Lave Radio Episode 65 – Powerplay HITS Release, and LaveHammer

Lave Radio

Powerplay is out now, we share some hints and tips to help you avoid the big turn offs. Also a chat about one of the events at this years Lavecon 2015.

Download the episode directly from here.

Originally Broadcast 9/6/2015


  1. A commander Thane voice pack would be pretty cool.

  2. Really enjoyed Grant’s excellent overview of Powerplay. It’s not my cup of tea but at least now I understand more precisely, the aspect of the game I won’t be playing!

  3. Hi gang! Is there a link where I can see the URLs mentioned during these podcasts? I wanted to check out the powerplay websites mentioned in this podcast for example..

    (more importantly – thanks for another great podcast!)

  4. Hate to say it… But the host on any given podcast really needs one of these 😉

    • I’d really like to tackle this comment, but frankly we’re out of time… so back to the studio 😀 Thanks for the comment.

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