Lave Radio Episode 442 “Sampling Sad Thargoid Soup” – 23/05/2023

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
SRV Banksy Alec Turner Alec Turner 
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner

Download the episode directly from here.

Tonight’s activity in-game

  1. Drops available!
    1. You can earn the ‘Snake Wrap Desert’ paint job bundle for the Anaconda, Mamba, Asp Explorer and Cobra MkIII.

These paint jobs are extra special, as they include a “low light effect” when out in the deeper black!

  1. Watch us for 30mins for Mamba Snake Wrap Desert & the Partner programme Cobra MkIII Snake Wrap Desert paint job.
  2. Watch us for 30mins more for Anaconda Snake Wrap Desert 
  3. Watch us for another 30mins for Asp Explorer Snake Wrap Desert


Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Wednesday it was announced a extended downtime would be in place Thursday for the deployment of update 15.01 [See below]
  2. Thursday: Update 15.01 dropped with FIXES
  3. Frameshift Live Episode 30 with dev guests, Designer Curtis and Senior Audio Designer Robin
    – Titan is approx. 3x the size of the old crashed variants

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. Cmdr Exorcist is back with Out There Episode 13 –
  2. Operation Warbucks “The Thyroid War” hits £12,000 goal
  3. The Buur’s fantastic footage of Revenants patrolling AX power restoration site
  4. New StealthBoy tutorial video – The Definitive Guide to AX Restoration: Elite Dangerous Odyssey
  5. The CQC community needs YOUR help, even if you don’t play CQC. – There is a fatal bug in CQC which is making things impossible to play The issue is across all platforms of Live and Legacy, but mainly seems to affect 4.0 Odyssey. If you have a second and wish to help fellow CMDR’s still trying to play CQC Arena, pleas lend a hand and vote on the issue tracker here:

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

    1. In game messages from Aegis

Store Alert

  1. Nothing new in the store this week but a reminder about twitch drops. 
  2. STEAM SALE :- Elite/Horizons is £4.99 but Odyssey is £10.49 (65% off) until the 30th of May.

Main discussion

  1. Shall we just have a bit of banter about Update 15?
    1. Is the Titan a mothership/ hive ship, or is it a portal to witchspace or the thargoid homeworld?
    2. Glaves hyper-dicting, have they appeared in any CZs next?
    3. Any thoughts on what Arf meant by “you’ll have to find it for yourselves”?

Mostly Clueless

  1. Alec: There’s been a lot of FUD surrounding whether the system map accurately reflects the current day/night situation on planets (e.g. if you want to pick settlement missions that are in daylight). It was definitely wrong but thanks to some science in the Buur Pit I can confirm that it’s pretty much exactly 180° out so if you fly to a settlement that’s shown as being in the dark in the system map then it should be in daylight and vice versa, and a settlement on the day/night terminator should pretty much still be on the terminator.


  1. QOTW – with prizes this time! We have some of the snake wrap ship paint packs to give away.
    Give us your best ship tag line
    1. CMDR Greybeard Seawolf
      1. The Alliance Chieftain – When you can’t afford a Fishstick
      2. Type 6 – Scratching “Flying a Brick” off your bucket list
    2. CMDR Homburger
      1. The Krait! Not Arf
    3. Kaytianna
      1. The Diamonback Explorer, for those who like to wait to scoop fuel
      2. Asp Scout, why?
      3. Anacondas, free at Hutton Orbital
    4. ElvisKremmen
      1. Imperial Cutter, bask in style
    5. Commander Exorcist
      1. The Lakon Asp Explorer, the only “ex” you should ever go back to!
    6. Rocky Star
      1. The Imperial Cutter, for when you absolutely have to haul 750t of biowaste in style…
    7. CMDR indigo
      1. Asp Scout: for the simple joy of flying (and literally nothing else)
      2. The Vulture: sometimes two big guns is enough
    8. Rockingchairboy
      1. Keelback. The only ship you’ll ever need.
    9. CorbynRed
      1. Moray Starboat – neither a star or a boat
    10. Hathorjan
      1. “Krait or Chieftain?” Doesn’t matter! – As long as you don’t choose the latter 😉
    11. Kym Angel
      1. The Sidewinder, it’s a start.
      2. Forget what’s in your pants, get a Fer De Lance.
    12. CmdrR3ACToR
      1. “Saud Kruger, Where Raxxla!?!”
    13. Martin Herbert
      1. End the debate, get in a Krait!
    14. Girlscout88
      1. The Type-10: For when you want to force the planet to land on YOU.
    15. MWeeble
      1. The Core Dynamics Federal Corvette, why compensate with just one huge hardpoint, when you can have two?
      2. The Type 7 Transporter. For when you need reminding that the Asp Scout isn’t the worst ship.
    16. CMDR Marina Oatmeal
      1. The Alliance Crusader, when you want to be more than just a liability.
    17. CMDR P Jarenstad
      1. “Imperial Cutter – haul in style!”
      2. “Sidewinder – no rebuy, just fly!”
      3. “Imperial Clipper – because size matters!”
      4. “Lakon – feel the wind in your hair!”
    18. CMDR LiveWeyer
      1. Why shout, when you can Mamba it out.
    19. Epaphus
      1. The Keelback, It gives you little wings
      2. Life is great in a Krait 😉
    20. Jyn Erso Lives – Mastadon
      • Imperial Cutter – some call it drift, we call it slide in style!
    21. HappyMoonMonkey
      1. The beluga, definitely not a giant flying penis
  2. Also some of the crew had a go themselves
    1. Ben
      1. The Sidewinder – what else do you need?
    2. Psykit
      1. Krait Phantom, NICE ARSE
    3. Alec
      1. .Nothing says exclusive like a Cobra Mk IV! (they don’t need to know it’s a piece of shit)
    4. Chris Mk IV
      1. The Anaconda. For the CMDR that’s compensating for something.
    5. Colin
      1. The Cobra Mk IV- The only ship that’s pay to lose!

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