Episode 40 – Premier Event, Were you there?

PACKSHOTIt happened, and it was amazing… Join the team as they try to capture the essence of the premier event and document wisdom from the Dev’s and guests after discovering the free bar.

Download the episode directly from here.


  1. A good listen – thanks for putting this together and sharing it!

  2. At least 42 types of awesome Commanders, thank you!

  3. Hi Lave Radio Team,

    I never thought you will bring our interview in Duxford episode as I was smashing and hitting the micro with my hands twice 😉

    Again thanks a lot to you all. You are all doing an amazing job and lave radio should be part of the official ED galnews – you deserved it!

    Best wishes,

  4. Fantastic job guys with your coverage and professionalism, you really are the BBC news of Elite.

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