Lave Radio Episode 71

An extended crew analyse the amazing Lavecon 2015 and look to 2016, with the usual guesswork on the next release.

Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Originally Broadcast 21/07/2015


  1. Nice coverage of LaveCon.

    Yes, there weren’t hard questions asked of Frontier, but when someone just gave you a skin & decal, can you really punch them in the face verbally? Next year maybe!

    Wondered if you guys have thought about doing a feature on gaming community groups or elite websites (, elite-shipyard) each week?
    Also there are some amazing YouTubers out there (like Kornelius Briedis) you you could give a shout out to. Call it “resource extraction”.

  2. Great episode as always!

    I’m surprised, with your chat about what will be in 1.4, that no one mentioned the possibility of Military Careers. This was a big part of FE2 and FFE, it’s a big enough feature to have required plenty of dev time, and perhaps interesting enough to warrant a “big announcement.”

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