Lave Radio Episode 484 “Thick with four Cs” – 23/04/2024

Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner
Tech Primate in TrainingChris Mk VLittleBigYin

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Frontier unlocked 24th April.
    1. There’s a big ole chat about power play 2.0 expected to happen

Arthur Tolmie says the pre recorded chat was 1 HR long. Doubt we’ll get all that on unlocked though.

  1. There was an issue with the legacy servers (including x-box and playstations) with 18.02. This was fixed within 8 hours. 
  2. Update 18.03 released on Thursday the 18th. “Specifically focuses on improvements to some of the stability issues encountered with the Titans”
    1. In addition, we will also be making some balancing changes to Engineering. Our focus will be on making Engineering more accessible and predictable, allowing you to focus on your ship build rather than the materials needed. As stated in the past, we also have another brand-new feature coming to Elite Dangerous later this year.
    2. Arx Pricing adjustments for cosmetic items in shop
    3. We are excited to bring ship variants into Elite throughout the year and are looking forward to seeing how you make use of each one. Starting with the Python Mk II, we are pleased to announce that this will be available in game for Odyssey players on 7 August for credits at Shipyards across the galaxy.

However, if you cannot wait until then you can get 3-month early access to this ship on 7 May from the store for 16,250 ARX.

Non-Odyssey owners will be able access ship variants from the store for ARX.

  1. We’re also going to be introducing a new category in the Elite Dangerous gamestore: Pre-built Ships. Pre-Built Ship packages will offer Commanders the opportunity to purchase ships that have been given a significant upgrade from their base models. We envision these Pre-built Ships to be a quicker way for newer players to get involved in the areas they have the most interest in, or for our existing players who are considering a new career path in game, but do not have time to devote to a new build from scratch. A ‘Pre-built’ ship package will include instant-access to a pre-fitted ship, a ship kit, and a paintjob – and will typically be themed to match an activity within the game. For example, if you’re looking to jump into the current AX conflict against the Titans, the AX Combat Jumpstart package will give instant access to an Alliance Chieftain with all the necessary modules to go straight into the action within the maelstrom. The Python Mk II will also launch with a Pre-built Ship package, allowing you to kickstart your career in the latest ship, including a brand-new paintjob and ship kit.
  2. A ‘Best Sellers’ section will be added to the gamestore, including some of our most popular items, allowing Commanders to purchase items such as Midnight Black, Stygian and Chromed all year round. We will continue to add to the store throughout the year with that same focus on items that players care about the most.
  3. New Elite Dangerous content such as the Python MkII, Powerplay 2.0, ship bundles etc are for the Live version of Elite Dangerous. As previously announced, there are no current plans to bring updates to Legacy outside of critical fixes should they be necessary.

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. MediCorp: Escape Pods by aymerix
  2. Engineers in Elite Dangerous Be Like… (Part 2) by Mile 13 Gaming
  3. Is Elite Dangerous Worth Playing in 2024? by Ricardos Gaming
  4. Always Faithful, Always Forward a new adventure by Cmdr Chelito
  5. Elite Dangerous – SCO, Is It Any Good For Long Trips? Hutton Orbital Experiment by Deavo
  6. Measured SCO Fuel/Hour and Speed Rates Forum thread by Osiliran
    SCO overheating directly proportional to framerate! Forum discussion
  7. Buckyball “Triple 8 (Lucky Bucky Landing Slots)” season imminent!
    First race (“Sidewinder Trophy”) could well be starting Saturday 27th April!!
  8. Hutton Run Has had a fresh bout of entrants 
  9. Elite Dangerous: New Ships The High Wake!!
  10. – BRC!

