The Benedetti Brandy Ball

Breaking Stephen

The Benedetti Brandy Ball Rules.

This document explains the rules and procedures for the above race/ intercept.

What you need

  • Two teams of 3 or 4 players. The teams must be in equal size. One team will be runners, one team will be pirates.
  • The running team will need ships with a 30 ly jump range and 20 tonnes of cargo space full of Lavian Brandy.
    • Alternatively there is a suggestion from Paige Harvey to attempt to sabotage all the Stephen’s by delivering ‘cat’ related items. (For example CD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee from Kirk Dock, CD-75 661 or Azure Milk from George Lucas in Leesti.)
  • The pirate team will need ships with a 30 ly jump range, an interdictor and maybe a wake scanner.
  • All ships taking part must have ‘REPORT ALL CRIMES AGAINST ME’ switched off!
  • It is recommended that this is carried out in a Private Group which all the players can access and all Players will be ‘Friended’ so they can see each other on the galactic map.
  • Choose which of the two planned out routes the teams wish to run.


For the Runner’s Team

The idea is for the runners team to  jump through each of the selected route’s systems from Lave to 157 G. Aquarii in the fastest time and with the most Brandy left over.In each of the systems, a runner will attempt to fly to the station, sell a single unit of Lavian Brandy and then move onto the next. 

The Pirates will try and steal the brandy off the runners. If a pirate manages a successful interdiction, the runner must either;- 

Abandon a single tonne of brandy within 15 seconds for the pirate to scoop and then the pirate must (Looking at you Shan!!) let them go.


Try to make a run for it and risk being attacked by the pirate or having hatch-breakers used against them.

If the runner has run out of brandy, the pirate may attack and attempt to kill the runner for the crime of being a bit pants!

When a runner gets to the station in 157 G. Aquarii, their time is logged and  for every tonne of cargo they have lost due to pirate attack, a minute is added to their time.The winner is the runner with the lowest adjusted time. 

For the Pirate Team

The idea is to take as much Brandy off the runners as possible. The runners get a minute start, Normally enough time to make the first jump and after that the race is on. The Pirates have to intercept the runners using interdiction only. They are not to ‘Dock Block’!! 

When a runner is interdicted, they have 15 seconds to abandon a single tonne of Brandy. If they do not abandon the cargo, the pirate can attempt to either kill the runner or use Hatch breaker limpets against them (But not both).

Quite simply, the pirate gets a point for each tonne of Brandy they steal and they get 5 points for ‘legally’ destroying a runner. The Pirate with the most points at the end of the game wins.

The Routes

The Standard Game Route (Playtime about an hour)

DistanceSystem NameCruise DistanceTime EstimateStation NameStation TypeEstimated Jumps

Lave StationCoriolis Starport
88.04LyAnukam21Ls~73sStephenson LandingOutpost3 – 4
75.18LyDelta Pavonis1205Ls~127sStephenson OrbitalOutpost3
41.99LyBurojinura137Ls~86sStephens EnterpriseOcellus Starport2
77.95LyWolf 29475Ls~80sStephenson DockOutpost3
47.18LyBD+75 582295Ls~151sStephenson StationCoriolis Starport2
34.09LyTT 583432292Ls~151sStephenson CampOutpost2
74.87LyLalande 6320216Ls~91sStephen Young’s AcademyOrbis Starport3
0.00LyLalande 6320219Ls~91sStephen Varey’s StationOrbis Starport0
46.69LyEGM 82377Ls~80sStephens WorksPlanetary Outpost2
66.56Ly157 G. Aquarii

Stephen’s Folly

The ‘Benedetti Brandy Bar-steward Ball’ Route (For advanced players)

DistanceSystemDistanceTime EstimateStation NameStation TypeEstimated Jumps

> Lave279Ls
Lave StationCoriolis Starport
87.18Ly> Nemehi116Ls~84sStephenson OrbitalOrbis Starport3-4
18.11Ly> Burojinura137Ls~86sStephens EnterpriseOcellus Starport1
29.55Ly> LHS 48015Ls~71sStephenson SettlementOutpost1
88.34Ly> EGM 82377Ls~80sStephens WorksPlanetary Outpost3-4
46.69Ly> Lalande 6320216Ls~91sStephen Young’s AcademyOrbis Starport2
0.00Ly> Lalande 6320219Ls~91sStephen Varey’s StationOrbis Starport0
54.87Ly> Delta Pavonis1205Ls~127sStephenson OrbitalOutpost2-3
30.30Ly> Charunder3765Ls~175sStephens ProspectPlanetary Port2
45.14Ly> Anukam21Ls~73sStephenson LandingOutpost2
39.41Ly> 36 Doradus167854Ls~802sStephenson TerminalOutpost2
65.33Ly> Zeta Leporis4943Ls~191sStephenson BeaconPlanetary Outpost3
60.61Ly> Wolf 29475Ls~80sStephenson DockOutpost3
12.98Ly> Saktsak2871Ls~161sStephenson HubOutpost1
48.71Ly> BD+75 582295Ls~151sStephenson StationCoriolis Starport2
70.42Ly> Psi Tauri261Ls~94sStephenson HubPlanetary Outpost3
117.23Ly> Pinouphis314Ls~96sStephens HubPlanetary Outpost4-5
47.30Ly> TT 583432292Ls~151sStephenson CampOutpost2
78.75Ly> 157 G. Aquarii


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