Lave Radio Episode 457 “#StabilisersForColin” – 12/09/20023

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Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner
The Loosest ScrewCmdr Indigo

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Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. Elite Dangerous: Community Goals More Glory from the Highwake!
  2. How Elite Influenced Starfield and 40 Years of Space Games
    1. Full Article
  3. Pitcon this weekend At the Belfry Hotel, Nottingham
    1. Special guests from Frontier Development, including Sally Morgan-Moore, Arthur Tolmie, Roger Bennett, Robin McGovern, Derin Halil and Dav Stott
    2. A live broadcast of Witchspace News show with CMDRs Buur & Rheeney
    3. A live edition of Galnet News Digest featuring CMDRs Wotherspoon & Beetlejude

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

    1. Five move on 14th Sep (Foerster, Hutner, Seacole, Yoshida, Solace)
    2. Six move on 21st Sep (Bertschinger, Cavell, Cornwallis, Kisseih, Sanctum, Haven)

Store Alert

  1. Cobra MkIII Crossfire Paintjobs
  1. Elite and Odyssey are both on sale on Steam – base game £4.99 – Ody £10.49


  1. QOTW – If you could add something from any other game to Elite what would it be and why?
    1. Frank EightySeven
      There was a multiplayer game in Drive3r where you had ribbons tied to the back of yer cars and the other player had to cut them down
      Why? Because it would be a helluva lotta fun
    2. Cmdr Caprica XIV
      Eva with derelict to explore and salvage into space
    3. Allen Stroud
      All of Hardspace: Shipbreaker
    4. Bingo Brewster
      Part of the reason I’ve only played once since odyssey is the lack of VR. Im an old fart and never wanted odyssey in the first place.
    5. Ben Moss-Woodward
      It’s no secret, but I would like to add working ship interiors to Elite, the ability to turn your ship in to a home would really give us some agency. If we could do personal engineering and repairs on our ships that would be a great gameplay loop.
    6. LCU No Fool Like One
      I’m looking at starfields ship customisation with some envy. Same thing for surface bases would be super cool.
      Also bigger megaship interiors. I would love being able to explore a wrecked megaship.
      I’d like procgen biology. We have found almost everything now and biology is common apart from money there is very little reward for stopping. Procgen would make stopping for biology worthwhile for unique discoveries.
      1. M. V. Coehoorn
        Only if we get a starfield-esque handheld Scanner, too. The genetic sampler is a clunky nightmare.
    7. CMDR Dirk Hatch
      Star Citizen’s budget…
    8. CMDR Homborger
      Gotta be Subnautica hasn’t it? Hasn’t it, though?
    9. RangersGSTQ
      I’d love if the faction who controlled the system could direct how the system develops going forward. For example target changing the system from extraction to agriculture. Or increase demand for a specific commodity. The inspiration for this comes from the classic “utopia”
    10. KevinTheStabber
      I like Starfields option to salvage or steal ships. Wrecked ships can be slavaged in NMS as well. Obviously, Elite would need to put some limitations on that but I think it could be a fun game mechanic to go “ship hunting”
    11. Boggratt
      What is probably a moot point now given the suspended support to consoles. What about cross-platform save? The ability to use your ships from one account on PC, XBox and Play Station.
    12. DrStrangeLug
      Drop the whole of Satisfactory onto planetary landings.
    13. Nopil3os
      all of the above.
      apart from that: direct economy like in the X universe games.
      BGS feels too much like meaningless number changes in fancy excel sheets.
      (but I understand it doesn’t mix well with the multiplayer nature of the game)
    14. SirMaxx
      HL2 DM
    15. Mad King Hastur
      Earth-Like Worlds from Starfield. By proxy I feel like that would also bring Ammonia World’s and Water World’s with tiny islands on them.
    16. Melon Husk
      Being able to get up from your chair and walk around in and out of your ship, like in Star Citizen and now Starfield. As is, Elite and Odyssey are two different and jarringly separate gaming experiences.
      Also, EVA like in Hellion. Salvage derelict ships in POIs.
    17. Kilt801
      I don’t need another game. I just wanna use the checkpoints when earning your pilots licence for the first time, for custom race tracks.
    18. Kesinik
      I’d borrow one thing from Eve Online, Buildable structures. Imagine shipping out materials to an empty region of space to build your own starports and settlements. To be able to populate a once empty system. Of course this would probably lead to wars, but is that a bad thing?
    19. Eralm_237
      The ability to gain back materials when destroying an item in game. We’re selling back engineered modules, why not get some materials back?
      Or the ability to go fishing. Please. Would love to land on a water world and fish off the Dolphin.
    20. Cylus Resi
      Tough one, so much is included already, maybe being able to create paint jobs and “sell” like in Forza, or building ships from raw materials to sell into the game and other players like in Eve Online, knowing your personally manufactured Fer-De-Lance is out there pwning noobs.
    21. CMDR KronenBrg
      The trading mechanism from Jumpgate/X3, leading all the way from mined commodities to Outfitting and Ships, to give a real feel to trading. If you need something, you know what to sell the station to get it.
    22. Merolius
      Mini quests that span multiple missions, and fishing
    23. Sam Semigreen
      Some of the crazy and wacky side quests from other games like cyberpunk, fallout and elder scrolls. Or house flipper.
    24. Jacklyttle
      Can I be greedy and say “all of Heat Signature”?
    25. Heironymus Drake
      FO4 settlement building
    26. LittleBigYin
      The ship builder from starfield or at least the customisation aspect so you start with a base frame and can build upon it. The “design language” from Starfield would be nice, that is to say there’s a notable difference between United Colony ground bases and Free Star collective ones, they look and feel different. We can see a difference in design language with ships but it doesn’t translate to bases in ED.
    27. Saphaia
      The photo mode from Horizon Forbidden West or Ghost of Tsushima. Looots of customization options.
    28. Chebs Will
      The character ‘development’ from gta San Andreas. If I stay in my ship all day eating McNeutron burgers my character should put on a few pounds 😉 Also If we get to talk to Thargoids the communications method from Captain Blood game (a bit of an older game). i suppose if nobody mentioned on “X” the link to subnautica, crash on a waterworld and survive 🙂
    29. Shaye Blackwood
      Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Zero G “on foot” content, proper salvage gameplay should have been in the game years ago.
    30. SharkGreenBuffalo
      NMS’s Derelict Freighter would be a fun, slightly different gameplay loop to get onfoot mats
    31. Tala Wren
      I wouldn’t transplant it directly from Star Citizen, but I would love to have a bit more distinct design languages between manufacturers in Elite, along with some new ships period.
    32. Graz3r
      I’d put some dice rolling with what type of mission you get (same mission, different rewards) maybe make it interesting bar NO STORYLINE!


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  1. This is a feature I’m waiting for years: A searchbar in Options\Commands

    Tired to scan the full list when can’t remember the freaking command location !

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