If you have a community event taking place soon and would like for us to shout about it across the airwaves tweet the crew @laveradio or email

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. 19/04/3310 – THE ASSAULT ON OYA
  2. No Community Goals.
  3. However, in the Thargoid war;-
    1. Oya has bought the big one, with the AXI targeting Hadad.
    2. Alert –  40
    3. Invasion  – 8
    4. Controlled  – 629
    5. Titans  – 5
    6. Recovery  – 40

Main discussion

  1. Shall we discuss the new Frameshift drive, the Community Reaction and our impressions.

Any other business

  1. Congratulations to Developers of Starship Simulator who’s Kickstarter completed past $500K their initial task.


  1. How are you planning to use the new SCO?
    1. FrankEightySeven
      Who gets over the novelty of going super fast?It’s brilliant. I never expected them to give me exactly what I wanted. It’s got me back playing the game
    2. Saphaia
      All the stress with heat, fuel usage, additional steering AND less jumprange… just for speed? Nope, I’m out. I like it cozy and comfortable. Aside from that, it also brings nothing to exploration. Bacteria are usually tame and don’t follow me into supercruise.
    3. Cylus Resi
      I plan on keeping paint cans in the cargo bay, that way if I need to touch-up the ship exterior the paint will be properly mixed after a quick run to Jameson Memorial… Also, Orangina.
    4. Gaming Snips and Bits
      I’m going to have a play with using it for bounty hunting – catching up wanted ships quickly for interdiction when they already have a substantial lead. Hopefully will never need more than a second or two of overdrive, so minimal damage to my ship as a result hopefully.
    5. Malyda Sunstrider
      I’ve been using it on a courier for Odyssey gameplay for 2 days now, and I couldn’t live without it. I don’t mind the reduced jump range, because I’m not getting out of the system I’m in.
      The boost lets you move ultra-fast from point A to point B in the system, which is great for chaining missions together.
      You take off from the surface of a planet and 15s later you’re already at the other end of the system.
    6. M V Coehoorn
      Im going to use it to get to the far far away Titans and that’s about it.
    7. Niceygy
      Given it’s a “prototype” I hoping we will get better rated ones, but for what I do (exploration) it’s kinda useless. Great sound though!
    8. Nopil3os
      I’ll wait for them to be used by APEX Adders
    9. CaptainMD13 –  Clare
      With SCO, I feel the pace of Elite will speed up considerably. Some things I’ve found SCO to be very good for include:
      Signal Source hopping
      Faster Surface Scanning
      Hadad 👌
      Once the war is over, I plan on using the SCO drive on a long-range exploration voyage with my carrier
    10. CMDR Bowl Lof Petunias
      I’m not tainting my ships with Thargoid derived ‘tech’.  This screams of the naive innovation that brought about the Proteus Wave failure and the loss of HIP 22460.  Ships are being turned into the puppets of the terror triffids.  The species is doomed I tell you, doomed
    11. Steven Usher
      It’s no use to me being an explorer.
      It’s not even that helpful when trying to get to Hutton for your free anaconda. Assuming you (a) don’t blow up, (b) run out of fuel it only takes about 20 minutes off the journey due to the cool down time needed.
      I can see that it’s only real use will be blockade running in Powerplay 2.0.
    12. HappyMoonMonkey
      Awesome new addition.
      Apart from all the science in the new drive that I’ve been doing (Hutton runs). I can see loads of application in BGS and powerplay 2 mission running, AX, exobiology and exploring, intra-system trading and short hop trading. It might mean that you need to stick to more local systems or rely on guardian boosters for better range but things can be done quicker without having to wait for long SC times.
      But some people might like long SC times with this game I guess. Slow game for some. A bit more action for the rest of us.
      Options are good things though.
    13. Voidflames
      For odyssey content it’s good. I picked up a defend the package type mission (15min timer). The destination was in the same system 7000kls away, I made it in plenty of time.
      For exploration I normally jump my carrier out 500ly. Then economically jump towards my carrier. For me overcharge will only make exobiology faster!
    14. CMDR Schnails
      Its a fun addition, but for 90% of what I do, fairly pointless.
      That said, it really makes leaving a planets thin atmosphere exceedingly quick, so next time I go plant bothering, I might take my SCO drive with me and see how often I run out of fuel per system.
    15. CMDR Tobias Von Brandt
      I’ll use it for Buckyball races, where necessary and allowed.  It’ll make getting out of gravity wells quicker, which has implications for route planning strategy if there are two waypoints in the same system… (e.g. using SCO vs jumping out to another star and back in)
    16. Osiliran
      Probably some of the best fun I’ve had in game. Great for shortening the long supercruise times, reaching mission targets faster and HGEs. In groups, using nav locks for very quick deployment times. I need to do more testing in game

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