Lave Radio Episode 122

I am saying it’s Aliens

Aired 30th August 2016
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Crew Members
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Head of Entertainment : Chris Jarvis : Cmdr Thane
Head of Station Archives : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire
Deputy fleet commander: Niatra : Paladin Consortium
Field Researcher: Ethereal : Paladin Consortium

Show Notes

Lave Radio Episode 121

elite_dangerous_screenshot_20160818010242_1_originalBeware the fiery Hobbit! A.K.A. Q&A with Sandy and Zac

Aired 23rd August 2016

Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members
Station Commander : Allen Stroud
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
2nd Technician : Chris Forrester : Cmdr Fozza
Head of Entertainment : Chris Jarvis : Cmdr Thane
Head of Station Archives : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Chief of Operations : John Stabler
Unwashed Masses : You (well some of you)



  • Do NPC Pilots rank up quicker than we do?
    • Yes
  • Why did you decide to have the NPC Crew die when our ship gets blown up I’d happily share my lifepod with a crew member I’d levelled up.
    • To make us feel more attached to the crew. Increases Risk / Reward.
  • Chris J’s random question – the way the crew hire UI is designed, it suggests crew might be useful for other tasks? Is this preparing the way for multi-crew or another crew function?
    • Nice try… All screens are ‘work in progress’ . The more versatile the UI, the more future proof it is. Nothing to announce just now


  • Can we launch a fighter from a ship that is landed (not docked) on a planet?
    • Sandy No Sammarco. Basically your ship would launch right into the ground!
  • How are the fighter Modules defined? I.E. Is it a standard Class N module, so anything with that class of module can handle it, or is it limited in some way? Why keelback but no type6 or type7?
    • Because ships have to get a new hole ripped in them. It is Standard module but the ship needs the external ability to support the fighter rails.
  • They can deploy on planets, but can they land? Presumably because of the limited range you can’t dismiss your main ship?
    • Fighters can  not land on anything other than your own ship
  • Will the fixed weapons in the fighter’s be as ‘sticky’ as they are in CQC?
    • The fixed weapons have some aim assist, though (obviously) not as much as a gimbal.
  • Obviously the ship launched fighters is to balance the trader/pirate imbalance. However starting traders in their Adders, Haulers and Type-6s don’t get fighter support – so is there any plan to also implement NPC wing hire? Or is there another way the smaller traders get balanced?
    • The little ships can get away easier – so it’s not as much of a problem
  • You (Sandy) mentioned that hacking fighters would be interesting. There was talk of electronic warfare back in DDF days. Is it still on “the list”?
    • It’s still interesting but no plans at the moment

Passenger Missions

  • Will the comfort / quality / smoothness of the passengers journey factor into any of those missions as rewards?
    • Lots of things taken into account, for the VIPs they take a lot into account and will let us know when they’re getting frustrated. Bulk passengers only care about time and enough room.
  • Can pirates, pirate passengers? – Yarrrrr
    • No – passengers use doors and stairs and stuff 😀
    • At some point we ‘might be able to do nefarious things to our passengers’
  • Imperial Slaves as Passengers
    • TLDR: Imp slaves have rights and According to Mike Brookes “within the Empire you can’t just stick them in a cargo pod, freeze them, and transport them” Can something now be done to rectify this travesty?
      • Not at the moment – maybe later
  • Rep changes with passenger missions: Are we getting a new ranking progression for passenger tours? i.e. Elite-ranked tour company? Or does it add to our Trader rank?
    • No it adds to other rank

Ship Transfer (Sandy goes into so much detail it’s great, but I’d be writing it out verbatim to give what he says justice)

  • A lot of people are up in arms about the Ship Transfer being instant. Can you explain to us why you decided to go that route?
    • Sandy goes into a lot of detail. The short version is that they think it’s better being instant than not. If too short a time, then why have any time? If too long a time, then what is the point of the feature? Ship transfer is added as a gameplay convenience but FD know they can’t please everyone. They know that combat ships will get a little bit better but think that’s not a bad thing.
  • ChrisJ: Conversely, does setting say a timer based on transit distance (although maybe compressed) add a strategic layer that is more rewarding? I.e. I think, “I need that ship – it’ll be here in a hour – what mission/task can I go and do that will bring me back here for the rendezvous.”
  • Also can someone please think up the Handwavium reason why it’s instant so we can plaster over the shattered 4th Wall?
    • Either the ship gets ‘made’ locally same as the fighters or the ship is ‘somehow’ transported
  • I might have missed this one but will the new fighter be in CQC?
    • Not at the moment


  • David Braben hinted at ‘archaeology sites’ – how would this manifest?
    • Soon – Some journalists have seen a little more than ‘other people’
  • Will geysers have enough force to lift an SRV into the air if it drove over one?
    • Yes, Sandy’s seen it and it’s as cool as it sounds
  • Due to Sandro’s Woody Cowboy Fetish, will we see either Ed or Adam dressing up as Buzz Lightyear to complete the theme?
    • Sandy is ahead of the curve, but Ed’s the right height to be Buzz Lightyear. Adam and Eddie can be Bullseye
  • As Pilots are thought of as Gypsies, will we see ‘My Big Fat Commander’s Wedding’ show on Galnet? Also, is that the reason for all the Wedding Bargies?
    • Pilots are not gypsies, we’re mercenaries.
  • As there is (What we call) a ‘Cheeky Braben’ at the end of the digital Art Book, does David Braben still hate his Bobblehead?
    • He is very embarrassed by it Sandy and Zac think
  • Cmdr Snuffler asks If: zac was a thargoid, what would his thargoid name be?
    • What is a Thargoid? Is it a ride on Planet Coaster?
  • One from Cmdr H on Reddit –  PS4 Update Please?
    • It’d be silly to discount other platforms. But nothing to announce at the moment.
  • When can we get the Lovely cushions that David was sitting on?
    • Don’t know sorry – you could try stealing them from Frontier’s offices, but they don’t recommend that!

