EGX 2016 Day’s 3 and 4

20160924_131450EGX 2016 Days 3 and 4

On Saturday I was finally able to browse the show floor properly with some fellow commanders and we have a fun recording of them along with Barry from Special Effect, a gentleman who walked from Bristol to EGX for Special Effect and ‘Wonder Woman’. Along with that I also went to the Planet Coaster Developer session. Naturally I was also at Elite Meet though I will save my thoughts on that for the main show, although here’s a most disturbing video of the shenanigans that occurred there!

On Sunday I was with Commanders Kerrash and John Whitehouse and we spent the day exploring some of the retro games (naturally including Elite on a BBC) and some of the VR Experiences on the Show floor. We have interviews with MVR Ascend who are producing a Wireless VR Rig and finally an interview with Katie Goode from Triangular Pixels who’s game Unseen Diplomacy gave me one of the best VR Experiences I have ever had.
Aired 24 September 2016
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward : Cmdr Eid LeWeise

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