Lave Radio Episode 492 “The Legendary Episode 492” – 18/06/2024

The crew discuss the upcoming 40th anniversary of the original Elite and speculate on the potential for in game celebrations.

Development News:
Frontier interim results:
Official Starship Database:

Community Corner:
The Elite Dangereuse Lore Explorer:
Elite Dangereuse Adventures: and update:
PXM (Phantom Explorers Monthly):
The High Wake HIP 36601:–s8SgTXwa67
Pop Gun the Buckyball Racers 100th race:
Pop Gun Trailer:
Pop Gun Full Run:
Sanctuary Inc Call to Action:
Cmdr Yami Sora” video series:


Any Other Business:
Pixel Addict magazine:
Star Wars Armanda / X-Wing Miniature Cancellation:
Untitled RPG Project:
Lovely Meet Up:

Colin Ford (Phoenix DFire)
Clare Good (psykit)
Alec Turner (Alec Turner)
Chris Mackrell (Chris Mk IV/Newell Turner)
Norman MacArthur (CMDR Ventura)

Download the episode directly from here.

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