Gamescom Notes

  • Development News
  • Gamescon 2016Guardians Improvments Summary
    • Original Live Notes
    • Thursday 10:00 and 14:30
    • Friday 10:00 and 14:30
    • Saturday 10:00 Saturday 14:30
    • Sunday 10:00 Sunday 14:30
    • New Features
      • Passenger Ships
        • Beluga Liner
          • Whale in every sense
          • same size as the conda / corvette. longer than T9, V heavy
          • Giant observation deck
          • can actually carry passengers!
          • quite quick (about as quick as a hauler)
          • Size 7 FSD, run and run and run without needing to refuel
          • 5 medium hardpoints
          • not very maneuverable
          • lots of internal slots
        • Orca’s benefits
          • will get access to the luxury cabins too
      • Any ship can fit cabins but only passenger lines can fit luxury cabins
      • Passenger Missions
        • Passenger Lounge in a star port (looks like mission screen)
          • Not all going to be ‘tourists’
          • Gives the BGS some visibility i.e. if in war refugees might want to get out and near by soldiers wanting to get in
          • VIPS ‘infamous characters’ may cause ‘problems’ during the mission
          • Different classes of cabins (new class of modules you can fit in ships) Economy, First Class and Luxury Suite
          • Your ship can carry multiple cabins, giving you different capacity and so on
          • The jump tells you the system security level
          • Passengers can walk out if you faff about
          • Hyperspace has been revisited – Showing the star you’re going towards getting closer
          • All ships can take passengers (pretty much) – just normal modules
          • Sandy is not sure if we can sell passengers as slaves, but Ed has heard a rumor that we can
        • VIP Passenger Missions
          • They might want high quality cabins
            • Have a retinue that will fill the cabin
            • Passenger might ask you to do some ‘stuff’ on route – i.e. visit a combat zone. And you get a ‘tip’ for ‘good money’ – You get a message when they’ve seen enough. They can ‘be a diva’ many times on route to the real destination. We can obviously refuse these requests
            • Disgruntled VIPs gotta make sure it’s in time limits and can ‘leave’ normally via leaving at the station, but if you REALLY take the mikey they will ‘escape pod’ out.
        • More missions are rewarding cargo
        • Elite Dangerous: Gamescom 2016 – Passenger Missions Tourist Spot
      • Tourism
        • New Persistent and Fixed locations
        • Reason for being their – i.e. natural beauty, battle site etc
        • Lots of space porn. Cmdr Name is associated with a tourist beacon which is the thing you scan, explaining why it’s a tourist location
        • Check Nav Panel, Look to see Tourist Spot, Scan it
      • Star Port Variations
        • Simulation will drive some variety inside star ports. I.E. We might see a hard working rugged one, or a swanky snobby posh one! Basically adding flavour to the port.
        • Larger populations have the more custom star ports as opposed to small populations have the more vanilla one
        • Agricultural one is being used to actually farm inside the port!!!
        • Refinery shows us the sheet metal bezng made, lots of ore
        • High Tech, very electric blue hangers and advertising. Very corporate theme
        • Tourism Lots of parks, very white very fresh, holographic water! Statues
        • Different variety of hangers and landing pads
        • Sandy and Adam likes that they can keep going back and revisiting things
      • Ship Launched Fighters
        • Elite Dangerous: Gamescom 2016 – Ship Launched Fighters Basic
        • Elite Dangerous: Gamescom 2016 – Ship Launched Fighters Combat
        • Fighters from CQC – No FSDs
          • Fed Fighter F63 Condor
            • Fastest Fighter (and acceleration / deceleration)
          • Imperial GU97
            • Most fragile, but the most maneuverable player ship in the game
          • Independant Taipan Fighter Made by Laikon
            • Swing Wing Fighter
              • Adam said it was like an F14
              • Most robust of the fighters, more hull, more shields, fast recharge
              • Slowest and least maneuverable
              • Same role, but obviously have differences i.e. guns, utilities
        • Slightly different flight model from the CQC
        • Ships with bays
          • Anaconda
          • Beluga
          • Federal Corvette
          • Federal Gunship
          • Imperial Cutter
          • Keelback
          • Type 9
        • Glass Cannons –Fragile, but powerful
        • Able to take out a MK4 if the cobra’s not careful
        • Gives non combat ship ‘some teeth’
        • Big task to get things balanced right
        • It’s the same idea as the SRV’s Turret – Neural Link
        • Deploy from your Mother ship
        • Adam in a fighter took Ed (in a Python) though the python was concentrating on Adam’s mother ship (T9)
        • Can swap back and forth at will
        • No engineer mods on the fighters (at the moment)
        • Designed to be considered disposable, Almost like powerful Ammunition
        • Fit a fighter same as SRVs
          • Get a Fighter Hanger Module (Single or Double Bay) from the modules
          • Fighters come with fixed loadouts – Utility (Heat Sink, Chaff, Point Defense)
          • Your mother ship can MANUFACTURE fighters! Currently thinking you can make 6 or 8 but not set in stone
          • Reload your ‘printing’ ammo from the star port
          • The Bay has a loadout for the bay, so multiple bays == multiple loadouts
          • Cost is cheap (after buying the bay) – the INK is cheap
          • The Bay can also heal the fighter (Sandy said for free)
        • Negatives
          • Have to buy them
          • Take up module space etc
          • Take up mass
          • Paintjobs for the fighters
        • Elite Dangerous: Gamescom 2016 – Taipan Paint Job
        • Elite Dangerous: Gamescom 2016 – Federal Fighter Paint Job
        • Elite Dangerous: Gamescom 2016 – Empire Fighter Paint Job
      • NPC AI Fighter Pilots – all combat rankings
      • Focus Fire
        • Fire Defensively (stick close by and engage)
        • Fire At Will!!!
        • Come back and dock
      • I can still jump into the fighter pilot and the NPC will fly my main ship!!!! And we can issue them the same orders if they’re in the main ship
        • Elite Dangerous: Gamescom 2016 – NPC Crew & Crew Fighter
          • Can only hire up to a certain rank from lounge (around competent)
          • Can hire up to 3 pilots
          • 1 active pilot
          • NPC Pilot is neural linked from mother ship
          • Players can issue orders to fighter
          • NPCs increase combat rank same as we can. Same AI as drives normal NPCs
      • New ‘environments’
        • CQC Style Architecture in main game. Persistent locations, like the nav beacons etc. Good place to get cargo and materials may be? Bounty Hunting?
          • Civilian, Scientific, Outposts, can be based off of security of the systemSRVs may get similar features as fighters. I.E. print a SRV
          • Up close and personal with Capital Ship Yards and Docks. Basically a chance to drool over them without getting shot down!
      • Ship Transfer
        • Go to shipyard
          • Transfer tab
          • Instantaneous – Yes it’s a bit gamey they know that but think that keeping you playing is more important.
