Lave Radio Episode 199

Windows 10 Pushes the Crew Down a Mountain.

Aired 15 May 2018
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Crew Members
Director of Pest Control : Ashley Devine – DrToxic
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
(In)Human Resources Director : Shan – Cmdr Shanaeri
Lavian Space Program Director : Andy Barnes – Cmdr Kurgol
Hick with a Big Stick : Karen Fishwick

Show Notes

  • Development News
  • In Game Events
    • This weeks Eagle Eye Systems to defend are LTT 8648 and Lalande 4141 after another week of successful defence by the Anti Xeno Initiative. The AEGIS Ships in Aegis Mega-ships were dispatched to Coquim and LHS 1453 (neither of which were Eagle Eye targets) and wrecked Mega-ships were found in several systems nearby. Cannon’s Lab 69 AIX speculates that both Achenar and Sol are the intended destinations of current Thargoid Activity. (Possible biological attack to disable the governments? Payback for INRA?)
    • IDA is continuing to haul repair supplies to Titan’s Daughter.
    • As part of the Bucky Ball Base Jumping (where we are based tonight) at 19:00 game-time tomorrow (Wednesday) night quite a few people will be running the mountain (including folks from Fighter Club I believe). We have an idea to attempt a Gloucester Cheese run (not quite sure what, or who, the cheese will be yet). So even moar maddness bouncing down the hill!
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  • Main Discussion
    • Karen on to talk about Lavecon
  • Community Corner
  • Questions
    • Commander Caractacus_Potts via email ( Is Horizon’s not pay to win too Shan? Guardian and Engineering require Horizons, which is paid for DLC.I sure do love your show, keep up the great work.  You have such a great mix of people, with fascinating guests, and I enjoy every episode.  Ok, enough fluff, on to the meat of things.I have really been surprised that in your discussions of open only Powerplay that a comparison to Horizons has never come up.
      Statements were made that open only would introduce a pay to win element to the game, as those on consoles would have to pay to participate in Powerplay.  If a console person wanted the weapons and such that are available only thru pledging to a power, it would cost.

      But does not the same hold true with Guardian technology?  To get any of that, you have to land on a planet, and that requires Horizons, which costs money. When Frontier released Horizons, did they break the pledges that Shan had researched, or at the later date when the Guardian tech dropped in the game?  Or did they sidestep it by doing it in two phases? I don’t recall hearing of a similar upset about that. Since it sounds like Guardian tech is almost a prerequisite for serious Thargoid hunting, and if open only Powerplay is pay to win, then needing Horizons to get Guardian tech certainly makes all the Beyond chapters pay to win as well.

      But I don’t consider any of that “pay to win”.  There is no win or lose in this game, just participation and progression.  If you want to engage in certain aspects of the game, these are the modes of play and costs associated.  No big deal. If I want to do any missions that require landing on a planet, I need Horizons. I want to do that, so I pay.  Seems reasonable to me, and I don’t see any fundamental principles broken.

      Personally, open only is what will settle my decision to engage in Powerplay.  I don’t PvP, but all 200 hours or so of my time has been in the open. It is the fact that I am in the galaxy with other commanders that makes Elite so appealing.  Listening to your Battle for Lave podcasts really opened my eyes to the intricacies of it, which I find fascinating, but it is the ability to team up with other commanders to accomplish shared goals that really hooks me.  But not if I am playing against people that I can’t counter. I understand that instancing and other technical issues won’t make this a perfect system, there will likely always be some sort of exploit, but in my eyes, the idea of engaging with other commanders is fundamental principle of Powerplay, and that necessitates open only.  If Frontier chooses to keep solo as an option, then I won’t participate. It is not a big deal, I have plenty of other things to do in this galaxy. But it seems to me that with solo players and bots making the efforts of commanders playing in open seem so futile, that the number of commanders willing to fight that hard for nothing will dwindle, and the bots will end up running the galaxy.  I, for one, welcome our new Borg overlords!!!

      All the best, Commanders.
      Commander Caractacus_Potts

    • CXXXS on Reddit
      Sorry if it’s been asked before, but is there any chance your podcast may one day be available on Spotify? I’ve recently made a switch to it as my primary podcast app. Just curious.

      • Ben has filled out a form to hopefully get LR into Spotify and Google Play (possibly only in the US)
    • From Eric E Devo on Twitter :- I love this cast, and this community. Perhaps you can recruit an optimist or two for the upcoming content reviews – it seems like the podcast has become about 20 minutes of good content with an hour of whinging tacked on. There must be some optimism among you, surely
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Lave Radio Episode 136

Mission you Playstation 4

Aired 13 December 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
2nd Technician : Chris Forrester – Cmdr Fozza
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
Show Notes

