Lave Radio Episode 136

Mission you Playstation 4

Aired 13 December 2016
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Crew Members
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
2nd Technician : Chris Forrester – Cmdr Fozza
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
Show Notes

  • Development News
    • Elite Dangerous: Horizons for PS4
    • Beta changes
    • Festive Countdown
      • 1 rare paint job each day from 13th Dec – 24th Dec
      • All rare paint jobs are withdrawn 3rd Jan 2017
      • Today’s (13th Dec) is a Wireframe Python
    •  Mission Stream
      • Ed, Adam Bourke-Waite (designer) and Dominic Corner (developer)
      • The big take away is MISSIONS IS HARD!
      • Where are we at in turn of missions?
        • Missions are ongoing, currently doing some reward passes and balancing. Fixes in the current beta, always trying to improve things.
      • When will players be able to share missions with wing members?
        • It’s something FD want to do but not in the ‘immediate’ roadmap. No ETA No Guarantee 😀
      • What’s the reason for the low number of missions from each faction?
        • It’s a design decision, but also there’s a tech limitation with the passenger missions sharing an allocation with mission missions. I.E. 40 missions made in total, some passenger some normal.
        • In Current PTS Beta, Dom also introduced a bug (oops!) but that’s fixed hopefully! Failed to connect messages are because you timed out making missions.
      • Why are FDev allowing mission stacking?
        • No easy fix for this – if you have 4 missions, who do you credit the mission to?
      • Why does FDev allow Mode switching to get more missions?
        • Not an easy one either. Each transaction server makes its own missions
      • Will engineers be able to give us missions that give us rewards we need?
        • For now ‘no’ (because engineers are not factions)
        • In the future maybe…
        • Maybe specific rewards from specific (logical!) places
      • Can the ED Community make missions?
        • It’s very easy to underestimate the complexity of the missions and would be damn hard for the community to do. Making a tool to do this would be a HECK of a hard job too.
      • More intra system missions?
        • It is currently possible currently set between 0 and up to 500 ly away! It would be possible but cascading complexity, risk vs reward job. Might be looked at in the future
      • Can rewards reflect your status with a faction?
        • FD have not currently considered this.
        • Rewards are worked out by credits, then broken down to the credit value of the ‘stuff’ or hard cash…
        • Every mission offers ++ reward.
        • We’ve been getting the right rewards but not displayed
        • It’s a bug and has been (hopefully!) fixed.
      • Mission filters?
        • No
        • Missions are NOT generated specifically for you so you get the generic result set. In theory someone could filter stuff
      • Is it possible to detect who’s scanning your ship? I.E. who cares if a pirate scans my contraband instead of the police
        • The pirates are STILL a faction so the mission still fails
        • Yes it’s possible to identify who is scanning.
      • Any chance of more luxury passenger missions?
        • Adam will take the feedback on board but need to be careful to not lock ppl out. Though he gets that we need reasons for an Orca etc too…
        • Gotta figure out who you’re going to annoy the most
      • Do you feel that removing the rank locks has removed the feeling of progression in the game?
        • No it’s a good thing. Ppl have the choice to do ‘hard’ stuff
        • Possible ‘elite’ rank missions being a thing ‘one day’
      • Multistep passenger missions can we get paid for each step?
        • At the moment it’s by design trying to keep the passengers happy
      • What is the limiting factor implementing new mission types?
        • Say FD wanted to add a ‘photography’ thing make a design, get approved. Dom has to make Mission Progressions Elements and other things. To make the template, side panel and all that shite. 
        • Please let us accept missions for another ship. I.E. need cargo when u dont have it
        • The mission needs to know if you can complete it but doesn’t look at every other ship you can get. This makes lots of strange edge cases that would get a lot of grief from ppl who can’t actually complete the missions.
      • Can we get Elite only missions back?
        • Adam thought there were some in game? But there could be a bug if they’re not showing up
        • Dom can see the servers soul
        • More missions with NPCs via the inbox (rather than mission screen)
        • Dom feels conflicted, there ARE missions given whilst you fly around. But they are rare. Server load tech issues, but also design.
        • The secret for a higher chance is to stay in the same place for 15 mins.
        • Potential things coming that will make this more interesting / common etc…
      • Military Missions?
        • FD are aware of the communities desire. But No ETA, No Guarantee…
      • When there is opposition to a mission we seem to get the same ship multiple times, how about more groups of smaller ships etc?
        • It is possible, but needs balancing
        • 4 ppl at once is a LOT different to 4 * 1 person
        • Adds a lot more complexity
        • No ETA, No Guarantee.
        • No comments for 2.3 or 2.4…
        • Increase mission branches etc
        • Something FD are always looking to do.
        • Good example – nav beacon scanning…
      • Can we pick our crew up when they die?
        • Potentially in the future, but DAMN it’s a big job with lots of tie in between loads of ppl…
        • … That… would actually be quite complicated!
      • Will there be any missions that need top tier load outs and rewards…
        • That’s the challenge isn’t it… BALANCING IS hard 🙂
        • Adam is doing a balancing pass based off of REAL data not anecdotal data 🙂 Chat then gets pissy about FD ignoring player reports. Adam says NO they need the reports to find things, but you need to base data off of data…
        • FD are looking at ‘the economy’ and how to manage it
        • Any chance of increasing the colonial missions time?
        • That was a bug it’s fixed
      • Will Jaques Station get missions?
        • Yes – soon
      • Explain how making missions works..
        • 2 missions from same station
        • 1 to dest 10 sec from the star, one needs to go to hutton orbital!
        • But it’s both the same mission
      • Can we get cash not cargo?
        • Maybe… but this may be going anyway…
      • Passenger requests are now optional
      • Do missions need a client update?
        • No they’re all server side (but we still need to test etc!)
      • Can we get a timer for mission refresh?
        • No it takes place piecemeal. Gen 4 banks of missions. If more needed after 15 mins then they are generated…
  • Newsletter 154
  • Community Corner

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