          • It WILL cost credits to get the ship there.
          • Sandy: “Do what you want – when you want.”
          • Can remotely sell a ship
      • Module Storage
        • All from outfitting screen
          • The cost is the value of the module / distance but it is instant to get it where you need it (just like with ship transfer)
          • You can take core modules out – but you need to ensure your ship will be able to leave. I.E. get the basic minimum one
    • Quality of life improvements
      • Geological Features
        • Fissures
        • Geysers
      • Planets in the System map! (Not a grid any more)
      • Update to starport services
      • Updates to the stars – More Scientifically accurate (Neutron and White Dwarfs)
        • We can fly through their corona – take FSD Damage – BUT it gives us an increase to Jump Range
      • Update to hyperspace
        • Info (state and security) on the system you’re jumping to
        • Keeps the background in the tunnel longer
        • Zoom into your target star
      • “Shady Contact”
        • Allow us to hand all fines and bounties across human space
        • We do pay a premium (around 20% or so) for their service
      • New Ship Kits
        • Asp
        • Viper Mk III
        • Vulture
        • Python
      • SRV Paintjobs
      • Wire Frame Paint Jobs
    • Q&A
      • Can you hire cabin crew who level up etc?
        • No, cabins are modules that don’t have staff
      • Can Space Loach be found near Ammonia Worlds?
        • Sandy can’t get to Ammonia worlds – so he doesn’t know
      • Can we turn off the power to passenger modules?
        • No – they have their own independent life support! – But Sandy thinks it’s a cool idea
      • Is David Braben a thargoid
        • Couldn’t possibly comment
      • Can you pimp passenger ships ?
        • Yes but no engineering mods for passenger compartments.
      • Will the Orca get a jump range update?
        • It’s possible but Sandy needs to really look over things. Sandy wants it to go via Mike
      • Will this make it into XBox1?
        • YES
      • Base Game vs Horizons split?
      • Beluga is Horizons only. However…. SHUT UP ED!!!
      • Rep impact for failing of passenger missions
        • Rep gains and boosts same as normal missions. Adam adds that the Mission Face is the lead passenger. The other face is the faction local leader
      • Will fighter bays take over existing slots?
        • Adam’s going to tease and say keep watching! 😛 Same for hiring NPC crew
      • The Mission rewards will be balanced and will be competitive with other missions
      • Just like Missions Reputation will give you access to higher and better missions
      • Will delivering Soldiers help with the war effort?
        • They don’t know.
      • Can you destroy the fighters when they’re inside the bay
        • Sandy doesn’t know – they ARE modules which can take damage, but Sandy isn’t sure if they’ve implemented fighter destruction but they’ll look into things
      • Can we dock whilst it’s moving at high speed
        • Up to 2 bays / Hanger
        • Yes – but it’ll be tricky – Loop of shame docking on spaceships 🙂
        • What capacity do Fighter Hangers go up to?
      • Ship Launched fighter options
        • Each type has a selection of 3 or 4 fixed loadouts
          • Pulse, Beam, Multi Cannon  Plasma Repeater
          • Chaff, Point Defense, Heat Sink
      • Can I leave my fighter whilst I high wake
        • Yes you can (obviously it’ll be lost)
      • If your ship is destroyed then you all go back to the rebuy screen, fighter is lost. You escape but your fighter pilot NPC is DEAD!
      • Will NPCs have Ship Launched Fighters
        • Yes – it’ll be balanced and have lots of factors etc
      • Can we dock our fighters in someone elses ship
        • No you HAVE to dock in your own ship
      • Will ship launched fighters be engineer upgradable
        • Not at the moment
      • Can the ship launched fighters land on planets and bases
        • No you can only land on your ship
      • Will Point Defense Fire on fighters?
        • No Missiles, Torpedoes and Mines
      • Can the fighters Assault Planet Bases
        • Yes
        • A Fighter can only fly up to n Kilometers away – meant to be close support ships
      • Can fighters target bases etc
        • Fighters can target ANYTHING your main ship can
      • No you can NOT name your NPC Pilots
      • In a PVP Scenario – Launch Fighter, Do you see both ships as hollow contacts? (Representing a human)
        • The ship the player is in will have the hollow marker indicating which ship the human is in
      • Given how the fighters have Paintjobs – Can we get For Cutter / Corvette
        • FD Might have some to show us ‘soon’
      • Ed Lewis and Space Loach bobbleheads
        • Joke Yes
      • Will fighters protecting stations be updated to be the same as those we get?
        • At the moment they are different from player fighters. FD are investigating and thinking about it. I.E. Police cars are not identical to most normal cars
      • Will combat zones spawn on planet surface?
        • Not at the moment – but that remains open in the future.
      • Can we customise crew members?
        • NO they are their own people
      • We can only launch 1 fighter at the time (for the moment)
      • Will the new passengers be like the ones from Frontier
        • The VIPs will be along those lines “avoid imperial entanglements”
      • Can we barter with Passengers?
        • No – however the VIPs have additional optional requests.
      • Can we expect Passengers carrying SRVs?
        • For 2.2 no.
      • Can fighters target modules?
      • Possibly – there are technical and gameplay and ui considerations
      • Crime is applied to the player – NOT the ship
      • Why do the fighters have cockpits if we’re plugged into them?
        • Because originally they’re done for human pilots
        • In game because it helps with your virtual self’s sense of presence.
      • Will the new docks be used as mission destinations?
      • Not initially. It makes a lot of sense and it CAN be taken (or Sandy will get lynched for saying that!)
      • Fighter Pilots are NOT licensed to ‘engage the FSD’. So we can’t order them to high wake.
      • How long does it take to re-print a fighter?
        • FD are still balancing and will continue to do so in the beta
        • Fairly quick but not instant.
      • Will there be a way to hack another ship’s fighter?
        • No – but it’s a REALLY good idea
      • Will the specs be rising with this update?
        • No they won’t be. FD have also had an optimisation pass along with all the new shiny stuff.
      • Will we get Escort Missions?
        • Nothing to announce. We have the foundations for them, so maybe in the future.
      • Commodity Storage isn’t in game because it could be exploitable. However they have been discussing “crafting commodity storage” (at engineer locations) but not in 2.2. – No Guarantees no ETA
      • Warning for Arriving at a Binary Star
        • Adam doesn’t know if it’s possible, but it’s worth investigating
      • Can we have a Space Cowboy (with Space Loach) Engineer?
        • Sandy – It’d break the avatar system
      • Will the fighters have Gimballed weapons?
        • Yes!
      • Is the ship transfer only available to stations with Shipyards?
        • Yes
      • Corvette and Cutter Paint jobs Please?
