EPISODE 285 “Lock Down” – 24/03/2020

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Chief Bar StewardGrant WoolcottPsykokow
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Lavian Space Program DirectorAndy BarnesKurgol
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvSouvarine

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  1. Ben – 13 Minutes to the Moon from BBC World Service

Community Corner

  1. vECM details
    1. We will be having a LIVE artemis bridge crew. All the rig we built will be on screen, with smoke machines and lights and are inviting a crew to keep Engineer Moof busy by flying the ship whilst havoc goes on around him on screen.
      1. TLDR People playing Artemis will be doing their best to set fire to Moof remotely 🙂
    2. Then we’re having some of the streamers join in during the day for their own bits. Already Psyche, Mr Benedetti, Kolo, Paige have volunteered to pop in
    3. We will hold the raffle during the afternoon.
    4. We WON’T be fundraising and chugging throughout like a charity stream. No totaliser, no constant message about giving. It’s about community and fun
    5. We will also be inviting people in via Skype/zoom to say hi and take part in shenanigans
  2. Message from the EIC
    1. Hello lovely customers and beautiful members of the EIC community. In light of all that is going on in the world and, in a very small way, to counter the selfishness of some people out there buying all the toilet rolls and leaving some of us to set up a hosepipe in the house.

      The EIC Trading Post is pleased to announce Operation: Helping Hand From 00:00 on 21st March 3306 (in about 15 or so hours) and running for at least 4 weeks ALL trades for engineer unlock commodities and rare goods will be ABSOLUTELY FREE to Cmdrs on PC!

      Just place your order as normal and you don’t have to pay a single Imperial Slave for your goods.

      We’re all in this together Cmdrs. All the best to you and your loved ones at this time and the EIC Trading Post team look forward to helping you unlock some more engineers..but this time for free.
      1. They’d love this to be on consoles too, but they don’t have the logistics in place over there to support it
  3. Message from Spidermind

    So you are staying at home?

    Why not self-isolate in the city of Saltdad, fighting the tyranny of the Iron King, or on the Independent Asellus Primus System, fighting crime as Police Detectives.

    You can now do both, with this little ‘at home’ gift bundle from Spidermind Games.

    Follow the links below to download a free pdf sample from The Valley of Bones, Book One in the Legendary Kingdoms Series. This is a choose your own adventure gamebook you play on your own. All you need is a pencil and some d6 dice.

    If you are at home with the family then why not take them through the Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game, standalone adventure ‘The Worst Intentions’. With 4 pre-made characters and simple to follow Games Master instructions, this fast paced adventure will have you out amongst the stars in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

    Stay safe and enjoy a little adventure whilst at home.

    Jon & Oliver
    Links here:
    Legendary Kingdom
  4. Kai from over at Loose Screws has spun off his “Elite Week” Segment from their main podcast into its own unique feed. Elite Week is a segment where they highlight, pretty much all and anything that’s happening in the Expanded Elite Dangerous Galaxy. 
  5. Drew Wager has written an ‘Unofficial’ Elite story in honour of CMDR Jellowiggler’s daughter, Evelyn Faye Roy 


