Lave Radio Episode 309 “British Pipes are Smaller than Advertised” – 22/09/2020

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Tech LemurChrisHatter
Mack WinstonTrade NegotiatorBig Mack

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Elite Dangerous is 36! It was launched on the 20th of September 1984.
  2. Frontier’s Creative Furnace MCV/ DEVELOP interview with DB OBE, but includes his thoughts on dev process
    1. “But what really matters is that the gameplay is working. That you can see the promise of the game. And I think as long as we have confidence that whoever we’re working with can make something beautiful, there’s no need to make everything beautiful as part of that submission process.

      Because we’re a developer, we know the gameplay matters. And actually the best time to make something beautiful-looking is right at the end. But there can be pressure from publishing to make every milestone beautiful and that is ever so much makework. And eventually, it becomes quite demoralising for a team.”
    2. “We were approaching capacity in the new building anyway,” he explains. “What it (working from home) will do is increase our runway before needing another building because we’ll have an element of work from home. Because I think what it’s done is it’s taught us lots, we’ve changed our processes quite a lot, in a good way. And hopefully it’s helped people with work-life balance.”
    3. although Braben informs us that their “excellent canteen” is sadly yet to reopen.
  3. StellarScreenshots – Win Unique Paint Jobs!
    1. Therefore, we’re going to start showcasing five screenshots every week rather than four and each Commander whose image is featured will receive an exclusive Paint Job which cannot be obtained elsewhere!

      Each month, one of these three unique Paint Jobs for the Asp Explorer will be awarded to featured Commanders – the Asp Explorer Shatter Lava, Ice and Acid:
    2. To qualify, #StellarScreenshots entries must:
      1. Include the exact Commander name of the account from which the screenshot was taken
      2. Be posted on the current week’s #StellarScreenshots threads on either Twitter, Facebook, or the forums. If posted on Twitter separately, use the hashtag #StellarScreenshots
      3. Be in a 16:9 aspect ratio with a minimum resolution of 1920×1080

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. CGs started on Thursday and Finished on Saturday night
  2. Federal storyline continues;-
    1.  with an arrest of a technician in charge of Starship One’s jump drive.
    2. Incoming message from the Children of Raxxla…
      “The tragedy of Starflight One’s destruction set events in motion that still haunt us today. It’s prudent to continue this investigation rather later than shut it down completely – as was the case in early 3302. However, the final inquiry report needs to be made public.
      Every decent pilot is taught to make his pre-flight checks and when transporting a Federation President it must be assumed they double- and triple check everything. It is hard to believe the pilots would oversee an illegal FSD modification, unless told to look elsewhere.
      Finding a mid level culprit thrown under the bus by colleagues is too much of a cliché really. We encourage our friends to put pressure on those institutions. This case must be made public. Force their hands!”
  3. Imperial storyline continues;-
    1. The Deceased ‘Mad’ Prince Harold will be buried in the Hall of Martyrs and the Blue Hair Princess was ‘Uncharacteristically Distressed’ when addressing the Media.
    2. An obituary for Price Harold Duval

Main discussion

  1. The Community Goals finished far too fast.

Community Corner

    1. The New Pilots Initiative Are pleased to announce the second round trip to Colonia aboard The Petronas Fleet Carrier

      Due to the Tritum buff in effectiveness we don’t need as much

      However we are planning on stockpiling as much as possible in order to help out FCs stranded in Colonia

      Donations of Tritum and Painite will of course be accepted with myself hopefully fingers crossed paying a decent price to CMDRs

      And of course

      It’s free

      The Colonia Express will be leaving from Meliae on the 13th of November and arriving in Colonia on the 15th of November. She will be returning back to the bubble on the 18th of December and getting back on the 20th of December.

      Feel free to join their Discord Server by going to:
    2. There’s no exact way of knowing how many ppl were on the 1st trip, but cmdr Louis Fredlaw guestimates that hundreds of people used the Fleet Carrier going by direct communication from commanders and messages of thanks.
  1. Galnet Newsfeed and Discord Bot
    1. Cmdr Scaleios has created a bot to share Frontier’s Galnet News feed with discord servers. It also has the ability to Search through all the past articles that are available.
  2. Elite Dangerous – Animation series Commonwealth Bounty Hunters Official Trailer (5 mins)

Any other Business



  1. What suggestions do you have to improve community goals?


  1. Our sister station, Hutton Orbital Radio, Broadcasts on Thursdays from 20:30. You can tune in at or, for just the audio, at
  2. For the discerning Commander who likes a bit of CQC action, check out the CQC Discord at “”.
  3. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders
  4. Following this, we have the fantastic Galactic News Digest; brought to you by Cmdr Wotherspoon.