        • Yes! There will be cutter and Corvette paint jobs
      • Can we get Bounty Payments from anywhere?
        • Yes – “Shady Contact” at Low Sec systems.
      • Abusing ship transportation i.e. immediate transfer of cargo.
        • You can’t store a ship with cargo in it – so not an issue
      • In game reason for how ship transfer is instant
        • Sandy – Maybe – but it is purely for gameplay reasons. They KNOW it’s not realistic
      • Can i repair my fighter’s shield?
        • Yes
      • How will players estimate the Jump Range Boost from Neutron and White Dwarfs)
        • After you’ve supercharged your fuel you just need to check your range.
      • Why might we WANT to risk damaging our FSD for this?
        • It’s risk / reward therefore it has to be fairly effective
      • Do slaves need passenger cabins?
        • No because our cabins don’t come with Manacles 🙂
      • 2.2 will have even more things to discover and more ways for to learn the history
      • What ships can have fighters?
        • Beluga
        • Cutter
        • Corvette
        • Gun Ship
        • Anaconda
        • Keel Back
        • Type 9
      • Can I hire crew with a higher rank than my own?
        • Yes – AND crew be trained
      • Will the Dolphin be coming?
        • There is nothing to announce at the moment
        • It snuck into the video because Adam is on a Development build
      • Will any ship defenses attack fighters?
        • Same as normal ships
      • FD can nullify NPCs from accidentally shooting things
      • If you dock your mothership with a launched fighter will you loose your ship
        • FD have some safeguards in place. I.e. your fighter must be docked to let you dock.
      • Will there be more SRVs coming out in the future?
        • Nothing to announce at the moment.
      • Does the livery button mean we can change look and feel without a station needing outfitting?
        • No
      • Do my wired Pilots stay with me when I change ships?
        • No only way you loose them is if your ship explodes
      • Why can’t clipper get luxury suites (even though it is used in lore for transporting important ppl)
        • Because it’s not a passenger liner
      • Will the AFM be able to make heat syncs and shield cell banks
        • Not at the moment
      • Will the route plotter update come to the vanilla game or does it need horizons?
        • Yes – vanilla game
      • Can we store the White Dwarfs fsd boost for later use?
        • No – not at the moment
      • What is Horizon what is Vanilla?
        • Horizon’s stuff
          • Beluga
          • Ship
          • Crew
          • All planetside stuff
      • Can you monitor your ship status of your fighter?
        • Yes – but we’ve not seen the UI yet
      • Do the Neutron and the Synthesis boosts stack?
        • No
      • Can fighters deploy to the surface of the planet?
        • Yes
      • Can you deploy a fighter and an srv? Deployed at the same time?
        • No
      • Can your ship stay in orbit and you take your fighter down to the planet?
        • No Fighters do not have FSD
        • Fighters are tethered to your ship
      • Is there a distance limiter to the ship transfer?
        • No – however it will get very costly
      • Ships are modular so a Size 7 Module can be stored and moved into something else that takes a size 7 module
      • I can see issuing fighters looks a little cumbersome, will we get hotkeys?
        • Rem it’s work in progress – but YES they are looking at setting bindings
      • Will there be a gfx update for station approaches?
        • Not in 2.2 but maybe later
    • David Braben Interviews
      • David Braben Interview Part One – Science of ED
        • Science rocks and keeps changing which is BEAUTIFUL
        • Looks like he’s sitting on ED Cushions?
        • More Science added to White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars Synchrotron radiation (looks like a spinning top)
        • DB Admits White Dwarfs are VERY dangerous!
        • Dimming the galaxy via dust
        • Why bother with scientific accuracy? – It matters to DB it matters to a lot of us it’s the SCIENCE of Science Fiction. Why not make it realistic. Science allows for game play – i.e. heat mechanics
        • Plate tectonics is modelled – adding in volcanism. Not always molten rock. Also molten CO2 or Water, same basic idea though! ‘Coming to 2.2.’ Also brings up rares to be discovered
        • Atmospheres *IS* on the Road map – DB wants to do it properly however. It needs to serve the story and gameplay.
        • Even today we use heat to highlight tanks etc so thermal mechanics is very real.
        • The Science makes the gameplay different from other games!
      • David Braben Interview Part Two — Culture
        • Why are commanders initially slightly ‘negative’ rep?
          • Because a lot of us are basically transient population – i.e. we’re all gypsies!.
          • Default assumption is that Pilots are ‘up to no good’ and are mercenaries – no loyalty
        • Empire left earth and killed the natives 🙂
          • Patronage, goes both ways and goes from Citizens all the way up to the Empire.
          • No voting as such, but ppl can change who they support
          • Senators are good at starting wars 🙂
            • Go Steal stuff – lots of benefits for those who support them. But it is NOT healthy and very disruptive in the long term
        • The ability to travel is ‘a big deal’
          • This will get more visible
          • I.E. Space Lanes
          • Passengers
        • Look at Imp War ship
          • Grunt has a shared cabin and eating out a metal tin
          • The Higher ups will be living in the Rotating Ring
        • Inside a Coriolis we have a Stepped Terrace
          • Under that a warren where the ‘plebs’ live
        • Power is ‘cheap’ in game – Have a day night cycle (in stations) etc
      • David Braben Part Three – Story and Player Narrative
        • We’ve seen the 1st player power
        • Players care about the Galaxy I.E. Jaques
        • Concept of “The Missing”
        • DB is delighted with the way players have engaged with the story and that we’re mad for going out to Jaques 😀 He thought the Pleiades were a long way out!
        • DB likes talking to ppl when he’s on as Cmdr Braben
        • The rise of the player driven story is wonderful and DB wants to encourage it and do more of it
        • Archaeology to come and Long Dead species fade to Thargoids as he starts to say “Is not”
        • Jaques is fascinating, players took Fuel and UAs which made him lost in space – we found him and now we have a foot hold outside the bubble and DB hopes for more settlements around it
        • Drives longevity
        • HUTTON MUG
      • DB Interview Part Four – Future
        • Early Leaked thargoids
        • Found the location from the hidden stream clues
        • Space games are back to the forefront
        • Excited for the new stuff in 2.2
        • Excited for Multi Crew and making stuff better and better
        • Excited for character creator
        • ED is Hopelessly Ambitious, but they are fulfilling these gradually
        • Volcanism and the ability to know where to look for rare things on planets
        • Talked about planetary atmospheres
        • Story is the most important and really exciting
        • Much love for the community
  • Newsletter 135
  • Main Discussion
  • Community Corner
  • Questions
  • Shoutouts

