Lave Radio Episode 489 “Three Years Later” – 28/05/2024

The crew discuss Update 18.06 and celebrate the last three years of Elite Dangerous Odyssey and Space Legs, and if they feel that anything is still lacking from the DLC.

Development News:
Update 18.06 –
Frontier Unlocked 29th May –

Community Corner:
The High Wake Elite Quiz –
Luhman 16 Accords ratified –
Elite Dangereuse ship interiors dev talk –
Commander Meek’s Ringed Giants –
A New Buckyball Race (Alec Turner) –
Buckyball Racing Club and Loose Screws presents: Ring Tossers Rally –
ECM Tickets still available –


Colin Ford (Phoenix DFire)
Clare Good (psykit)
Chris Mk IV
Ben Moss Woodward (Eid LeWeise)
Alec Turner

Download the episode directly from here.

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