Welcome to the New Site

Morning all and welcome to Lave Radio’s new look. As the team has expanded and all things Elite: Dangerous have grown, there’s been a need for a more content driven set of pages on Laveradio.com. Thanks to John, we now have these and will be making use of them to add all sorts of new information for your delight and entertainment.

For my part, I’ll be exploring the wider world of Science Fiction and posting in relation to this on the site, highlighting things that are going on which Elite fans might be interested in, particularly with regards to writing.

The podcast team has also expanded, which you’ll find out about in our new episodes and this will allow us to maintain a regular show with a rotation of hosts along with our other commitments to the Elite: dangerous franchise.

So, in the meantime, any comments on the new look and suggestions for the future please email us as always – info@laveradio.com


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