Lave Radio Episode 118

Omega Nebula
No Man’s Mercy and the Wild Sea

Aired 2nd Audust 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members
Station Commander: Allen Stroud
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Head of Station Archives : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Special Guest : Richard Price

Show Notes

Lave Radio Episode 116

Live from LAVECON!!!

Aired 16th July 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members
Station Commander : Allen Stroud
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
2nd Technician : Chris Forrester : Cmdr Fozza
Head of Entertainment : Chris Jarvis : Cmdr Thane
Head of Station Archives : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Chief of Operations : John Stabler
Unwashed Masses : You (well some of you)


Lave Radio Episode 114

Lave Spoilers

Two weeks of updates, more speculation on the future and WAR in Lave! To the War Machines..

Aired 28th June 2016
Audio versions

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Crew Members
2nd Technician : Chris Forrester : Cmdr Fozza
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodwood : Cmdr Eid LeWeiss
Head of Station Archives : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire

Show Notes:

Lave Radio Episode 113

Lave Spoilers

Sssshhhhh Spoilers!

Aired 14th June 2016
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Crew Members
Station Commander : Allen Stroud : Cmdr Heldaban Kel
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodwood : Cmdr Eid LeWeiss
Head of Station Archives : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire

Show Notes:

  • Development News
  • Community Corner
    • Vingtetun: @everyone Ladies and gentlemen, the Hutton Truckers are delighted to announce that after 5 months of battling the BGS, of blocking states and bugs and uneccesary wars we are the proud owners of a space station with a large pad.  With CB gaining 8 percent a day it has taken a superhuman effort to keep them down.  Some of those superhumans are Paladins. You have our thanks. Some audio we can maybe play?
    • HCS Voicepacks and Hutton Truckers are hopeful to bring a passenger pack for your voice attack (ask Grant)
    • Lave Radio AMA – this Friday at 19:00 BST at
    • Radio Sidewinder AMA
    • GalaxyAsWeKnowItJames Beaumont on Facebook
      This folks, is our known Galaxy. Every white dot is a system that has been found. The purple dot at the bottom is Sol, Sag A* in the middle. The yellow dot to the left is my current position, 15000Ly from Sol. That same dot on the seond picture, taken from the horizontal centre shows the height/depth of the ‘known’ systems. My dot is a mere 900Ly above the horizontal.
      So for all those that say there is nothing to do in ED, I’d say there is plenty to be done!
      Generated using EDDiscovery
    • Colin will be doing the usual X-Box Horizons Stream on a friday at 11:00 pm.
  • Questions
    • Snuffler: with the recent recanting of Elite lore, does this mean the Krait Never existed?
    • Steph: The Betel Free, based at Amphipolis in the Betel system, have largely been a “one commander band”.  Recently it looks as though there may be new recruits to the cause.  If you are one such CMDR, please can you get in touch with CMDR Xena via the Lave Radio Discord Channel because the faction may become “player run” and it would be good to include everyone who has an interest.
  • Shoutouts
    • In Game Cmdrs
    • IRC Chat
    • Twitch Chat
    • Lavecon 2016
      • Lavecon 2016 – 16/17th July, Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, Northamptonshire, UK
    • Lavecon Sponsors
    • “EDTracker is proud to be sponsoring Lavecon this year; Lavecon and the Elite Dangerous community have been a pivotal part in EDTracker’s success so it seems all the more fitting that we can put something back in for the people who’ve helped get the project off the ground. Toggle that headlook and fly dangerous, commanders!” –
    • Quality art prints, t-shirts, and chess sets for horror and sci-fi fans
      • ED Tracker
      • Old One Productions by Michael Brookes

Lave Radio Episode 110


More Engineers Chat, and announcement on Xbox Horizons release date!

Aired 24th May 2016
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Crew Members

Station Commander : Allen Stroud : Cmdr Heldaban Kel
Head of Entertainments : Chris Jarvis : Cmdr thane
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss Woodwood : Cmdr EidLeWeiss

Show Notes:

        • On June 3, Elite Dangerous: Horizons comes to Xbox One featuring both Planetary Landings and The Engineers at launch.
          • £19.99 ($29.99, €24.99, 1,489 RUB) for the expansion
          • £39.99 ($59.99, €49.99, 2,999 RUB). Deluxe edition
        • We’re very pleased to announce that we’re planning to release The Engineers 2.1 update on Thursday May 26th for all those who own the Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion pass on PC.
          • With the launch of The Engineers on Tuesday, we wanted to celebrate with a launch livestream. We’ll be inviting a number of Elite Dangerous developers to come and chat on the stream during the expected server down time on the day. Join us from 1PM BST on May 26 on our official YouTube channel.
        • Get specific mods by ‘Calling in Favours’ with Engineers – Quote from Sandy


  • “Hello Commanders!
    For the clarity!
    When you call in a favour – YOU GUARANTEE THE EXPERIMENTAL EFFECT YOU WANT *and* YOU GUARANTEE THAT THIS EFFECT IS GENERATED FOR THE UPGRADE . Nothing in this procedure is random .

