Lave Radio Episode 326 “FA on or off? Our NPC’s Have batteries” – 26/01/2021

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner
FA OffMalfortheWinMalfortheWin
FA OnPsykitPsykit

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. New players thanks to the Free Epic Store giveaway. The breakdown is 2.5 Million PC users and 1.5 Console players and 8 Million Free Downloads from the Epic Store. Total number of players 12 Million?!??
  2. Let’s Play: Community Goal
    1. Stephen and Bruce did the CG no real news that I noticed, although the wednesday AMA appears to be cancelled and they’re choosing questions from the community and answering them on a friday afternoon (See Below).
    2. They did say that the Narrative (CG and Galnet) is going to proceed at the same pace.
  3. Tuesday’s Stream.
    1. No CG on Thursday but something ‘Lore Related’ to find… Arf says he’s planning on making us work for it

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. AXI Now marks the time in which the Eye of the Odyssey begins. This is your chance to earn yourself a copy of the Deluxe Edition of Elite Dangerous Odyssey (Steam) for winning 1st place and a standard copy (Steam) to 2nd. 
    1. This event wouldn’t be possible without CMDR IM2D of NEWP (New Pilots Initiative) and the outstanding staff members over at NEWP which came to us asking if we could do a cooperative event. 
    2. The time trial challenge is this;-
      1. 1) Start on the Stellaris Invicta [NEWP] in Musca Dark Region JX-T C3-13
      2. 2) Go to a Threat 5 and collect a Cyclops Tissue Sample.
      3. 3) Collect the same Cyclops heart.
      4. 4) Pick up a single Meta-Alloy from a Barnacle Site/Forest or surface site.
      5. 5) Finish at the Eclipse [AXI] in Musca Dark Region GW-W D1-143
  2. Operation IDA – is still repairing stations in the witch head nebula. They’ve only got Sherrill Orbital in Haki to go.
  3. 100,000 Rescues By the Fuel Rats.
  4. GalNet News – Jasmina Halsey Returns to the Federation
  5. GalNet News – CG – Sirius and Utopia Compete to Host Galactic Summit 
  6. GalNet News – Marlinist Colonies Receive Emergency Food Supplies
  7. GalNet News – Councillor Kaine Campaigns for Alliance Votes
  8. GalNet News – Trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent Begins

Main discussion

  1. Odyssey Q&A – Interface and NPCs
  2. Flight Assist

Community Corner

  1. Reddit user LockNLosa bought and redirected to the wonderful “Ship Anatomy” website by teall :D, the awesome website we mentioned the other week showing you where all of your ship’s components are.
  2. My 1st Asteroid by The High Wake
    1. The High Wake’s done it again – this time telling a story of a wanna be minor on his 1st expedition!
  3. Dav Diary 24th Jan 3307
    1. By GND 🙂
  4. On the 25th of Jan Down to Earth Astronomy put out a video comparing ‘That other space game’s’ Dev Diary’s with Frontiers?
    1. TLDR: RSI actually do Dev Diary’s and FDEV do marketing fluff pieces…
    2. I (Ben) think he raises a good point
    3. The SC video Inside Star Citizen: River’s Edge | Winter 2021 – YouTube
  5. Highlights – Farseer Inc, Deciat – Race 6 of Scarab Mastery Championship
  6. The Silverbacks Squadron are heading up an expedition to Sagittarius A* and Explorers Anchorage, but taking a curved route up and across the Sagittarius-Carina Arm and the Scutum-Centaurus Arm taking in the Circinus Transit and parts of the Norma Expanse and Arcadian Stream before heading into the Core regions somewhere near the Teal Nebula.
    1. Objectives:
      1. Reach the Core Regions.
      2. Collect biological samples.
      3. Search for POIs in the Circinus Transit.
      4. Review the systems and boundaries discovered as part of the Drymon Survey of the The Aronnax Expedition 3303.
      5. Search for POIs traversing the galactic arms between the Drymon Ridge and the Gallipolis.
      6. Survey the peripheries of the Teal Nebula and visit the Guardian ruins.
      7. Deliver supplies to DSSA FCs and Explorer’s Anchorage.
    2. Departure: 3rd February
    3. Duration: approx. 3 months
    4. Register Expedition on EDSM
    5. Contact CMDR Junagu on Inara
    6. Join the Blodeuwedd’s Branch Discord server


