Lave Radio Episode 339 “Rainbow Stars and Kerrash too” – 27/04/2021

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Thursday – Odyssey Releases 19th May 2021
    1. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC Launch Date
  2. Phase 4 is likely coming next week. – Now Confirmed for Wednesday
  4. Thursday Stream Odyssey PC Alpha Phase 3
  5. Thursday – Phase 4: Compatibility Update
  6. Monday- Elite Dangerous Community Schedule W/C 26 April 2021
  7. Elite Dangerous website has been updated. Visit to see the updates.
  8. Tuesday Discovery Scanner: Odyssey Alpha w/ Piers Jackson & Dr Kay Ross
    1. Notes from StuartGT


  1. This week sees the release of the Imperial Clipper Asemic paint job scheme.

Main discussion

  1. What do we think Frontier have yet to reveal that’s in odyssey? e.g new ships/srv etc?
    1. What we do know :- The planetary tech is not finished in the alpha (which is why we have the weird green effect).
    2. Foot Fall Graphics engine has improved with every release and patch. 
    3. On last Thursday’s Stream, Arf has confirmed they’re not telling us everything as they want us to find things.

Community Corner

  1. Dark Wheel Update
    The Dark Wheel has arrived in 9 PUPPIS (the LFT 509 Test Site) and have won 3 out of 4 wars. They are also consolidating control of 86 MU HERCULIS 
  2. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey (ALPHA – Phase 2) | Animation Comparisons
    1. なんでやねん (Pronounced Nandeya nen and translates as Why according to google translate) has created a great video comparing Odyssey’s FPS Movement compared to modern FPS games. It has been hypothesised (perhaps wishfully) that the lack of apparent movement is actually to assist in enabling VR. The lack of animations currently, might be because Frontier are developing two sets of animations, and neither have yet been (fully) implemented.
  3. Chris Jarvis gives us an update on Escape Velocity

    There isn’t an ETA as such for Escape Velocity series 4 as all kinds of stuff is up in the air at the moment. Since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve been focusing entirely on audiobooks I read myself as my tiny, unventilated studio is not at all pandemic safe!

    The other complication is that Escape Velocity was (and generally always has) been made with friends and acquaintances, rather than open casting. In the huge amount of time, life moves on, people move away, relationships change, so once the “end” of the pandemic seems more definite I’ll be sounding out my primary cast (May, Kurlek, Dallas, Matriarch, Patriarch, Sarque) to see who I’ve definitely got who’s up for a return. Then it’s a case of making sure the scripts fit that.

    So the conclusion to the story is coming! There’s just a few practical issues keeping it from happening at the moment.
  4. Fake Elite Dangerous Twitter Account :- – It’s giving out misleading news.
  5. Cmdr Kabooom’s escapades have been reported in PCGamer. 65,000 Ly without a fuel scoop.
  6. I’ve (Roughly) Calculated the Velocities of the Kinematic Armaments Weapons…
WeaponDistance (m)FramesFPS*Time to Impact (s)Velocity (m/s)Velocity (ft/s)
Rocket Launcher100122602.1049.2161
  1. Vingtetun is shaving his beard for Special Effect
  1. In 6 weeks, in aid of SpecialEffect, the big viking beard will be going…. I’ve had the first few (virtual) meetings about work and this 6 month long experiment has to come to an end. “Beard staying as it is” isn’t an option. Though – back to short face fluff, or chubby cheeked cheeky hamster lookalike is in everyone else’s hands now. Mrs 21 will breathe a sigh of relief. The dastardly deed will happen on Sunday 30th May. Will be videoed and pictured and shared.
  2. Season 1 Teaser – Rebuy Unlimited

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