Lave Radio Episode 171 – FX17 Frontier Expo 2017

Lave Radio gets joined by the Pixel Bandits, Radio Sidewinder, Hutton Orbital Radio, DJ Truthsayer as well as Frontier Devs Dav Stott, Steve Kirby and Ed Lewis for a monster multi-show podcast Frontier lovin…

Aired 10 Oct 2017
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Crew Members
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
2nd Technician : Chris Forrester – Cmdr Fozza
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
Director of Pest Control : Ashley Devine – DrToxic
(In)Human Resources Director : Shan – Cmdr Shanaeri

Show Notes

Audio Versions
The full live broadcast from the Frontier Expo 2017

Direct Download.

Here are the interviews from the event

Dale Emasiri [Frontier Developments]

Direct Download.

Cmdr Yanic [CCN Mercury 7 Expedition]

Direct Download.

Dominic Corner, Derin Hall [Frontier Developments] Cmdr Mutley [Elite Community]

Direct Download.

Cmdr Kaitrax [Elite Community]

Direct Download.

Nick Jackson [Frontier Developments]

Direct Download.

Mark Allen [Frontier Developments]

Direct Download.

Cmdr Atrus 5060 [Elite Community]

Direct Download.

Cmdr Delmonte, Obiwan & Outspan [Cannon Intersteller]

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Cmdr Joel [Elite Community Xbox]

Direct Download.

Cmdr Reighdar [Elite Community Moderator]

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Cmdr Alex Brentnal [Fuel Rat]

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Cmdr Maya Faye [Elite Cast]

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Darren Grey, Cassius [Elite Community]

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Cmdr Mobius [Mobius PVE Group]

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Fozza And Ben [Unimportant Crew Members]

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Cmdr Hughmann [Elite Community/Parody King]

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Cmdr Beertastic & Bamooboo [Elite Community]

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Lave Radio EGX 2017 Thursday

Lave Radio EGX 2017 Thursday

Aired 21 Sep 2017
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Today I’ve been working, so I only had an hour in the evening to pop into EGX, however whilst I was there, I was lucky to have a chat with Chris who is working on Lightseekers

Lave Radio Episode 166

War is OVER

Aired 22 Aug 2017
Audio versions

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Crew Members
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
The Allies [Aid] : Ulon
Alliance Office of Statistics [AOS] : CMDR Steven
Alliance Office of Statistics [AOS] : Vectron
Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) : Apos

Show Notes

  • Official Statement regarding Lave:
      • The Alliance of Independent Systems has been in and around the Lave cluster for quite some time now and many Alliance pilots found a first or second home in the region. While the systems around Alioth that founded the Alliance are certainly its political center, the Old Worlds in the eyes of many can be seen as its economical heart. For this exact reason Prime Minister Mahon started an initiative in June 3301 to strengthen the economical bonds with the systems around Leesti. To ensure the safety of traders of all affiliations, Mahon didn’t hesitate to announce the open trade agreement for the whole Lave cluster and officially commissioned the Alliance Defence Force to establish a permanent presence in the sector to fight piracy and crime. (Galnet News from 28 JUN 3301)

    While Leesti has been a place of trouble more than once in the last couple of years, Lave used to be a peaceful system with tremendous growth. It was only until a broadcast of the local Lave Radio announced to claim rights over Lave Station that members of the ADF realized the old system was on the edge of a civil war. We, the signing Alliance groups, immediately mobilized for a joint operation alongside independent Alliance pilots to help the local government to restore law and order.
    Despite a quick but hard-earned victory over the passionate fighting supporters of the Lave Radio Network, we hereby make the recommendation towards the local government to grant the LRN control over the local Warinus station in order to ensure long-term peace and cooperation rather than permanent skirmishes and instability. If the local factions agree on this proposal, we are willing to support LRN in the necessary work to move offices and staff between stations. We commit ourselves to this endeavour for the good of all citizens within the Old Worlds.

    The Alliance has shown strength in defending their citizens, now it is time to show tolerance and kindness. The whole conflict seems to be an issue of communication and clarity of intentions rather than malevolence. We hope this offer will help to comfort those who feel frustrated about what happened, and that it will build bridges between those who fought each other in a futile conflict. For that Lave will be a peaceful, merry place again.

