LRN Response to Alliance Propaganda

LRN Response to Alliance Propaganda

Aired 8th June 2018
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Here at the Lave Radio Network, we have increasingly become aware of expansionist interfering policy in corners of space that don’t welcome the Alliance. A spearhead heading for Sol and disrupting independent systems at a time the galaxy needs unity and the pilots federation to work together.

The 900 Alliance systems in the galaxy are dwarfed by the 5100 Imperial, 5700 Federal and nearly 9000 Independent worlds. One system, a beacon of genuine independence and the hub for galactic media broadcasts became the figurehead that they felt the need to repress.
What started as an ultimatum and an attempt at gunboat diplomacy has been dressed, in true crocodile tears fashion as a treaty. A treaty that was never ratified, never voted on by the people of Lave and is now being used as justification for conflict and the imposition of suffering on those same people.

However. The people of Lave have voted. They voted for independence, for community and for the colour Orange. The Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corp seek to overturn this by non democratic means and as such are simply a hostile foreign power, using local faction representatives as their patsies.

The Lave Radio Network believes in self determination for the future of the people of Lave and will defend with all its means their right to listen to the radio from a station they govern themselves.

We appreciate the Alliance – we love the Chieftain and are looking forward to testing out the new ships coming soon. The Alliance does indeed have “history” at Lave; indeed Lave Radio’s station Commander, the notable historian Dr Allen Stroud has studied the struggle that saw the Lave System join the Alliance of Independent Systems and has published an Article in the June 3304 edition of Sagittarius Eye highlighting the recent history and factions within Lave. Lave Radio Network also has history in Lave, forming in 3299 and being ratified by the Pilots Federation in 3302. However the recent focus of some elements within Alliance has been in causing trouble in other systems, Lave Radio Network firmly believes that instead of absentee landlords and being drawn into other people’s conflicts, Lave deserves truly independent rule. We would welcome a genuine treaty with the Alliance, an agreement that Lave remains fully self governing in return for our support against the Thargoid threat as and when it comes to the old worlds – a treaty agreed by BOTH parties.

Don’t give in to destruction, authority assaults and pirate tactics – they’re beneath the Alliance – be part of peace and harmony in the Lave System.

Episode 38 – When the cat’s away…

With Beta 3 being released as we record we take some time to discuss our hopes for Beta 3, We discuss VR on a budget, and also take time to give attention to the main Factions in the Elite universe, yup Imperial, Federation and the Alliance, will you change your allegiance once you hear the truth?.

We also chat about the beta 3 features with commanders live in teamspeak.

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