Lave Radio Episode 101

New LR iTunes Cover

We’re on a mission from Chalker Landing to Lave to deliver blood crystals and help Lave Radio Network complete their Community goal… fancy coming along?

A Special Convoy episode to tickle your fancy with sprinklings of Dev News, newsletters and discussion on the announced Delay to Horizons 2.1

Aired 8th March 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members

Host & 2nd Technician : Chris Forrester : Cmdr Fozza
Head of Entertainments : Chris Jarvis : Cmdr thane
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss Woodwood : Cmdr EidLeWeiss
Head of station Archives : Colin Ford : Cmdr PhoniexDFire
Chief Bar steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow

Show Notes:

  • Development News
    • Newsletter 114
      • Galaxy Map Bookmarks
        We can rename them, plot routes to them
      • ED 2.1 Delayed (see main topic)
      • Elite Dangerous 3D Printed Models
        • Eucl3D have created full-colour, 3D-printed sandstone models of some of your favourite Elite Dangerous ships. Prices for the models start at $29.99 – head over to Eucl3D’s website to get a glimpse of the Viper, the Anaconda and the Cobra.

          Eucl3D are going to be taking part in an AMA on the Elite Dangerous subreddit on Friday 11 March at 7PM GMT. So get your 3D printing-related questions ready!
      • Join the Elite
    • Dev Update
      • Consequences and Rewards
        • Improve BGS Communication
          • “With minor faction states we’re intending making their effects more noticeable on available missions, ship traffic and composition, and markets. At the moment these can be quite subtle, so beefing them up with add more drama to a star system.”
          • “authority response if they are attacked will be sharper.”
        • Wider range of rewards than just credits
          • Treasure Locations
          • Materials
          • Hard to find commodities / salvage items
            • Some may be mission rewards only and could tie into story events
        • Rewards will be more appropriate to the risk.
        • Rewards will also increase the more a faction likes you.
      • Cockpit gets a clock!
    • New paint job packs for the Imperial Courier and the Type 6
    • Naming ‘things’ in game being added to the Store
      • This week we want to share with you something we’ve been thinking about for some time, in response to the many requests we’ve had since the Kickstarter.

        Naming NPCs, renaming planets and even having a named surface marker to commemorate a special person, thing or event, are all things you’ve been asking for. We are considering adding these items and more to the Frontier Store, including star system naming and creation and naming of new surface starports. We would love to know your opinion on this, and gauge interest.

        In order to keep these items special we would limit the availability of each, and if it works well, we would have a batch in each future expansion too.
      • Arubeto – “Really? This is open to discussion? Guess we won’t be visiting “Sagittarius A*” anymore…”
      • Zac“Allow me to clarify. Everyone is very conscious about making sure that the naming of things are done in a way that does not ruin existing names. What I mean to say is that we want your feedback here to make sure that we consider everything, so even if things seem obvious, let us know your thoughts on what you would like or wouldn’t like as part of this process. We’ve seen some really great feedback already”
    • Trailer Competition – The winner has been announced for the trailer competition. Commander NOTONLYHERE came up with a blinder including timed delay shots of cities, coordinated ship launches, SRV races etc. The trailer can be found at :-
    • Main story “The furor surrounding FD’s delay of 2.1 and recent stock exchange news”
      • 2nd March Press Release
      • Translation from Finance Speak to Real Speak from Cmdr GTuk
        • 2.1 Engineers is was scheduled for release in April. “Release date?” “Not that we’re talking about just yet.”
        • Accounting-wise, Horizons will now “leave early access” and be considered “released” after 31st May.
        • Accounting-wise, revenue from the sales of Horizons will be deferred to FY2016-2017’s financials (starting June 1st), instead of being included in FY2015-2016’s financials (which ends May 31st).
        • FDev will pay less tax in FY2015-2016, choosing instead to pay more the following year.
      • Comment from DB
        “What it means is that 2.1 is pushed out by around 6 weeks. This is to push the quality up, which is a good thing for the game. It’s ready when it’s ready. It does mean you’ll have to wait a bit longer, but it will be worth the wait.”
      • Post by Zac
        Hey guys,
        This morning we released a trading update that we wanted to share with you.
        The update explains that our next instalment of the Horizons season of expansions (2.1 – The Engineers) which was previously planned for April will now move into the beginning of our next financial year. We’re aiming for to release the beta in May.
        We’re sorry to keep you waiting, but the Engineers is a truly colossal update and this additional time is being used to ensure that the new content is of the highest quality possible. We take great pride in all of the content we produce and we firmly believe that giving this additional development time is the right thing to do for the game, the studio and the fantastic community of players.
        You can read the update here:…l=edit&blk=275