    Signing Alliance groups in alphabetical order:
    AEDC (Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps)
    Aid (The Allies)
    AMF (Alliance Military Force)
    DAWN (New Dissident And Wired Network)
    RI (Remlok Industries)
    TCF (Terran Colonial Forces)

  • Community Corner
    • I’m Whitmann, and I’ve just returned to the Bubble after a year in Colonia with CCN, where among other things I wrote for and edited the Colonia Gazette.I’m looking at putting together something along those lines Bubbleside, monthly format, featuring the best writers I can (ahem) press-gang into contributing. Already have six on board. Magazine will feature any and all genres, from straight reportage and interviews through to RP fiction – as long as it’s a high standard.
      Please contact Whitmann for further details

Salomé Aftermath Special

Elite: Dangerous’ 3,000-player battle royaleElite: Dangerous’ 3,000-player battle royale
On Monday the intreped Commander Fozza invited Admiral of the Fleet, Commander Paroxsym from the Premonition Allied Coordination, along with Commanders Eisen and Baroness Galaxy to join him, Ben and Colin on the Orange Sidewinder to discus Saturday’s in game event. The Chase, the Kill, the Intrigue and the Politics along with the hope for us all…

Aired 1 May 2017
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members

Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
2nd Technician : Chris Forrester – Cmdr Fozza
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire

Special Guests
Fleet Admiral : Paroxsym from Premonition Allied Coordination
Raxxla’s Child : Eisen
Raxxla’s Shield : Baroness Galaxy

Show Notes

  • Harry Potter killed Salomé
    • ‘She was confirmed killed at 20:49 gametime on 29th April, 3303, succumbing to hostile fire from Commander Harry Potter.’
  • Drew’s aftermath
  • Quote from Children of Raxxla
    • It seems the fake news and rumors run amok before, during and after the event. Let me try to clear this up a bit. Believe it, or leave it.

      The people fighting for Salomé did not consist of a single group. PAC might have been the public face of it, but they were not directly responsible for Salomé’s flight. That was in the hands of CoR and a few of our trusted allies. PAC was tasked to organise defense fleets for Raan and Tsu and somewhat help with Salomé too independently from this more private defense force. PAC may or may not have considered SDC an ally, but they were certainly not considered an ally by Salomé’s personal guards.

      SDC was never tasked in defending Salomé, nor were they allowed to get close to her. Harry Potter and other Commanders who interdicted Salomé simply played the game well, got lucky with instancing and did their part.

      Salomé was going to give a speech at the end of the event if she survived, but as far as we know, the listening posts at Teorge are the main answers that needed to be broadcasted.

      I think it’s important to understand that there is no ‘losing’ situation for this event. Whether Salomé delivered her speech or not is not relevant to the grand scheme of things. What matters is whether we have played out an interesting narrative using in-game means. With the current results, there may not be a speech, but there may be a funeral. The story still moves forward, just in a different direction.
  • Media Coverage
  • Issues
    • PAC’s behaviour in the run up to the event was horrendous, Complaint’s of (Irony Alert) PVP Eliteism, denying people access to the event, Kill on sight order (even on their own side, who didn’t follow the rules). Drew on a couple of occasions, asked for PAC to be more inclsive which the response was ‘Don’t go running to Drew, if you don’t like our Rules’.
    • Colin was a victim to those rules, even though the event hadn’t started. In addition, Innocent cmdrs who had nothing to do with the event were targeted (According to reddit). Group I was associated with [Forge] did a sterling job.
    • SDC had spies
    • Why did the SDC get invited?
    • Why did Salome have Harry Potter (etc?) on her friends list? Was it to help with instancing and she was just accepting all?
  • In game aftermath
  • Shoutouts

Remote Outpost Games Episode 2 – James Buckle (Engage Pixel)

ROG Episode 2 Cover

Remote Outpost Games is a podcast celebrating the best video games in history, stranding industry figures on a remote getaway and asking them to justify which 5 games they would take with them to await rescue.

In this episode, hosts John Stabler and Christopher Jarvis talk to Industry Veteran and Indie Newcomer James Buckle of Engage Pixel about his latest game – Captain Kaon – and his decade-long history working on the Total War series.

Captain Kaon is a new gravity shooter inspired by Thrust and created in a homage style to the Amiga era. As part of this show we have THREE Steam keys to give away for Captain Kaon, so listen in for the rules and send us your entries!

Audio versions
Download the episode directly from here.


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EGX 2016 Day 1

virtualrealityrunningmachinewizdishEGX 2016 Day 1

Aired 22 September 2016

Today I only had an hour or so at EGX since I was working, but I was very fortunate in that I bumped into a fellow Commander almost as soon as I entered the show and he very kindly shared his experiences and highlights of EGX with us. Following that I had the opportunity for a hands on demo of Battlezone in Playstation VR. Finally I stumbled across what I feel could be a gem in the show with the WizDish ROVR who can be found next to the FIFA stand in Zone 3.

Please remember that all of the audio was recorded in a noisy environment so I will apologise in advance for any audio issues!
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward : Cmdr Eid LeWeise

Show Notes

New Lave Radio show, “Remote Outpost Games”

Cover for Episode 1 of Lave Radio Remote Outpost GamesNeed a podcast while you wait/travel for LaveCon? We have a prototype new show for your listening pleasure and in the absence of a main Lave Radio show this week, we though it was a good time to let you hear it!

Remote Outpost Games is a new Lave Radio interview show. Our guests are stranded on a remote outpost with only five games salvaged from the wreck of their ship. All Lave Radio escape pods automatically get Elite Dangerous and Tetris but the rest is up to the survivor. Which games would they choose and why?

