Lave Radio Episode 421 “Neck Bearded Hill-Billy Banjo Players” – 13/12/2022

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
SRV Banksie and Weather MeasurerAlec Turner Alec Turner
Tech MonkeyNorman MacArthurVentura_
Caustic ConsultantBrother SabathiusBrother Sabathius

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. 7th Dec – Elite Dangerous Update 14.01
  2. 9th Dec – GalNet News Round Up – 9 December 3308
  3. 12th Dec – Discovery Scanner – 12/12/2022
  4. Starting 13th Dec – Festive Countdown
    1. Festive Countdown ‘Daily Login ARX Bonus’ Information:
    2. Only available via the Live (4.0) Galaxy. Rewards are not available on Legacy (3.x).
    3. Players must load into a Game Session (‘Open Play’/’Private Group’/’Solo’).
    4. Players do not have to have logged in on previous days to receive the current day’s reward.

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  2. 13th Dec – THE DARKEST DAYS
  1. The CG for Turreted Enhanced AX missile Racks is complete.
  2. HIP 23716 successfully defended.
    1. According to inara, the top 2 pilots are of the system are:
CMDRScout KillsInterceptor KillsRescuesSupplies
Enosh Kyryn13417,826180
Rafał O830528,4190
  1. Total Inara Stats are 27,255 Thargoid kills, 215962 rescues and 52,364 tonnes of supplies.
  2. AXI are targeting HIP 20485 (which is in alert) is in progress.

(from 4pm UK time today)

  1. 2 Outstanding CGs;-
    1. Development of the Enhanced Fixed AX Multi-Cannon.
    2. Development of the Enhanced Fixed AX Missile Rack (That’s the one I need).
  2. War Stats So far;-
    1. 15 systems in Alert.
    2. 41 in Invasion.
    3. 108 Systems have been lost.
    4. 5 Maelstroms have arrived..
    5. 8 Rescue ships?


  1. Cmdr Ironass
  2. Kremmen
  3. Cmdr Teatime
  4. CMDR Bladerunner_UK
  5. Ray Higgins

Store Alert

  1. Golden Skins are back.
  2. Chromed Skins are back.
  3. Festive cockpit decorations are back.
  4. Festive Skins are pack.
  5. Snowman, elf and Christmas Jumpers are back.

Main discussion

  1. The Cut Off Controvisity
    1. jnTracks “Loose screws thinks the reset is dumb.”
  2. Brother Sabathius on Strategies to overcome the Thargoids, ship builds, AX Combat etc

Community Corner

  1. Farewell to commander Yanik ;- Thanks for the exploration trip.
  2. Operations IDA returns to AXI operations.
  3. Community Events calendar seems a bit bare.

Mostly Clueless

  1. The lovely cmdr takererov has a recommendation! Watch your fuel when you’re hyperdicted! 

Any other business

  1. Psykokow would love your company for a christmas top hits quiz this Friday over at


  1. While the team on Dex Island take a well earned break before their series 2 return, there’s plenty of material to fill the void. Point your auto assistant to your favourite podcast app – including Spotify and audible – and search The Dex Legacy. There you’ll find bonus edition interviews with cast members and with the writer, Emily Inkpen! There’s also plenty of bonus materials and merch at! All proceeds go towards the making of season 2!
  2. Our sister station, Hutton Orbital Radio, Broadcasts on Thursdays from 20:30. You can tune in at  or, for just the audio, at
  3. For the discerning Commander who likes a bit of CQC action, check out the CQC Discord at “”.
  4. We’re also giving a shout outs to the following Elite Dangerous podcasts which have appeared over the last year or are standard regular contributors;-
    1. Flight Assist
    2. The Guard Frequency (who do other space games )
    3. Loose Screws
  5. Following this we have the latest Galnet News Digest as provided by Cmdr Wotherspoon and Cmdr BeatleJude.
  6. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders
  7. Special Thanks to Cmdr ToCoSo, Jn Tracks and Allen Stroud who created the music used on the Show.

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