    This is regardless of what the crafting process initially resulted in.

    For example, if you did not get an experimental effect – calling in a favour gives you the one you want.

    On the other hand, if you generated an experimental effect that you did not want – calling in a favour gives you the one you want.

    Also, this option is available AFTER you have generated an upgrade, so you can decide whether you want to call in a favour after you have seen what the primary and side effect results were.”


  • Main Discussion
    • Rise To Power: Dangerous Games, WILDCARD CORRECTION
    • From ZAC
      • Basically EG pilots aren’t through to the final. The top 5 from the votes will have a mini CG tournament and the winner will go through to the final.
      • – EG Pilots – 25.5
      • – Wolves of Jonai – 15.5%
      • – Adle’s Armada Coalition – 15.3%
      • – Black Birds Squadron – 10.7%
      • – United German Commanders Coalition – 9%
      • – The Imperial Inquisition – 8.5%
      • – Achenar Immortals Coalition – 7.3%
      • – Planet Express – 3.6%
      • – Black Omega – 2.3%
      • – Pileus Libertas – 1.6%
      • – Battle Vortex – 0.7%
    • Truckers and Pirates beta CG Snafu
    • Elite Dangerous due this week RPS Article
  • Community Corner

McLave Radio McEpisode 109

Engineers Base

Beta 2.1 updates continue and McColin Ford leads a McScottish episode with McPsykokow and McDave McHughes for chat about beta and the RPG Elite Encounters…

Aired 17th May 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members

Chief Archivist : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Special Guest: Dave Hughes

Show Notes:

  • Development News
    • Beta 2.1.4 Patch Notes
    • Beta 2.1.5 Patch Notes
        • Grants picks
        • Comms chat history no longer disappears
        • For piracy flag targets, if the target is not a mission target, check if it has a leader and whether that leader is a mission target
        • Add a faction government test so the pesky democracies don’t make my greedy corporation shout “For Democracy!”
        • Fix the method that determines whether we can see planetary missions
        • Added popup explaining where pinned recipes can be found
        • Recipes should now be referred to as blueprints
        • Stop hitmen being sent after the player for no reason
        • Rebalance the tutorials to be reasonable with the new AI
        • Adjusted the shield-down flee behaviour to be less frustrating
        • Everybody docked at Jaques Station has retreated to a safer distance
        • – Fixed issues with recalled ships boosting when trying to land
        • Everybody docked at Jaques Station has retreated to a safer distance
  • – Feedback tweaks to torpedos:
    • – Torpedos now have a 2.5 second arming time rather than their previous 0.5 second. When hitting a target before arming they will deal no damage and self destruct in a small puff
    • – Torpedos now inherit the speed of their launching ship for the first few seconds of flight, before dropping to a 250m/s cruising speed. These two changes give them an effective minimum range of about 700m+ depending on ship speeds, and also means that you won’t be running into the back of your own torpedos!
    • Halve firing heat from missiles
      • Could this mean stealth missile boats?
    • – Added ship voice notification when a mission specific USS has spawned
      • Nice to get an audio cue for it
  • Newsletter 124
    • “From the desk of lead designer Sandro Sammarco”:  is very interesting
  • Main Discussion
    • Rise To Power: Dangerous Games, WILDCARD vote is over
  • URGENT CORRECTION TO SHOW (from the desk of Zac Antonaci)
    • EG pilots aren’t straight through to the final. The top 5 from the votes will have a mini CG tournament and the winner of that will go through to the final.

For the past week player factions have been campaigning for your votes in the first stage of the Dangerous Games to decide which five groups will battle it out in a mini-series of CGs in their bid to become an official Power in the game.

      • The results have been counted and checked and they are as follows:
      • – EG Pilots – 25.5
      • – Wolves of Jonai – 15.5%
      • – Adle’s Armada Coalition – 15.3%
      • – Black Birds Squadron – 10.7%
      • – United German Commanders Coalition – 9%
      • – The Imperial Inquisition – 8.5%
      • – Achenar Immortals Coalition – 7.3%
      • – Planet Express – 3.6%
      • – Black Omega – 2.3%
      • – Pileus Libertas – 1.6%
      • – Battle Vortex – 0.7%

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for voting, and all of the groups for their amazing effort! We will have more news on the next phase of the games shortly where the qualified groups will be looking for your help to complete the Community Goals and help their campaign.

Lave Radio Episode 107

Engineers Base

Our Head of Station Entertainment takes us through technical difficulties, trumble attacks and all the recent Elite News as we prepare for Engineers!

Aired 3rd May 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members

Station Commander : Chris Jarvis : Cmdr Thane
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss Woodwood : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire
Chief Barsteward: Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow

Show Notes:

Development News

  • On the Horizon – Countdown to The Engineers Beta Livestream: Part 3 with Mark Allen (Sr Programmer) and Sandy Samarco

  •  How an Engineer works

    • Gather stuff
    • Resources
      • Salvage
      • Data from scanning  (planets and beacons in space)
      • Mining
      • Materials have ‘context’, which should be obvious. I.E. Scan wakes may give you FSD ‘stuff’
      • Also from missions
      • We can swap commodities or sell them
    • Take it to engineer
    • Get Cool stuff
  • Looking to reduce the effectiveness of silent running

    • Less effective in prolonged combat
    • When you fire a weapon you will build a lot of heat if you are in silent running
    • Something with heat syncs ammo but missed what?!
  • 1 engineer is interested in long range travel. I.E. once you’ve gone a certain distance out they will contact you (or something!)
    • Then we need to ‘prove our worth’
  • Videos

