Lave Radio Episode 246: Loose Lips are a bunch of ****ing ********s!

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Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardCMDR Eid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordCMDR Phoenix_Dfire
Chief Bar StewardGrant WoolcottCMDR Psykokow
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanCMDR Shan
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvCmdr Souvarine

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Lave Radio News

  • Last week Fozza asked about busted ships to be mailed to
  • Cmdr Myrt (Diamond Frogs)
    • Here’s my entry, with 7 html/embedded pics, I hope they work properly: This is Apollo 2.
  • Cmdr Tomacco2k
    • O7 CMDRs,

      I just started listening to Lave Radio about a month ago, a good friend told me about it. What a shame I started just now, exploring the black with my ASP Explorer is so much more fun when being entertained by you guys. Saved me from space madness I guess 😉

      Speaking of my trusty ASP: In your last podcast you asked pilots to send in screenshots of their ships with degraded paint. Well, I don’t know when I last renewed the paint job on my ship, must be over 1 year ago I guess. The paint is down to 0% now, I guess that qualifies it, haha.

      The ship’s name is “DORA THE EXPLORER” and I guess it is the ship I have used the most in the game. I’ve been to Sag A* with it, on the way back to the bubble I took a detour to Colonia. My jump range must have been around 45 light years at that time and I did not use any neutron boosts on the way because, well, I was too afraid to use them. No joke, I really was 🙂

      Besides a lot of exploration (I am at the Zurara right now with that ASP) I also did a lot of bounty hunting with that ship and most of the things I learned about the game I learned while piloting that ASP. I’m still using it today for exploration purposes, although a jumpaconda could give me around 10 light years more per jump.

      I will attach some screenshots to this mail where you can see what is left of the paint.

      Greetings from Germany where it is cold and raining right now. The terraformers did a bad job over here I guess.

      Have a nice week and thanks again for the podcast!

      CMDR Tomacco2k on the PS4
    • My ship (Pickard’s Pecker) at beagle point at the end of DW2 trip. I’m never fixing it
  • Cmdr Spike (Colin Wardman)
    • My dear gentlemen and scholars,

      My story is not a long one, but tells a harrowing tale of paint, yes paint. For myself it has been a lifelong dream to gaze upon the vastness of the galaxy and tremble, not that they need tremble, solely so I can take in its greatness in one fell viewing. For my once in a lifetime journey I wished to look my best, which led me to Lave Station. From my time frequenting the Orange Sidewinder and listening to the only radio station my Lakon Spaceways Asp could tune into, Hutton radio,  I had heard great things of Eddie and Son, plus his daughters. So I went to see the husband of Eddie Lee Wise, Ken, to sort me out. He had many great recommendations, and he guaranteed me that I would look smashing upon my arrival to Beagle Point. This was very exciting, but all of these great promises came with a catch. Ken needed some rare commodities for such a rare paint job that would last to edge of the galaxy. The first was quite simple, Centuri Mega Gin. You see with his excess of Lavian Brandy, he wanted something a little different, a little stronger. The second on the other hand was more suspect. He needed me to visit his “friend” at a station near Panem. To me this all seemed simple enough. It was easy enough to travel there and meet his friend with rope like hair. The only problem arose on my return when galactic security forces seem more interested than average in my humble ship. Needless to say, I was able to supply Ken with his credits and “extras”. When he applied my paint, he did not disappoint. His and Eddie’s paint turn my drab Asp into an orange masterpiece. I felt that it had been masterfully inspired by that unique place that so often saw my patronage.  Ken did assure that is paint would have sufficient integrity to still shine in the glow of the Milky Way. With this I headed out into the great black yonder. I mined in Omega, I saw the abandoned habidomes at the Conflux Settlements, I collected water for Explorer’s Anchorage, and I made the 65,000 some odd light years out to Beagle Point. After shedding a tear for the good boi Zy I prepared to take the dream picture of myself and my shiny orange Asp at the edge of the galaxy. I felt like a boy in primary school the night before Christmas, I trembled with excitement. I prepared the picture limpet for the culminating achievement of my weary life. As my Asp came into focus through my old Rift DV1 scope, I was crestfallen, devastated. The picture I had been imagining in my mind for over 2000 jump was ruined. There sat my Asp at the edge of galaxy with nary a fleck of clear coat left. All but a few square meters of orange looked back at me through the scope. In a moment of anger I cursed Ken and the farse he had sold me. After reaching into my glove box for a pull of conciliatory Centauri Mega Gin, I calmed. Whether or not my asp looked its best I had made. I HAD MADE IT! Even though I felt that Ken, at minimum, owed me a drink, I was happy to have made it. I look forward now to a long flight home. Who knows maybe I will stop at Colonia for an extended vacation on my way back.


      CMDR .Spike
  • Small Furry Rodent after going to Hutton

Development News

Newsletter 268

  • Carina COVAS which is performed by Marina Sirtis

Main Discussion

  • Do leaks and spoilers ruin your game play?

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