Lave Radio Episode 69

Lave Radio

We chat with Edward Lewis and Zac Antonaci from Frontier Community Management team.
Lots more LAVECON 2015
This episode Aired 7th July 2015

Download the episode directly from here.

Originally Broadcast 07/07/2015


  1. So, you guys talk about negativity on the forums (rightly so) and then I suspect stir up a hornets nest on the old PC gamers vs Xbox gamers. Guys their controller works fine on Elite, I’d argue as well as a HOTAS I own a Warthog and have used both. They are younger than us and definitely able to hold their own too… best we give them their dues or they might steel our PC’s and kick our arses when we next go out the house.


  2. Please please please…. Upload lots and lots of shaky mobile phone footage to youtube from Lavecon! Since I can’t be there, I’m counting on everyone to let me live vicariously through your phones!

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