In this pilot episode, John Stabler interviews one of our own – Christopher Jarvis – about his choice of five games, what he looks for in a game, howhe feels about current trends in gaming and – of course – Escape Velocity.

Download the episode directly from here.

Lave Radio Episode 101

New LR iTunes Cover

We’re on a mission from Chalker Landing to Lave to deliver blood crystals and help Lave Radio Network complete their Community goal… fancy coming along?

A Special Convoy episode to tickle your fancy with sprinklings of Dev News, newsletters and discussion on the announced Delay to Horizons 2.1

Aired 8th March 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members

Host & 2nd Technician : Chris Forrester : Cmdr Fozza
Head of Entertainments : Chris Jarvis : Cmdr thane
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss Woodwood : Cmdr EidLeWeiss
Head of station Archives : Colin Ford : Cmdr PhoniexDFire
Chief Bar steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow

Show Notes:

  • Development News
    • Newsletter 114
      • Galaxy Map Bookmarks
        We can rename them, plot routes to them
      • ED 2.1 Delayed (see main topic)
      • Elite Dangerous 3D Printed Models
        • Eucl3D have created full-colour, 3D-printed sandstone models of some of your favourite Elite Dangerous ships. Prices for the models start at $29.99 – head over to Eucl3D’s website to get a glimpse of the Viper, the Anaconda and the Cobra.

          Eucl3D are going to be taking part in an AMA on the Elite Dangerous subreddit on Friday 11 March at 7PM GMT. So get your 3D printing-related questions ready!
      • Join the Elite
    • Dev Update
      • Consequences and Rewards
        • Improve BGS Communication
          • “With minor faction states we’re intending making their effects more noticeable on available missions, ship traffic and composition, and markets. At the moment these can be quite subtle, so beefing them up with add more drama to a star system.”
          • “authority response if they are attacked will be sharper.”
        • Wider range of rewards than just credits
          • Treasure Locations
          • Materials
          • Hard to find commodities / salvage items
            • Some may be mission rewards only and could tie into story events
        • Rewards will be more appropriate to the risk.
        • Rewards will also increase the more a faction likes you.
      • Cockpit gets a clock!
    • New paint job packs for the Imperial Courier and the Type 6
    • Naming ‘things’ in game being added to the Store
      • This week we want to share with you something we’ve been thinking about for some time, in response to the many requests we’ve had since the Kickstarter.

        Naming NPCs, renaming planets and even having a named surface marker to commemorate a special person, thing or event, are all things you’ve been asking for. We are considering adding these items and more to the Frontier Store, including star system naming and creation and naming of new surface starports. We would love to know your opinion on this, and gauge interest.

        In order to keep these items special we would limit the availability of each, and if it works well, we would have a batch in each future expansion too.
      • Arubeto – “Really? This is open to discussion? Guess we won’t be visiting “Sagittarius A*” anymore…”
      • Zac“Allow me to clarify. Everyone is very conscious about making sure that the naming of things are done in a way that does not ruin existing names. What I mean to say is that we want your feedback here to make sure that we consider everything, so even if things seem obvious, let us know your thoughts on what you would like or wouldn’t like as part of this process. We’ve seen some really great feedback already”
    • Trailer Competition – The winner has been announced for the trailer competition. Commander NOTONLYHERE came up with a blinder including timed delay shots of cities, coordinated ship launches, SRV races etc. The trailer can be found at :-
    • Main story “The furor surrounding FD’s delay of 2.1 and recent stock exchange news”
      • 2nd March Press Release
      • Translation from Finance Speak to Real Speak from Cmdr GTuk
        • 2.1 Engineers is was scheduled for release in April. “Release date?” “Not that we’re talking about just yet.”
        • Accounting-wise, Horizons will now “leave early access” and be considered “released” after 31st May.
        • Accounting-wise, revenue from the sales of Horizons will be deferred to FY2016-2017’s financials (starting June 1st), instead of being included in FY2015-2016’s financials (which ends May 31st).
        • FDev will pay less tax in FY2015-2016, choosing instead to pay more the following year.
      • Comment from DB
        “What it means is that 2.1 is pushed out by around 6 weeks. This is to push the quality up, which is a good thing for the game. It’s ready when it’s ready. It does mean you’ll have to wait a bit longer, but it will be worth the wait.”
      • Post by Zac
        Hey guys,
        This morning we released a trading update that we wanted to share with you.
        The update explains that our next instalment of the Horizons season of expansions (2.1 – The Engineers) which was previously planned for April will now move into the beginning of our next financial year. We’re aiming for to release the beta in May.
        We’re sorry to keep you waiting, but the Engineers is a truly colossal update and this additional time is being used to ensure that the new content is of the highest quality possible. We take great pride in all of the content we produce and we firmly believe that giving this additional development time is the right thing to do for the game, the studio and the fantastic community of players.
        You can read the update here:…l=edit&blk=275

Special 100th Show tonight – How Do I Listen?

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