Lave Radio Episode 86

Federal Corvette shown, dual C4 behind the cockpit!

Federal Corvette

We discuss the new ships on offer in Elite: Dangerous 1.5.
After the reveal by Frontier, we discuss the news ships on offer and try to work out the way they’ll fit into the galaxy of Elite: Dangerous. Plus:

  • Updates on Escape: Velocity series funding
  • Feedback on David Braben Q&A
  • Chris trying to fly 22 jumps back to Lave Station
  • Update on Passenger missions
  • Wild speculation!

Aired 10th November 2015
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

EGX Developer Interviews


Ben gets his geek on by interviewing Michael Brookes and Sandy Sammarco from Frontier Development, as well as Mark Morris from Introversion Software at Euro Gamer in Birmingham
Recorded 25/09/2015 and 26/09/2015

Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Further here are the links to Frontier and Introversion’s Developer Sessions at EGX where they made some pretty massive announcements!