Episode 2

LAVE RADIO makes it into a second episode! Another week and a whole lot more news, including hyperdrives, death & taxes, Dev Diary questions (for real), Allen’s Kickstarter, Elite Memories and Listener Feedback.

Download the episode directly from here.


⦁ Who’s on the call? New Chris?
⦁ Exciting Things you have been getting up to this week – Allen Tease but do not reveal.


⦁ Development Diary / Newsletter / Video / First Official Newsletter
⦁ What questions were asked and answers given etc? Thoughts
⦁ Was the first development diary sufficient? Should it have had more? What do you want to see included going forward?
⦁ New capital Ships! Thoughts look feel are they just eye Candy?
⦁ DDF Weeks 1 and 2
⦁ How is it working?
⦁ What was covered?
⦁ What have been the poll results?

Community Corner

⦁ Introduction and history about the community which has sprung up around the game. Explain each week will try and cover what has been going on and interview some of the creators.
⦁ Fan based fiction – How many projects?
⦁ What types of projects? Not all just normal books, RPG, Chronicles, Audio Books etc

Special Feature

⦁ Interview with Drew Wagnar

Feedback and Q&A





Special Thanks to Pete Wotherspoon for being able to copy and paste like a pro (unlike Ben) and Allen Stroud for digging these up