Lave Radio Episode 244: Return to Zender

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardCMDR Eid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordCMDR Phoenix_Dfire
Chief Bar StewardGrant WoolcottCMDR Psykokow
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanCMDR Shan
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvCmdr Souvarine

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Development News

  • Bridging the Gap – Overview of Phases
    • New Weapons
    • Update to the scientific installation in the guardian system. You can now steal guardian artifacts from it.
    • People complaining that they can’t take big ships over there. although they can dock with the megaship, it doesn’t have the same facilities as the outpost,
    • Do you think they should have revealed the phases (even under spoiler tags)
  • April Update Patch 2

In Game Events

  • Cmdr Alec Turner has given us an update on the First Great Planetary Expedition
    • As we hit day 46 …. of the 72 commanders who originally signed the expedition fleet rosta we have ..
      5 flagged as “non participant” (i.e. people who never intended to circumnavigate Kumay, bystanders just joining us for the launch, filming meet-ups, etc)
      6 who’ve knowingly dropped out for various reasons
      26 missing in action (i.e. who haven’t updated their position since launch)
      14 who’ve now successfully completed their circumnavigation of Kumay
      21 who’s circumnavigation is (as far as we can tell), still ongoing

      Commander Turner went on to say …

      “Personally, I’m in the latter group, currently half-way between Zig Zag point and geological site #23, which means I’ve completed something like 84% of the journey. I remain immensely positive about the expedition and, without meaning to sound patronising, am incredibly proud of the group of commanders who’ve taken part. Many of these people were relative novices in the SRV when we started this thing but those who’ve now completed the journey have become genuine experts who can easily maintain a cruising speed of over 100m/s, bound effortlessly  across canyons which they would have considered major hurdles at the outset and, above all else, are all members of what I call the “family” of the First Great Planetary Expedition, true explorers, determined and charismatic souls, and above all else … friends.”
  • Interstellar initiatives
    • Phase 1 was introduction of the factions and the megabus
    • Phase 2 Community goal for guardian artefacts.
    • Phase 3 community goal will determine which weapons are unlocked. Fixed class 1,2 multi cannon or dumbfile missiles. The USP is that status effects (such as AX effects) are applied via ammo synth not engineering mod. Bypasses AX weapon limit
  • Elite Dangerous hacks are back…
  • DW2 Route Booklet
  • Ways home from DW2
    • LRH 3305 Expedition (Beagle –> Bubble via Sagittarius-Carina Arm)
      • Travelling home by going clockwise around the galaxy
    • The Voyager Trail
      • Commanders currently in the vicinity of Beagle Point who want to use this guide home will first need to travel through the Solitude Void and out to the Silentium Region to begin the Voyager Trail. The journey from Beagle Point to Voyager’s Reach itself is no easy task, it is a journey of approximately 22,000 Light Years between the two, and through some of the most remote sectors of the galaxy. Therefore this guide home should only be undertaken by those who are in no rush to return to civilisation and who plan to explore some of the more distant regions of the galaxy before returning home.


  • From CMDR Simonghetti

    Hi guys,

    I have a question relating to elite and was wondering if you had discussed it in a previous podcast. To my knowledge, you haven’t but I apologise if I’m wrong!

    I’m an xboxer and was wondering what will happen when the next generation of consoles come out? I imagine this may be before the end of development on elite so was wondering if the game would move to the new consoles? And if so, would old accounts, progress and rankings be transferable?

    Again, sorry if frontier have commented on this but I am no good going through the forums. I also thought that I may not be the only CMDR wondering what will happen with console switch overs and you guys are very good at speculating and generating interesting discussion around these issues.

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work with the show!
    Kind regards,
    CMDR Simonghetti