Lave Radio Episode 345 “From Arf to Alpacas” – 08/06/2021

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner
Chief CMArthur TolmieCaptain Beard

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Tuesday – Supercruise News #36
    1. New Approach To Coms – AKA Arf Keeps it real
      1. Community wants to know what is going on with ED’s Development… 
      2. What’s in the future – Short and Long Term Road Map
      3. Arf has asked
      4. Rather give bad news than no news
      5. Some fixes are being worked on till the last minute
        1. This is also why the patch notes are last minute
      6. Planet Tech and Lighting – FPS drop is varied and hit them hard
      7. Arf doesn’t want to rush the dev team
      8. There will be small perf enhancements with this Thursday, more bigger ones a week time. (Hopefully!)
      9. Everyone working damn hard till late in the Night
      10. Every month FD wants a show with a Dev. 
      11. Features coming in
      12. Console changes
      13. Arf is fighting hard to get a date for Console launch
      14. There is a ‘working’ solution to the lighting fix – hope for fix in next couple of weeks
      15. CM’s working on assigning a CM to the forums for each day as well as dropping in on an AdHoc basis
      16. No Plans for Ship Interiors
      17. Is the planet tech working as intended
        1.  No
        2. Graphical Issues
        3. Lots of issues surrounding it
        4. Things are being fixed on a patch by patch basis – get to Week 5 and evaluate…
        5. There is GOOD STUFF out there though just maybe not where it was.
      18. BGS is high on FD’s agenda and Arf is not ignoring it. Please log tickets and let them know
      19. Vista Genomics on FC – don’t know
      20. Sharing missions – update 5
      21. Updates on New and Improved Issue Tracker
      22. No Comment on Thargoids on Foot
      23. No CQC updates at the moment
      24. CMs have a weekly meeting with the UI team on a Wednesday
        1. Outfitting
        2. Suits
        3. Galaxy Map
      25. Will Ody fixes be rolled into the Console release – yes
      26. Crossplay – No plans
    2. Narrative update
      1. About to enter act 2 of 6 of the Azimuth Saga
      2. This morning Arf et al had a meeting about POST Azimuth]
      3. Try for things to be a couple of months / act
    3. Arf wants 1st Dev Town Hall thing end of June
  2. Friday Evening – ANNOUNCEMENT Elite Dangerous | Odyssey: Roadmap | Frontier Forums
    1. Ben – well it’s hardly an A-Z…
  3. Friday Lunchtime – #CommanderCreations – 4/6/2021 | Frontier Forums
  4. Thursday Evening – Focused Feedback Thread – Outfitting UI in Odyssey | Frontier Forums
  5. Thursday Evening – Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 2.01 | Frontier Forums
  6. Thursday Morning – Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 2 | Horizons Update | Frontier Forums

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  3. 4th June 3307 – Operation IDA is back in business. There was a fix on the 4th of June and cargo appears to be counted again. Work has started at the Betancourt Base in Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1.
  5. 7th June 3307 – According to the AXI, ss of this time all system which were under thargoid attack have been pacified. Congratulations to all bug smashing commanders who have saved humanity once again (as opposed to AEGIS).
  6. 7th June 3307 – Neo-Marlinist Political Party Emerges

Newsletter (every second show)

  1. Charge up your engines and boost your way to glory. The Eagle Acceleration paint job is here! 
    1. Like an Evel Knievel does spaceships

Main discussion

  1. The Roadmap and Trust building with Arf

Community Corner

  1. HCS Voice Packs Competition
    1. Lave Radio / HCS Voice Packs question and Competition! | Frontier Forums
    2. HCS Voice Packs Competition Twitter
    3. HCS Voice Packs Competition Facebook
    4. Winning response ⚡CMDR GreyAreaUK⚡ 💙 on Twitter
      The first thing I’ll be doing is spending a couple of frustrating hours setting up keybindings for the new bits – as I’m using a mix of input devices (HOTAS, iPad, Xbox360 controller) they won’t be auto-populated.”
    5. Notable mentions (as picked by Ben):
      1. Krisztian Balogh – Facebook
        Set up my keybindings. Theeen look for the xenobunny 👽🐇
      2. Mark Jones – Twitter
        I’m parked next to a burning station. Fire I’m going to disembark and look inside the burning evacuation area as it asks you to do when rescuing people
      3. RogerRabid – Twitter
      4. Thadius Voke – Twitter
        Tough one but I think I shall be visiting Cmdr Jameson crash site, pay the respects before I set off.


  1. Some Feedback on Odyssey from Community Member Temeleen
    1. For me the topography in odyssey is overall better compared to horizons  – if we disregard the obvious bugs in some of the planet generation tech like those LODs I mentioned. I think most of the issues I see in the videos and posts around talking about new tech being pure downgrade revolve around those LODs. As for the topo – we might not see so many extremes like 10km+ deep canyons or 15km tall mountains anymore, but I’d say that was a bit out of proportion in horizon since there wasn’t nearly enough level of detail as we have in odyssey so we don’t really need those extreme less plausible formations (all this if we consider ultra for capture setting being the “golden” standard in odyssey).

      In odyssey some of the mountains in those screenshots are some 7km tall still so I don’t think everything is just flat as some streamers mention plus there’s whole another level of detail when it comes to terrains themselves and their surface materials, lots of variable formations due to height maps blending… the hills/mountain and canyons can get far more complex than they used to be with planets looking quite unique given the circumstances.

      So yeah for me overall great improvement potentially If fdev figures out the bugs in the generation so ppl using regular ultra or lower settings wont see those ugly leopard patches or disappearing hills when they approach the surface. The new tech actually made me go out and explo for the view, something I never had as a main reason before.

  1. 04 – hike – Google Drive
  2. 05 – nebulae trip pt1 – Google Drive


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