Lave Radio Episode 59 – PvP vs PvE Really?

Lave RadioJohn Virgo takes us all on a test drive through the last week of Elite: Dangerous.

Download the episode directly from here.


  1. Okay, here’s how we put the pve/PvP debate to rest.

    You get 3 commanders. When you create a commander, you pick a mode, and can’t change.

    3 modes,
    1. Open lite
    2. Open hardcore
    3. Group play (solo becomes a group with only you in it)

    Open lite:
    Like open play today with the following changes. You may not instigate hostile action against a player who is not wanted. If a player has a bounty less than 1000c, then you can only attack them if you have a comparable level of armament. (What this means is up for debate… My current favourite is that you may only attack of the value of your ship is equal to or less than your target). If a player has 1000-5000 bounty, then you can be up to double their armament. Over 5000 is free game to everyone (this is obviously just a guide, real values are up for debate).

    Open hardcore:
    Like open today with the following changes. If your ship is destroyed, and you don’t eject in time (or you don’t have an eject pod), your commander is dead, you get an email about your stats, and you have to create a new commander.

    Group play:
    Just like playing in a group now, without any PvP.

  2. Just wanted to make an input on what Collin said about PvP and griefing.

    Collin mentioned a game called Jumpgate as a “griefer” game. I played Jumpgate for a few years and it stands out in my memory as one of the better MMOs I’ve played with a brilliant small community. It was a heavily PvP based game (3 factions, Newtonian physics based combat). So hearing it described as a “griefer” game makes me wonder if Collin sees most PvP as griefing.

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