Lave Radio Episode #493 “BREAD PUNS” – 02/07/2024

The crew loaf about discussing the latest Frontier Unlocked and the Type-8, asking the question; Will it rise to the occasion, or be half-baked?

Development News:
Type 8 Info –

Community News:
The High Wake HIP 12099 –
PR0J3KT676 Together We Prevail –
CMDR Crunch Buttsteak The Journey –
Esposito Carlo Antonio In Game With Cockpit –
Indigo Elite’s Unsolvable Easter Egg –
YamiSora Ep6 –
SovereignWinter There and There Again Expedition –
Homborger When is a Race Not A Race –


Any Other Business:
Lovely Meet Up –

Download the episode directly from here

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