    • Road to Beta – The Dweller Base Approach and WIP Crafting
      • Meeting an engineer
      • New docking voice
      • New docking bay
      • Engineers Workshop
      • Gambling
      • Design Decision – chance isn’t bad so long as it’s controlled. Not as random as ppl may think, quite constrained and still being tweaked.
      • Long Range Damage! (plus beam that helps you regen shields AFTER combat)
    • Road to Beta – Mass Lock Torpedo
      • A Modified Torpedo that stopped the ship from Escaping (Basically mass lock)
      • Currently only on torpedos
      • Torpedos are getting slower BUT much more dangerous
      • So better against bigger ships
    • Road to Beta – Shift Lock Canister
      • Mines
        • Clipper flies over and escaping T9 drops mine and forces the FSD to reboot
        • Kills flight assist so you’re tumbling in space
        • Ed emphasises that EVERYTHING NEEDS BALANCE
    • Road to Beta – Phasing Sequence Beam Laser
      • Phasing Sequence
        • Shoots through shields and causes hull damage!
        • Doesn’t cause module damage
  • Questions

    • Engineers bases are ‘all’ unique
    • Sandy doesn’t see why ‘Theorycrafting’ is dead since random is in ranges
    • Will Engineers Hate Other Engineers? Not Directly
    • Will some engineers be more difficult to rep with – yes. Harder engineers get more exciting ‘stuff’
    • Will we get specially modified shields?
      • Yes upgrade
      • No ‘special’ effects – at the moment being looked at
    • Will we get Ice Resource Extraction Sites?
      • Absolutely – lovely place to BH
    • Will ship manoeuvrability be enhanced?
      • Absolutely
    • Will Engineer Bases have Outfitting?
      • Yes – but limited stock
    • Ram Scans have been fixed by SJA 🙂
    • Explorer Mods
      • Increase Jump Range
      • Reduce Power
      • Loads more spoke too fast!
    • Will they be available to Power Play Modules?
      • Yes lots and lots of heat
    • Mine Love
      • Relatively small but VERY SCARY Special Effects
    • Is Engineered equipment as reliable as normal equipment?
      • They are JUST as reliable as normal stuff
    • Engineers will temporarily deny you if you piss them off
    • The base is a new icon in the galaxy map that we will see once it’s known
    • Upgrading an upgraded module – removes the existing upgrade
    • Will we see modified stuff on target ships?
      • Currently we can see modified but not what it is
    • Insurance replaces the modified component. So buy back gives you YOUR mod back
    • Engineers will use mods
    • High level AI will hurt and Sandy thinks they’ve succeeded….
      • Low level AI are less so kinda
      • Lots of bugs fixed
    • No module storage in 2.1 but something FD want to do and there are ways we can transfer modules between ships
    • Ship Transportation is coming too (with usual caveats)
    • SCB upgrades?
      • Most modules have recipes
      • More material storage
      • FD will see currently 300 stuff 100 data
    • Illegal Mods?
      • Currently no but good idea
    • Colourblind settings
      • Sandy doesn’t know
    • Ship Storage Hard limit > 29 ships in 1 station
      • It’s server side Mark doesn’t know
    • If we just bump into an engineer’s base (without an invite)  will they let us dock?
    • We can now touch down gracefully without damaging our hull!
    • Can we influence the random chance? – i.e use ‘better than required stuff’
      • Not at the moment but maybe
    • Can we create blue prints
      • No – currently 54 recipes with 5 tiers
    • Changes to missiles
      • Inc damage to shields
      • Inc guidance
      • 95% hit rate against eagle
      • Hits hull deals damage + external module in blast radius
      • Doesn’t ‘hit’ cargo hatches
      • 1 Torp to an anaconda nuked the engines and the point defence
    • How will beta work?
      • Will be in phases
      • Phase 1 – Have access to ‘some things’ Start getting in touch with engineers, collecting resources etc.
      • Phase 2 – called ‘Mayhem’ – Try to make every have access to everything very cheap and GO WILD
        • FD Want us to do insane stuff and ‘break’ stuff 😀
        • Change log is fucking massive
    • Beta will be starting Thursday 5th May
      • MB says please be patient, Ed suggests taking Friday off 😉


  • Newsletter 122

  • XB1

    • Elite Dangerous: Horizons for Xbox One will launch in quarter two of 2016, featuring both 2.0: Planetary Landings and the forthcoming 2.1: The Engineers expansions.
  • Engineers

    • Descriptions of Engineers
    • Where to find Engineers
    • Engineers each have their own surface bases. These are quite different from surface starports. Many began as secret bases, embedded deep in the rock, but as their bases grew they became bigger and bolder, in some cases smelting their own ore – something very hard to hide from space!
    • How to ‘use’ an engineer
      • Make them like you.
      • The ore the like you the more stuff they offer to make. (Called Blueprints)
      • Get the Reagents
      • Make it – Actual attributes are random within a range.
      • Accept or Reject it and try again (assuming you have the resources)
    • What else?
      • As well as crafting upgrades, some have their own stock of specialist equipment, such as Professor Palin and his recent development of the corrosion resistant cargo racks that can safely carry the elusive alien artefact
  • More Engineer Mods

    • Phasing Sequence
      • Modulating Burst Fire System designed to defeat shielding. A small amount of thermal damage is able to bleed through shields and attack the target’s hull directly.
    • Emissive Munitions
    • Modified Warheads capable of enveloping a target with energetic particles. Successful strikes to shield or hull dramatically increase the target vessels signature.
      Example Video

Lave Radio Episode 105

Starting Line 2


Chris is back with Zac Antonaci to go through the amazing amount of information regarding the upcoming updates and reveals from the last week.