  1. Our sister station, Hutton Orbital Radio, Broadcasts on Thursdays from 20:30. You can tune in at  or, for just the audio, at
  2. For the discerning Commander who likes a bit of CQC action, check out the CQC Discord at “”.
  3. For those who want a literary discussion about Sci-fi and fantasy books. Please subscribe to the Dataslate podcast created by station commander Allen Stroud.
  4. Following this we have the amazing Galactic Digest News as supplied by Cmdr Wotherspoon with contributions by cmdr beetlejude.
  5. We’re also giving a shout outs to the following Elite Dangerous podcasts which have appeared over the last year or are standard regular contributors;-
    1. Loose Screws
    2. Elite Week
    3. Flight Assist (Again!)
    4. For Spanish Speakers there is the Elite Cast (Dunno if they’re still going let us know)
    5. Cannon Podcast
    6. Fatherhood Podcast.

Lave Radio Episode 287 “May not be for everyone” – 07/04/2020

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyStephen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistStephen FordPhoenix_Dfire
Chief Bar StewardStephen WoolcottPsykokow
(in)Human Resources DirectorStephen ShanShan
Deputy Trade AttachéStephen SouverineSouvarine
StephenStephenStephenStephen Benedetti
Players are Friends not FoodBruce GarridoGambit
Universal MechanicDav Stott
The Glue that holds Fleet Carriers togetherLuke Betterton

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Fleet Carriers Content Reveal
    1. Forum post
    2. Fleet Carriers Update – Beta 1 – Patch Notes
      1. Delivery Mission Cargo is now marked as ‘Mission Specific’ to prevent the Commodity Market showing the commodity as mission required.
      2. Players can now block any player, not just friends or pending friends.
      3. Undocument – You can start a CQC Match from your Friend’s List!
    3. Testing Guidelines

Main Discussion

Stephen Benedetti, Stephen Garrido, Stephen Stott and Stephen Betterton join the crew to talk about fleet carriers!


  1. Hot Mess – 55,439 of 55,461 mugs or 99.96% of stations have a mug
  2. vECM is this weekend!!! Watch it on and join the discord by going to and the teamspeak on  More information on the forums!
  3. Our sister station, Hutton Orbital Radio, Broadcasts on Thursdays from 20:30. You can tune in at or, for just the audio, at
  4. For the discerning Commander who likes a bit of CQC action, check out the CQC Discord at “”.
  5. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders

Lave Radio EGX 2018 Sunday

Lave Radio EGX 2018 Sunday

Aired 23 Sep 2018
Audio versions

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In theory I had all day at EGX again, however I might have lost a couple of hours to Sunless Skies in the morning before I set off! I interviewed them last year and it’s come on leaps and bounds since then, and is a very easy game to get lost in!

However I did make it to two panels. The audio for these are not available yet, but hopefully will be out “soon”

The 1st was on the power of gaming and creation vs bullying where 2 You Tubers chaired a discussion with the audience about how gaming and online communities have improved lives whilst acknowledging that cyber bullying is a thing. It was a nice and mostly positive discussion that touched on many aspects, from being bullied at school or online, having a teacher recognise your you tube channel through to how gaming and streaming can help with mental health issues for example depression.