  1. Question of the… when we get round to it… If you could write one story for Galnet what would the Headline be? Either reply here or send an email to info@laveradio.com (p.s. deliberately Salty ones will be ignored)
    1. TJ Twitter – NOT MY FAULT!!!!!
    2. Patrik Maass – Twitter – Galnetstrike in it’s third month! Pilots Federation denies progress in labor negotiations
    3. Frank EightSeven – Twitter – Hudson contracts Solarvirus.. Tj held responsible
    4. The Evil Snowball – Twitter – Ancient Earth Snack Recipe Found! Jaffa Cakes Making A Return?
    5. Kevin Hewitt – Facebook – Probably a small report on expansion fights that occur when trying to take over a system. Or a travel guide trying to get people to visit systems that are out of the way
    6. Neil Hatcher – Facebook – Commanders psychological conditions linked to excessive use of FSS.
    7. Ian Norton – Facebook – Oooh I’d write a short series, one tracking a distinctive thargoid ship nick-named “Red Baron”
    8. Stephen Usher – Facebook – Thargoids found to be terrible at fighting wars.
    9. Paul Sweet  – Facebook – Pirates are found to be really bad judges of their own abilities, as feared Pirate Lord in his Sidewinder demands all the cargo from a Commander piloting an Anaconda and then is surprised when the Commander destroys their Sidewinder.
    10. Dr Kaii – Twitter – Mysterious 26,000 year old radio wave burst detected from earth by The Event Horizon Science Relay – Scientists baffled
    11. Vaughan Anscombe Facebook – Tales of ordinary commanders and their space faring lives. From Sag A and Beagle to clones and bounty hunters.
    12. John – Twitter – Raxxla discovered just 10000ls further out from Hutton Orbital
      1. Ben – addendum – Simoof says “no it isn’t I’ve been there”
    13. Badmiker – Twitter – Dredger reappears from 1984. Aged crew say “We promised to return.”
    14. Sentinel Prime – Twitter – Mysterious seemingly uncrewed ships observed scanning and interfering with outposts in Witch head Nebula following Thargoid attacks.
    15. Morgan Persson – Facebook – Thargoids – friend or foe?
    16. Anthony Hunt – Facebook – “Formadine Rift: A real place, or a mis-translation of ‘mind the gap’ from the Guardian language?” This week our panel of linguists and philosophers discuss..
    17. Liam Greene – Facebook –  Is your waste purifier giving you THARGOID CANCER?
    18. Cwolfxuk – Twitter – CMDR unites the galaxy’s news outlets and other sources to create a new Galnet, one so involving as contains true stories taken from other CMDRs…
    19. InverseGalaxy83 – Twitter – Antique, yet seemingly intact “Cobra MkII” found just a few ls from Lave Station.
    20. David Gillum – Facebook – Humanity flees as the Thargoids “burn the bubble”
    21. Simon Knowles Winnard – Facebook – Pleasure slaves found in Dongkum sausage factory. Authorities say survivors look drained.
    22. Anthony Hunt – Facebook – It has become apparent that the Thargoid offensive was entirely to get social media coverage and now that Galnet is offline, they’ve quit.
    23. Kai Zen – Email – Unease about the Thargoids current random actions and tension mounting in the population that they think Tharg is amassing forces for a major offensive and demanding that Core Dynamics, Lakon, Gutamaya et al. Get their asses in gear and put into production the prototype Capital Ships they have been working on so that as in the days of old when Galcop called upon private citizens to defend against the alien threat we may be fully equipped to aid in all manor of combat and civil engineering activities as well as being prepared to explore deeper in our need to secure a location of the threat and deal with it.

      Followed by a week or 2 of responses from them then some “leaks” of production ramp ups all coordinated to hype the rollout of personal fleet carriers…

      You can even do commentary from luminaries… Mahon calling for traders, Halsey calling for exploration to aid her own search for the caretakers of the galaxy, Fed president looking for say combat ships…. maybe some engineers like wierdo mc pervyface ettiene dorne asking for a SAR ship, etc. You could throw in a half dozen updates easily without rocking any Lore Boats or treading on the over arching story lines in any way that do nothing but build hype for a product that Fdev want us to be excited for…   

    24. Dan Grubb – Facebook – Troops sent to front line against Thargoid threat complain forming any line in three dimensional space is meaningless.
    25. Cmdr Buur – Twitter – Colossal Thargoid hive ship orbiting Earth.  Cradle of humanity “reduced to smouldering ashes”.
    26. Buur adds ‘I’m also quite fond of “Alien Fabergé eggs hatched. “Their babies ate my face” claims faceless Veronica, mum of 3.’ 
    27. The Lounge Wizard – Twitter – Aisling Duval found to be an automaton & front, real ruler is an 85 year old mechanic from Hartlepool, Earth.
    28. Cmdr Spatula007 – Twitter – There’s a Barnacle in my soup! Testing reveals organic alien contaminants found in fast food franchise – Brabenburger.
    29. Cmdr ToCoSo – Twitter – Huge ships spotted! Not polkadots but gigantic ships seen at spacedocks around the galaxy.
    30. Cmdr TheEnglishGuyAsh – Twitter – The Thargoids have finally made contact, they say their dad can beat up your dad
    31. Ollie Clark – Facebook – Thargoid SWARMS coming to take YOUR jobs and houses!


  1. Our sister station, Hutton Orbital Radio, Broadcasts on Thursdays from 20:30. You can tune in at tv.forthemug.com/ or, for just the audio, at radio.forthemug.com/.
  2. For the discerning Commander who likes a bit of CQC action, check out the CQC Discord at “discord.me/elitedangerouscqc”.
  3. Starion – What’s the chance in the shoutouts you could give me a plug for Friday? Birthday stream as of 11:00UTC
  4. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders