Lave Radio Episode 469 “Who eats the carrot?” – 05/11/2023

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
SRV Banksy Alec Turner Alec Turner 
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner
Tech Primate in TrainingChris Mk VLittleBigYin

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Stability patch delayed TBC 
  2. Robin McGovern Lead Audio Designer at FDev Posted at 13:51 02/12/23 on Twix “Hi everyone, unfortunately I received the news yesterday that my role at Frontier is at risk. As such I wanted to share that given this news I am now open and keen to discuss new opportunities both in and out of the games industry.” 
  3. Same for Tom Kewell ( which is a shock)

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. GuardFreq – the ongoing Lave v Guard Freq episode count issue 
  2. AXI had it’s five year anniversary on Saturday. They broke the instancing record held by DW2. At one point they had 150-170 cmdrs in the same instance kicking Thargoid bottom! Cmdr Mechan has reports on his you tube channel.
  3. SpecterElite on YouTube has done the Elite Dangerous Iceberg. It gives an idiots guide to the Lore.
  4. For those of you that are interested in exploring the solar system ABELI Reviews has done some videos finding various places to explore.
  5. Buckyball Results – should we wait until Alec is back for this one Alec can do the overall times for the season.
  6. Cmdr Exorcist returns with his out there series episode 37
  7. Ultrasnail On Discord – After a nearly 10 year hiatus from Lave Radio (Fozza was still the main man and Escape Velocity season 2 was the pinnacle of all fan fiction ), it’s been a lot of fun tuning back in.I’ve been on a break from Elite (yeah the 2 week/month break after the release of Odyssey turned into more than 2 years).But back I am. Even if my Saitek X55 Rhino is on its last legs and won’t work at more than 75% throttle (replacement on order). Thanks for still being there!
  8. From Sunday 10th December 
  9. Psykit is taking part in a charity stream on Saturday in aid of British Red Cross

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  2. Fri 1st Dec – confirmation that Titan Taranis is surrounded.
  3. Mon 4th Dec – Archer outlines shadow presidency future.
  4. Thargoid war progress
    1. Thargoid controlled – 294
    2. Alerts defended so far – 15
    3. Invasions Defended – 3
    4. Recovery – 9
    5. Control systems freed – 1