The second panel I went to was on the Future of VR I enjoyed it but I didn’t find it particularly enlightening. For example anyone who’s tried VR knows that the goggles need to improve, made more comfortable and breathable, lighter, not being tethered etc. We also need better ways to move around in VR, but equally does anyone really want to run on an omni-directional treadmill for 10 miles to get to their next way point! Of course costs need to get more consumer friendly and haptics need to be improved. There are some truly amazing VR experiences that have been set up but these are obviously things you go and see as opposed to something you have at home. They also felt that VR needs to move away from “a gaming thing” to a tool that we all can use in our day to day lives. Teaching for example would be a great use of VR if done right.

Following on from this panel I went to play Skyfront VR which (as far as I know) is one of the 1st VR multiplayer shooters and I was able to get an interview with one of their community management team after the game.

I really enjoyed Skyfront, I wish I’d been able to play it “un-tethered” Although I know that technology is in its infancy. The game is a zero g shooter, where you use your gun to get around. This is a nice way to solve the movement issue that some VR games have, whilst not “planting” you in one spot, and jumping… The controls felt very natural, although I wasn’t a fan of where the grappling hook button was, though this is more a fault of the vive controller rather than the game! I am probably bias, but I found the environment being a castle but a zero g environment is a bit of a missed opportunity, since obviously one of the key benefits of being in zero G is that there’s no limitation of “up or down” and you could be incredibly creative with your maps. However their next map will be set in space, it will be very interesting to see how the game develops. It certainly has a lot of potential.

Finally I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Euro Gamer for allowing me to come to their event. As ever their support has been amazing. So that wraps up our coverage of EGX 2018 I hope you enjoyed it and until next time, fly safe and if you can’t do that, fly dangerous.

Lave Radio EGX 2018 Saturday

Lave Radio EGX 2018 Saturday

Aired 20 Sep 2018
Audio versions

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Today I had a chance to get to EGX all day!

I tried to wheedle out some information out of Bethesda about Vault 76, but sadly all they had was the Vault Door, with an opportunity to hug Vault Boy, who enjoyed knocking my hat off and a Fallout themed van service Blanco Mac and Cheese!

The 1st Developer Session I went to was about the next Generation of NVIDIA Cards, the RTX series hosted by the guys from Digital Foundry. It was a good interview although they seemed to feel that without Ray-tracing making it into the next generation of consoles, that technology might fall by the wayside or at least be little used by “prosumer” PC Master Race gamers.

The 2nd Developer Session was with Paul Arendt who is Failbetter Games’ CEO and Art Director who gave a nice bit of history and update on the Game Sunless Skies as well as announcing their (Spoiler) Free Pen And Paper RPG set in that Universe! I love how their going more for a Victorian, Steam Punk take on what the universe is like, with living suns and rich moons with plenty of life on them as opposed to the more Scientifically Accurate version of what is actually there!

Finally I had a chance to watch a demo of Just Cause 4 where the walked through some of the crazy stuff you can do in that game – For example they made a FLOATING TANK!, but also how the game maintains a realistic(ish) physics engine.

I also interviewed the developer behind a new Flight Simulator called Deadstick, and I bumped into our friends from Snapshot Games who were there showing off a very busy Pheonix Point Booth.

Deadstick actually reminds me a little of Elite Dangerous if it were set on Earth, and you were a small independent pilot! In that it’s an open world and wont force you to do anything BUT you can run missions, upgrade you ship. It’s modelling much simpler planes than DCS, so instead of taking 30 minutes to take off you only need to flick a couple of switches. HOWEVER the depth to tinker is there if you want to and you can adjust your fuel mixture, and flick all the dials and switches in your cockpit to your hearts content. Also it matters where you place your cargo since its mass can effect how your plane handles.

Most of us know about Phoenix Point, but it was great to hear that they have a provisional release date as well as why the game no longer shows you hit percentages.


Lave Radio EGX 2018 Friday

Lave Radio EGX 2018 Friday

Recorded 21 Sep 2018
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Once again I had “real life” get in the way of fun, though I was still able to get a couple of good interviews in. The 1st was with Vanguard which is a cross platform space combat game. The second was with Shadow who run a gaming PC streaming service, essentially letting you have access to a full powered gaming rig from, pretty much anywhere! Psykokow talked about them on the main show a couple of weeks ago.
As always, these interviews were recorded in a noisy environment, and I apologise for any sound issues in advance.