  • Development News
    • Elite Dangerous: Horizons for PS4
    • Beta changes
    • Festive Countdown
      • 1 rare paint job each day from 13th Dec – 24th Dec
      • All rare paint jobs are withdrawn 3rd Jan 2017
      • Today’s (13th Dec) is a Wireframe Python
    •  Mission Stream
      • Ed, Adam Bourke-Waite (designer) and Dominic Corner (developer)
      • The big take away is MISSIONS IS HARD!
      • Where are we at in turn of missions?
        • Missions are ongoing, currently doing some reward passes and balancing. Fixes in the current beta, always trying to improve things.
      • When will players be able to share missions with wing members?
        • It’s something FD want to do but not in the ‘immediate’ roadmap. No ETA No Guarantee 😀
      • What’s the reason for the low number of missions from each faction?
        • It’s a design decision, but also there’s a tech limitation with the passenger missions sharing an allocation with mission missions. I.E. 40 missions made in total, some passenger some normal.
        • In Current PTS Beta, Dom also introduced a bug (oops!) but that’s fixed hopefully! Failed to connect messages are because you timed out making missions.
      • Why are FDev allowing mission stacking?
        • No easy fix for this – if you have 4 missions, who do you credit the mission to?
      • Why does FDev allow Mode switching to get more missions?
        • Not an easy one either. Each transaction server makes its own missions
      • Will engineers be able to give us missions that give us rewards we need?
        • For now ‘no’ (because engineers are not factions)
        • In the future maybe…
        • Maybe specific rewards from specific (logical!) places
      • Can the ED Community make missions?
        • It’s very easy to underestimate the complexity of the missions and would be damn hard for the community to do. Making a tool to do this would be a HECK of a hard job too.
      • More intra system missions?
        • It is currently possible currently set between 0 and up to 500 ly away! It would be possible but cascading complexity, risk vs reward job. Might be looked at in the future
      • Can rewards reflect your status with a faction?
        • FD have not currently considered this.
        • Rewards are worked out by credits, then broken down to the credit value of the ‘stuff’ or hard cash…
        • Every mission offers ++ reward.
        • We’ve been getting the right rewards but not displayed
        • It’s a bug and has been (hopefully!) fixed.
      • Mission filters?
        • No
        • Missions are NOT generated specifically for you so you get the generic result set. In theory someone could filter stuff
      • Is it possible to detect who’s scanning your ship? I.E. who cares if a pirate scans my contraband instead of the police
        • The pirates are STILL a faction so the mission still fails
        • Yes it’s possible to identify who is scanning.
      • Any chance of more luxury passenger missions?
        • Adam will take the feedback on board but need to be careful to not lock ppl out. Though he gets that we need reasons for an Orca etc too…
        • Gotta figure out who you’re going to annoy the most
      • Do you feel that removing the rank locks has removed the feeling of progression in the game?
        • No it’s a good thing. Ppl have the choice to do ‘hard’ stuff
        • Possible ‘elite’ rank missions being a thing ‘one day’
      • Multistep passenger missions can we get paid for each step?
        • At the moment it’s by design trying to keep the passengers happy
      • What is the limiting factor implementing new mission types?
        • Say FD wanted to add a ‘photography’ thing make a design, get approved. Dom has to make Mission Progressions Elements and other things. To make the template, side panel and all that shite. 
        • Please let us accept missions for another ship. I.E. need cargo when u dont have it
        • The mission needs to know if you can complete it but doesn’t look at every other ship you can get. This makes lots of strange edge cases that would get a lot of grief from ppl who can’t actually complete the missions.
      • Can we get Elite only missions back?
        • Adam thought there were some in game? But there could be a bug if they’re not showing up
        • Dom can see the servers soul
        • More missions with NPCs via the inbox (rather than mission screen)
        • Dom feels conflicted, there ARE missions given whilst you fly around. But they are rare. Server load tech issues, but also design.
        • The secret for a higher chance is to stay in the same place for 15 mins.
        • Potential things coming that will make this more interesting / common etc…
      • Military Missions?
        • FD are aware of the communities desire. But No ETA, No Guarantee…
      • When there is opposition to a mission we seem to get the same ship multiple times, how about more groups of smaller ships etc?
        • It is possible, but needs balancing
        • 4 ppl at once is a LOT different to 4 * 1 person
        • Adds a lot more complexity
        • No ETA, No Guarantee.
        • No comments for 2.3 or 2.4…
        • Increase mission branches etc
        • Something FD are always looking to do.
        • Good example – nav beacon scanning…
      • Can we pick our crew up when they die?
        • Potentially in the future, but DAMN it’s a big job with lots of tie in between loads of ppl…
        • … That… would actually be quite complicated!
      • Will there be any missions that need top tier load outs and rewards…
        • That’s the challenge isn’t it… BALANCING IS hard 🙂
        • Adam is doing a balancing pass based off of REAL data not anecdotal data 🙂 Chat then gets pissy about FD ignoring player reports. Adam says NO they need the reports to find things, but you need to base data off of data…
        • FD are looking at ‘the economy’ and how to manage it
        • Any chance of increasing the colonial missions time?
        • That was a bug it’s fixed
      • Will Jaques Station get missions?
        • Yes – soon
      • Explain how making missions works..
        • 2 missions from same station
        • 1 to dest 10 sec from the star, one needs to go to hutton orbital!
        • But it’s both the same mission
      • Can we get cash not cargo?
        • Maybe… but this may be going anyway…
      • Passenger requests are now optional
      • Do missions need a client update?
        • No they’re all server side (but we still need to test etc!)
      • Can we get a timer for mission refresh?
        • No it takes place piecemeal. Gen 4 banks of missions. If more needed after 15 mins then they are generated…
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