Lave Radio Episode 439 “Mythical Beasts And How To Fight Them” – 02/05/2023

SRV BanksyAlec Turner Alec Turner 
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Science Museum shenanigans are THIS THURSDAY!!
  2. Update 15 still currently planned for May 9th

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. There are always majestic things to find out in the black : EliteDangerous (
    Amatwiedle on reddit shared this awesome image from Swoilz JD-N C22-2 7 B A       This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1-1024x576.png
  2. Morpheus Mining Corporation have been in touch to let us know that they run several mining operations using carriers and jump to systems for offloading allowing commanders to make upwards of 400 million credits per run join CMDR Pr0j3kt676 and the rest of morpheus mining at their discord:
    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Image-2-1024x576.png
  3. CMDR BeetleJude is currently working on a book of her artwork! It’s still early days but she’s shared a sneak preview of it with us! This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jude1-1024x717.pngThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jude3-1024x724.pngThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jude2-1024x727.png
  4. The Personal Odyssey by Cmdr FortyTwo (a year old but just an incredible pair of narrative driven exploration videos well worth a watch)
  5. Buckyball starts on Saturday until the following Sunday (or until Tuesday if the update wipes out the bubble) 
  6. SRV Survey – a planetary assistance app available on the Microsoft Store
    Srv Survey is an independent third-party application for use with Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments. It provides on-screen assistance when a player is near a planet in the SRV, on foot or in ships. It has 3 main functions: – Organic scans: Track the location of organic scans and the distance required for the next scan. – Ground target tracking: Aiming guidance towards latitude/longitude co-ordinates. – Guardian sites: Track visited areas and the locations of items within Guardian ruins and structures. The application works by analyzing journal files written by the game when played on a PC, tracking the location of the player at the time of various events. It uses this information to render overlay windows atop the game, updated in real-time as the player moves about. For the most part the application is fully automatic, players need to start the application and then just play the game. It will remain hidden until triggered by events from the game. 
  7. Providing that update 15 happens on Tuesday, Psykit will be hosting her now traditional Elite Dangerous downtime quiz on Tuesday afternoon very kindly mostly written by Kaytianna who is probably actively writing questions during the show.


In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  3. Fri 28th – THARGOID WAR UPDATE: APRIL 3309
    1. Deliver Cobalt, Power Converter and Ion Distributor to Clement Orbital in YZ CETI
    2. Protect said deliveries

Store Alert

  1. Nothing in the store this week – does that mean there’s new stuff dropping with update 15?

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Main discussion

  1. Continue the speculation from the previous week? But Guardian and Azimuth?
  1. Listener suggestions via twitter most suggest this new variant will be maelstrom related. 
    1. @The_Wintermute

It’s a dedicated fighter to protect whatever is in the maelstrom. As for the name, its Cerberus who, in Greek mythology, protected the gates of Hades and was also the brother of Orthrus.

  1. @ElvisKremmen

F you up focussed, in the maelstroms protecting what I reckon are Motherships/Hives and called a Scylla maybe

  1. @Elev8rMusic

Looks like a fighter so, naturally, I’m curious about which thargoid platform this craft emerges from.

  1. @Scott9720

If we pay attention to the role play of each design from the bugs Scouts are the Swarms the endless waves of enemies the small class interceptors are the hardcore Heavy Hitters or large class vessels the new one could fill the role of the medium heavy hitter you could say

But there is also serious speculation is that it could be a cold orbit Hunter

  1. @CmdrSeawolf

Once U15 and the new neutraliser is released, I suspect we will find swarms of these pouring out of the Hive ship or whatever is at the centre of the Maelstrom’s 

  1. @SStardragon

Space Superiority / Interceptor (In the star wars sense) – Malestrom Systems – Current Hypothetical Name / Seraphim

  1. @nopil3os

hedge clipper. We had murder flowers for too long without gardeners

  1. @MarinaOatmeal

Thargoid Kitten. Requires headpats. You can find them at your local interstellar café.


Mostly Clueless

  1. Alec Turner: In the 4.0 System map, if you want to know what services a station offers (e.g. whether it has Interstellar Factors) then you need to select the station and then (unintuitively) pick the “Planetary Information” icon from the right hand toolbar.

Any other business

  1. Psykit is going to do some self promotion. Also Chris is going to do some self promotion.

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