off of master. Bug fixes usually on fix branches integrated into master.   Releases would be tagged/branched from master. I wonder though if all this activity on master will impact current 2020 development. Or if as some of you guys mentioned that its a new refactored codebase then this would be more pr stunts, that these fixes are bandaids for a year.     There is one other alternative.   The underlying code has been refactored and updated and it integrated the arx.   That September release was more than just arx but foundational changes preparing the way for 2020.   However I doubt this is the case, but, considering how much was touched some even not involving arx it’s a possibility.
  5. Loose Screws Podcast claimed to have trucked out all of our Biowaste from Lave. Can we just say, never underestimate the amount of poo we can create. We are the third highest producer of quality waste products in the Galaxy behind whatever is in Cubical 3 at Hutton Orbital and Slough! (Taking cover from the Hammers of Slough now!!)

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