Aired 20th April 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members

2nd Technician : Chris Forrester : Cmdr Fozza
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss Woodwood : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Head of operations Lave Station : John Stabler : Cmd Glyndwrr
Chief Barsteward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Station Guest : Zac Antonaci

Show Notes:

  • Development News
    • I am delighted to announce The Engineers (Elite Dangerous 2.1) will be available to players with beta access in the week ending 8th May.”
    • Is this a hint at an engineer’s location? – In the Galnet Press Release on the well renown Unknown Artifact researcher Ishmael Palin??
      (Play clip)
    • “I fully intend to continue researching the Unknown Artefacts and meta-alloys, albeit in a more inconspicuous fashion, at my personal research centre on Maia A 3 a. Those who wish to visit me there are very welcome to do so. There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with those who share my interests!”
    • Elite Dangerous Xbox One News
      • Localisation (French, German and Russian)
      • Private Groups using your Gamer Tag.
        • I have to ‘follow’ Ed and once I am following him I can ask to join his group.
        • Both open and closed PGs
      • Extras i.e. skins etc.
        • You purchase Frontier Points and then spend them.
      • XB1 Stream with Gary Richards Summary by ‘The Sisko’
        • XB1 planet textures have been improved for 1.6
          • GR: “A great summary, but to be clear I said that XB1 planet textures have been improved for 1.6, and we have improved the PC quality as well. “
        • XB1 Dev. build shown had new ED logo on game start-up AND Horizons background on menu screen!
        • CQC Arena (standalone) is coming to Xbox
        • Major announcement on the Horizon(s) incoming for XB1 version.
        • Players who purchased ED on XB1 as part of the Game Preview Program will have free access to a free GPP Decal.
        • Paint jobs, Private Groups and Custom Controls coming in XB1 in 1.6
        • Paint jobs are purchased using Frontier points and purchased from the Frontier store (via Microsoft Edge browser in dev. build).
        • For private groups to work on XB1, you have to follow/be-friend someone (like Twitter).
        • FD monitor the custom controls thread on the ED XB1 forum and have already made enhancements based on suggestions in that thread.
        • From 1.6 onwards, the plan is that PC and XB1 code builds will be in-sync -easier for FD to build and deploy, and results in potentially quicker feature deployment for XB1 players.
        • Balancing huge weapons was straightforward.
          • All weapon balances were worked out months ago. ‘All’ that needed to be done was have the larger weapons implemented.
        • One of the reasons for the delay for 1.6 was that the game was restructured, in part due to bringing Horizons on XB1.
        • Changes to the bulletin board in 1.6 will make finding wide variety of missions easier.
        • Cross play – FD want everyone to play together in same galaxy, some of that is in the same now (CG goals, First Discovered).
        • XB1 Elite Controller – paddles will be partially re-mappable. Ditto chatpad buttons – but there are default MS binding restrictions to consider.
        • New achievements on the way for XB1.
        • Bulletin board avatars on the way for XB1/1.6, as per PC.
        • Debug Camera in super-cruise is one of the features on the to-do list.
        • Community factions might be able to become a power (look for Rise to Power threads on the ED Forums). This is open to XB1 players as well as PC.
        • FD wants players to think of ED as one game, not “PC version” and “XB1 version”.
        • Gary says that you guys are a nice bunch of people.
      • The Dangerous Games: The Rise to Power!
        • Player Factions Becoming POWERS
        • The top five factions based on a mix of factors such as their expansion and influence will be competing against each other for the incredible honour of becoming the first ever player-created power in game! We’ve taken the top five player factions as they currently stand and these groups have already qualified for the event.
        • The five factions who have qualified for this event are as follows (In no perticular order)
          • Border Coalition [BC] (qualified faction – Dukes of Mikunn)
          • Social Eleu Progressive Party [SEPP]
          • Interstellar Communist Union [ICU]
          • Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corp [AEDC]
          • GalCop (qualified faction – Diamond Frogs)
        • Also included a Wildcard entry – People’s Choice
          • this faction will have earned their place in The Dangerous Games through their ability to rally Commanders to their cause.
          • Wildcard games to take place before the main Dangerous Games
          • There will be a CG for each competing group and their task is to ensure that the CG is completed or at a high tier than their competitors. Groups will be ranked each week and given points based on where they were placed for each CG. At the end of the four weeks one group will emerge victorious.
          • Everyone can get involved by either supporting or competing against any individual group or CG they wish. This means that every faction should be looking to gain support and favour with other Elite Dangerous Commanders and forge alliances to support their Rise to Power.
          • The Rise to Power four-week-long event is due to start on the 30th June 2016
      • Screenshot Competition
        • To submit your screenshots simply send them to with the subject title ‘Galaxy In Frame Screenshot Competition’.
        • The competition closes on May 26th, with the initial 10 images being put to a community vote the following w/c May 30th.
    • Newsletter 120
      • Enhanced Starport Outfitting
        • New Weapons and Drives
          • Huge Beam Laser
          • Huge Pulse Laser
          • Huge Multi-Cannon
          • Large Multi-Cannon
          • Faulcon de Lacey have introduced performance enhanced size 2 and 3 drives
        • Enhanced System States Feed on Galaxy Map
        • More Surface Encounters
        • Enhanced NPCs
        • Engineer Archive – Experimental Modifications 2
          • Overheating ships? Good anti stealth measure?
          • Could this by a nudge a ship out of a supercruise set up? Is it just a little nudge or does the pilot loose complete control?
          • This one could be the start of implementing the Holy trinity of Tank, DPS and Healer to Elite
    • Community Corner
      • Update on the Barnacles giving noises
      • Retraction – Cmdr Salome actually made it to Beagle Point under her own steam with no ‘rifts’ or ‘wormholes’ assisting her. (though Drew’s kids might have done some of the flying :D)
      • Final RPG/Miniatures playtest being Broadcast on Wednesday 20th April. This will be the last one until the RPG is published in July.
      • Sneak Peak Surface Navigation
        • Surface Racing overlay with checkpoints and navigation
    • Questions
      • Peter Wotherspoon asks I’d be interested to hear whether Sarah Jane Avory’s tweets about unleashing upgraded minions mean we’re going to need to treat solid squares on the radar with a bit more respect.
        • @SarahJaneAvory
          @LaveRadio My advice: if you see an Elite AI… I’d run… and run fast…
        • @SarahJaneAvory
          @ericlundgren5 @LaveRadio The new combat AI is better at everything… at the high ranks. Low ranks are much easier.
    • Shoutouts
      • On the Horizon – Countdown to The Engineers Beta Livestream: Part 1
      • UNCLE ART – THE FILM  currently needing £1,742  with 9 days to go
      • Shout out to Colin and Selezen Lake (aka Dave Hughes) who are play testing the ship to ship Combat Rules. for his live stream and they will be available on after the show.