Vanguard is a LOT of fun, I played on Mobile, PC with a HOTAS and on Oculus Go. Naturally I felt most comfortable using the HOTAS, however the game looked and handled brilliantly in Oculus Go using its motion controller. I personally didn’t feel as comfortable playing on the phone, and it could just come down to familiarity however one of the devs told me that he was routinely beaten by another of his colleagues using the phone.

I think that the Shadow Interview covers most of what needs said about them. It’s an interesting concept and a great way to guarantee you always have a top of the line PC… so long as you have a good internet connection! I feel surprised to say this but it’s actually really good value for money even at £30 a month (I am giving you both the subscription and some extra drive space AND over estimating) you’re still cheaper doing this than you would be replacing a top of the line PC every few years…

Lave Radio Episode 175

All our bases are belong to INRA!

Aired 07 Nov 2017
Audio versions

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Crew Members
Director of Pest Control : Ashley Devine – DrToxic
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
(In)Human Resources Director : Shan – Cmdr Shanaeri
The Mind of the Spiders : Jon Lunn
The Spider’s Story : Oliver Hulme

Show Notes

Lave Radio EGX 2017 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Lave Radio EGX 2017 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Aired 24 Sep 2017
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

On Friday I went to a Panel on the Past, Present and Future of XCOM with Julian Gollop, the original creator of X-COM: UFO Defense , and Jake Solomon, creative director of the current XCOM. At the panel I bumped into Cmdr Wishblend and spoke to her about the highlight’s of her day.

On Saturday and Sunday I spoke to a lot of the Smaller Developers including a lot of Masters students from the NFTS. These students have had roughtly 5 months to develop and build their ideas before their presentations at EGX, although they have until Chrismas to finish their project

Not every project has a website up and running for their work, especially those of the National Film and Television School, but where websites are available I’ll like them in the show notes.

Please remember that all of the audio was recorded live at the convention in a noisy environment, so I’ll apologise in advance for any audio issues.

Developer Sessions


I had the chance to explore so many great games at EGX this year. Falling Sky, even though it’s a student project has a really great feel to it and I’m really interested in where Jonathan Nielssen takes it. I absolutely adored Jo Paterson’s music in May. Sunless Skies, 2000 to 1 and The Town Of Light I found myself getting immediately immersed in and I could have so easily played them for hours, which of course you can’t have at a convention, but I’ll definately be picking these up and playing some more of them when I have some free time!

Lave Radio EGX 2017 Thursday

Lave Radio EGX 2017 Thursday

Aired 21 Sep 2017
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Today I’ve been working, so I only had an hour in the evening to pop into EGX, however whilst I was there, I was lucky to have a chat with Chris who is working on Lightseekers

Remote Outpost Games Episode 3 – Ivan Moltini (Daylight Studios)

Album art for ROG Episode 3

Remote Outpost Games is a podcast celebrating the best video games in history, stranding industry figures on a remote getaway and asking them to justify which 5 games they would take with them to await rescue.

In this episode, hosts Christopher Jarvis and John Stabler talk to Ivan Moltini, community manager for the Holy Potatoes! series and browse through his choices as well as the past, present and future of po-ta-toes! Along we way we reminisce a classic internet meme, delve into some truly historic choices and get down with some MODs. Listen now and enjoy.

Audio versions
Download the episode directly from here.


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Dataslate Returns! Episode 14: Special Guest – Anna Smith-Spark.

DataSlate Cover

After a long absence, just in time for Lavecon 2017, Dataslate, the podcast on books and writing, returns!

Book news and reviews from  Allen Stroud with special guest, Anna Smith-Spark who will be at Lavecon reading from her debut novel, Court of the Broken Knives published by Harper Voyager.



Topics in this episode are:

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