Remote Outpost Games Episode 3 – Ivan Moltini (Daylight Studios)

Album art for ROG Episode 3

Remote Outpost Games is a podcast celebrating the best video games in history, stranding industry figures on a remote getaway and asking them to justify which 5 games they would take with them to await rescue.

In this episode, hosts Christopher Jarvis and John Stabler talk to Ivan Moltini, community manager for the Holy Potatoes! series and browse through his choices as well as the past, present and future of po-ta-toes! Along we way we reminisce a classic internet meme, delve into some truly historic choices and get down with some MODs. Listen now and enjoy.

Audio versions
Download the episode directly from here.


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Chris Jarvis

Chris Jarvis is an audio drama producer and writer. He resides at The Radio Theatre Workshop, producing five of the official Elite: Dangerous books as audio fiction, as well as the unofficial series Escape Velocity. He is one of the hosts of the Lave Radio podcast, the best Elite: Dangerous unofficial podcast. In the past he has written for gaming websites and other publications as a freelance journalist.

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