Lave Radio Episode 490 “Type 8, it’s nearly Krait” – 07/06/2024

The crew and community spend an awful lot of time celebrating the new look of the Type 8 – greebles and all.

Development News:
Spire Site Update –

Community Corner:
GND Accuse AXI of declaring war on humanity – 
CMDR Mechan Responds – 
EliteDangereuse Ship Interiors project – 
Riccardo’s Gaming history of the FSD – 
Stargoid retakes the Hutton Run record – 
CMDR Exorcist Type 8 –
Homborger’s Buckyball Blog – 
Ring Tossers Rally Results – 


Colin Ford (Phoenix DFire)
Clare Good (psykit)
Ben Moss Woodward (Eid LeWeise)
Alec Turner
Chris Mackrell (Chris Mk IV/Newell Turner)

Download the episode directly from here.

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