Lave Radio Episode 70

Filmed live in front of a Studio Audience from the Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, we bring you. LAAAAAVVVEEEE RADIO Episode 70

Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Originally Broadcast 11/07/2015

One Comment:

  1. Speaking to a few things after the fact…
    1) GalNet news… overall as it is its LAME… I find it confusing to a degree. If it was like someone said in the Q&A: It should be system / local star cluster specific or faction specific.
    2) isn’t there a Pad / tablet in the ship cockpit? Why cant that be a hover over screen like the left / right screens?
    3) Speaking to accretion disk and such…. I’ve been to many systems where the Stars are less than 100 LS away… Heck I’ve been to one where they were less than 4 away… Those should be showcasing FD’s coding and engine in my mind… I know we play because we love the originals and the feel that it has. But there is no reason why they cant be flashy and awe inspiring in a SC manner…

    My 3 cents….

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