Episode 35 – The New Recruits

The team expands! Fresh from their exams, Ben Moss-Woodward, Lisa “Voo” Trott and Grant Woolcott join Chris, John and Allen to discuss Elite Dangerous Newsletters 36 and 37.

Download the episode directly from here.


  1. Maybe it’s because I’m American 🙂

    But I can’t seem to find a link to download the MP3 (other than viewing the source)? Any chance this will be added back in later?

    John H

    • Heya John you’re quite right. WordPress is auto-magically converting the direct download links into the media bar, which is great if you want to listen, but not so great if you want to download… I would suggest using some podcasting software which automatically downloads the shows based off of the RSS feed, but that’s up to you… Ideally though we’d have both listen here and download in the post…


  2. Hi Ben,

    I currently use an Android app called Pocket Casts for all my podcastery, but I’m not seeing episode 35 appearing for Lave Radio. I see all previous episodes up to and including Writers Interview 18 from 30th August.

    Cmdr Flak

    • Heya Flak, As you know we’ve tried working through the problems and it seems to be something on pocket cast’s end. The alternative feed link works fine. I’d suggest contacting them directly and asking why it’s not updating…

  3. If you’re trying from an Android phone, press and hold the link and it gives you a menu including a download option.

    Something to listen to into work tomorrow now!

    • Hi Degsey,

      The app I’m using is Pocket Casts and works differently to how you describe. In order to download a podcast, you need to see it listed. Unfortunately, episode 35 isn’t showing up, so I can’t select to download it.

      Ben and I did some investigation (many thanks Ben) and it looks like it’s an issue with the app itself. I’ve sent them an email, but heard nothing back yet.


  4. Hi Laveradio team,

    Having listened to this Laveradio Podcast (Episode #35) a couple of times now, I have to say I’m not keen on the new format so far. I came away feeling like I’d been listening to ‘Question Time’, rather than the usual light-hearted and fun podcast. Particularly toward the end where the team were going on about the way E:D news and information is shared etc… well not great listening and should have been cut imo.

    Hopefully the next episode will be back to normal. Keep things lively guys and don’t get bogged down in minutiae!!


    • Hi Terry,

      Thank you for the honest feedback, we appreciate it! We’re sorry that you feel like the episode sounded a bit like ‘Question Time’ and we get where you’re coming from. The problem recently is that we’ve been a little inundated with information coming from Frontier and we’ve been trying to address the most pressing points, I guess we need to try a bit harder to keep things lighter.

      We’d actually love to know what our listeners would like to hear more of, so that we can make sure we’re covering whats important to the community. With that in mind, we welcome all input and encourage people to comment here or email us with their wants and ideas.

      You’ll be pleased to know that one of the reasons for the expansion of the Lave Radio team is so that we can share the load of producing the podcast, and so hopefully produce more of what fans have come to expect.


      • Hi Lisa,

        Thanks for the reply. Sorry if my comments were a bit negative side – I really love the Laveradio podcast, it has to be my most favourite “show” anywhere and probably why I’m so passionate about it!

        As a dad (aka someone who has no appreciation of how little ‘spare’ time he actually has), my time to actually play the game is limited so I find this podcast a great way to keep up with developments.

        Would be interested to know what features other people would like to hear about?


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