Main discussion

  1. Question of the week? If you could play a new genre of game set in the Elite universe, but different, what would it be?
    1. Commander Exorcist
      A Fallout Shelter-style RTS Coriolis management sim where you build individual decks and manage day-to-day operations. Catastrophes like asteroid impacts, solar storms, alien attacks, renegades, etc, all add to the daily flavor.
    2. Epaphu
      I was thinking a Stranded: Alien Dawn type game, you’re an explorer and have to crash land on a planet and survive in the hope you get rescued. Then I had a better idea. Cyberpunk set on an ELW and you are just normal person not a CMDR, maybe saving up for your first ship. It’s set after the events of HIP 22460 and instead of Johnny being in your head, it’s actually Salvation 😱 Maybe it could be a horror game 😂
    3. CMDR Homborger
      Terraforming management game. Choose from a discovered terraformable world in the Milky Way. Once your planet is stable, anyone can visit it in Elite Dangerous.
    4. LittleBigYin
      Would be a homeworld style of RTS set around old generation ships or new ones maybe.
    5. Kaytianna
      An actual racing game set in Elite could be pretty sick.
    6. TaoPhotoAZ
      Base Building would be nice, or even a scaled down version where we can build up the internals of the fleet carrier to have different areas that would do enable small features.
    7. Greg Rickshaw
      Planet rescue!
    8. Rocky Star
      Low-G basketball
    9. Bill Radloff
      Space farming…either farming on ELWs/terraformed worlds, or inside of space stations and/or planetary bubble colonies.  I only say this because I’ve put almost half as many hours in FS22 this year as I have in 10yrs of Elite 😮
    10. Greg Bower
      Horror survival RPG, you awake trapped on a generation ship where something strange, creepy and deadly is happening to the crew
    11. Serraphin
      A point and click adventure, rooted deep in the politics and mystery of the elite dangerous universe.
    12. Andy Scholes
      Mario Kart in SRVs
    13. Cylus Resi
      Space Station $imulator! Run the orbitals, manage the traffic control, collect dues from station vendors and services. Make sure the ship repair facility is stocked and has qualified staff. Manage outbreaks and the fallout of faction wars. I’d buy it!
    14. CMDR 67 ‘Six’ MistakeNot
      Funnily enough, we were discussing that the other day.
      I would like a Civ – alike or Total War: Elite
    15. CMDR ChirpyVader
      Sim City: Thargoid Defense
    16. MWeeble
      Film noir style private detective drama
    17. Savlander
      A Survival Horror/Action Adventure along the lines of Dead Space, but set inside a Coriolis that has been overrun by two warring factions; the Thargoids and some version of the Guardian AI.
      Explore, endure, extract, escape.
      “Deadly Dangerous: An Adventure in Elite Space.”
    18. Joel Mills
      I would like a building game where you could build a base and claim land. And then you could expand your territory and set up trading/defence/shipyards etc. you should also be able to build outposts/stations
    19. Tala
      Spaceship repair simulator; you run out to salvage wrecks for restoration, you complete jobs fixing up other people’s ships and parts, that sort of thing.
    20. Ultrasnail
      That’s hard. Mainly because the obvious ones we have sort of done. Car racing Elite Style – done. Missions – Bethesda style – done. I’d go for a mashup between SimCity (OMG I’m old) and terraforming.
    21. Chebs Will
      I guess I’d have a few. I’ve played a lot of ARMA games (going back to original operation flashpoint) when odysee was announced there were rumors of it been like ARMA, I thought great one shot kills, frantic close quarter battles and ludicrously over the top support weapons proper c&c battles and sneaking around, I’d buy that for a dollar. I’ve also played a lot of car games so a larger selection of SRVs and some ‘proper’ racetracks put on various G and temp worlds to race on. The hot worlds might eat my soft compound tyres 😉 I’ve also played lots of the management sims, I guess ruling my own settlement and managing it’s resources etc would be cool and putting my own flag there. Hunting/survival games I’ve had plenty of hours on, but I guess the idea of crash landing on a waterworld and having to survive a few days for a rescue wouldn’t be popular with psykit. You wouldn’t need to go into deep water 😉I’ll add a few more cos… I played Artemis bridge simulator for a while. A proper multicrew option would be ace, the engineer running around in the bowels of the ship fixing stuff, fighter pilots having to run to the fighter bays, directed scanners for the sci officer to run. I guess it’d only really work for a ship size way above the imperial cutter, maybe we can buy megaships or the carriers give us options for big battles with multicrew 😉 
    22. Steph (CMDR Xena)
      I’m not sure that I would actually play this but given that FDev are good at simulations:
      Starport Manager
      Yes, you get to be the docking controller – trying to find spaces for all those ships, arranging cargo handling. Resolving disputes with that troublesome CMDR who absolutely insists on having the bay nearest the exit. VIPs arriving “I’m a King in the Empire, how dare you allocate me to a bay next to a Federal Dropship”.
      … and managing on-station policing, maintenance, catering, goodness knows what else.
      … then some “BigWig from out-system” declares a “Community Goal” and the docking area is suddenly overrun with containers of titanium with every pirate from 20LY in any direction descending upon the navigation beacon.
    23. Thedourscot
      Houseflipper style game but you’re renovating and reselling crashed ships, maybe tidying up the odd settlement or two
    24. Ben Moss-Woodward
      Can I already consider Rimworld to be set in the Elite Universe? I mean it could be anywhere couldn’t it. Anyway some kinda survival base management game, with mods but with Elite Lore etc…
    25. Psykit
      Some kind of turn based strategy xcom style game. Or something stanley parable. Papers please but space.

Any other business

  1. The Dex Legacy season 2, returns with an explosive and thrilling adventure, episode 2 “For the love of the fight”, Premiered tonight on Lave Radio. You can find further information at, including links to the paperback book “The Dex Legacy Season 1 – Collected Scripts and Commentary” by Emily Inkpen and also The Complete Season 2 in HD audio. Also they just hit 125.000 Downloads 
  2. Psykit is having a Game Awards party on Thursday night/Friday morning. 
  3. Allen Stroud has a new book out called Terra (The Fractal Series) Blurb: The aftermath of the Attacama incident. An investigator tries to piece together clues on who might be to blame as corporations move in to exploit the situation and cover up the evidence. As she gets closer to the truth, she gets closer to danger.


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    2. Loose Screws
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  5. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders
  6. Special Thanks to Cmdr ToCoSo, Jn Tracks and Allen Stroud who created the music used on the Show.

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